although I have been a resident of Gaia before for several years, I now attend its pages, and fellow Gaia Goers on another adventure. In years of meeting friends on here, several of them once held close, I can't not help but imagine what has happened to them all...hopefully they have all maintained themselves in the real world and done well. Like many on here, I was new to the scene, and not fully understanding what exactly to do, or what was the entire Gaia world about? But it seemed in due time I was sure to find out, expand my contacts with the world through a virtual environment, and continue my journey in a different fashion as it were. I to once came on this site every chance I had, meeting my friends, chatting with them, and even meeting someone very dear to me...sadly after years it became clear that all of us had drifted apart, as people do when they mature and begin to expand in their own lives. I'm not fully sure what has brought me back to Gaia exactly, but I hope my adventure is just beginning again and that throughout this journey I meet new friends, and hear their stories.