"She will be fine, besides the obvious injuries physically she is fine" the wise veterinarian told the group circling the red head. Rose had become unconscious half way home. "What happened" Stiles ask. His usually light features dead serious. "People who are fine don't usually writhe in pain for 20 minutes and fall unconscious."
Deaton sighed. "As Stiles has explained the clans leader was a pychich vampire. Usualy these are humans, but ironically he must have been turned many years ago,and did not lose his abilities" Issac was sitting on the couch trying to resist the instinct to nuzzle his pack mate and be as close as possible, they all were. "So he was like Rose" Deaton nodded. "In a sorts at one time perhapse, but his abilities twisted and became a darker sorce, he was able to use negetive emotional energy as such a strong negetive sorce it even took on a physical apperence, he forced a horde of the worst of being human, fear, anger, sadness, pain, madness, insecurity, all of it in one burst. Probably what he had obsorbed from that very land" Derek looked. "You said she was fine Physicaly, does that mean there will be lasting effects" he sighed in a remorsful way. "Iv never met an empath as strong as Rose, never. But many years ago I did know a girl with empathic abilities, who could like rose obsorb emotions, like most empaths or telepthathicaly gifted people she had a physical based as well. A healing ability, she bottled up the emotions she absorbed in hopes of makeing her healing powers stronger. She had good intentions but after a few months she had a break down. The emotions over flowed her abilities after that were that of someone just discovering there abilities, and she was just a bit less of who she was, but she survived it, and she regained control again" he said trying to point out the postive but he had to be honest and added. "But Rose felt the pain and suffering of peoples entire lives, just that to no good, and all in an instant, so how this will effect her and her abilities I am unsure" the line ine Dereks forhead deepend. Erica twirled Rose's hair absently. Boyd holding the blondes other hand. Jackson and Scott nearly punched something. Issac simply pressed closer to Rose. "Yeah but this is Rose" Stiles said in a duh tone of voice. "She has a knack for getting in trouble yeah, and the worst luck ever, but she always pulls through" Derek shrugged but nodded. "We'll figure it out when she wakes up, but the vampires are gone, she's safe, were safe, for right now" he stated logicaly. He flicked his gaze ove r to Alan and gave a nod of thanks, that was also a dismissal. "I'll pick up her shift for awhile, sir" Scott said. Deaton shrugged. "Thats appreciated, but unessasary I'll do fine with just your regular hours," he stated before leaving.
It had been two days, and Rose was still in her coma like state. Derek was as usual in a chair beside her. Issac curled asleep next to her in the bed. "The others went home, those who don't live here have went to be with there other families" Stiles said from the entry way to Rose's room. "She's starting to wake up" Derek responded. Makeing the teen sit up and do a bit of a half flailing motion. "Wait, what how do you know?" the Alpha simply nodded to Rose. Stiles watched her, it was true, she was no longer stone still. Her fingers twitched and eyes danced under the skin hideing them. "And her heartbeats starting to increase its not so...slow" Derek had hated how it was more than just a sleep slow it was a struggle to hear it kind of slow. Dr. Deaton kept saying give it time every 5 hours they called but..she barley seemed alive so they worried. "Hows Danny?" Derek asked looking up. Stiles shrugged, "Well, the whole werewolves and other things that go bump in the night actualy exist it um..a bit hard for him to take. But he'll come around, for Jackson, its his best friend after all" Derek crossed his arms and gave a grunt. "He seems loyal, so you made a decent choice in your attractions a least" Stiles did flail, comtelely hiting his head against one of Rose's shelves. "How did you?" Derek eyebrows conveyed a duh look. "Don't have to be a werewolf to see when your intrested in someone, even if you were not as loud about it as you were with Lydia" Stile sighed and dramaticaly hung his head. "Am I really that obvious?"


"You were supposed to say no?"

"That would be lieing"

"Welcome to common society"

Derek growled slightly they both froze when they heard a soft groan. Issac woke up as well blinking awake and sitting up. They all watched as much missed blue orbs opend up.

Rose sat up and the first words out of her mouth was, "Im ganna be sick"

Issac grabbed the waste bin and gave it to her were she dry heaved for about 15 minuets until the nausea faded. "Everything hurts" she groaned. "You were slung around and then bitten by a supernatrual being with superhuman strength" Stiles dead panned, secretly rejoicing in the glare. "I remember makeing Danny back up and then everything else is kind of fuzzy, is Danny Ok" Issac nodded. He was the must tactile of the group as usualy and was leaning softly into Roses shoulder. Who set the waste bin aside. She ran her finger's through his curly hair. "You guys need to tone down the concern its not helping my headache" she stated. "Umm yeah sorry" Stiles stepped back shifting in uncertenty. "Deaton and Lydia are researching a charm that will help sheild the pack from your emapth abilities unless we allow" Rose nodded. "Ok, yeah great" she said to focused on the obnoxious teenager playing drums in her head. Though she blinked, "Wait you never answerd me about Danny, is he OK," she looked over at Stiles silently asking 'are you OK?' the boy nodded. "He's fine, a bit shaken up and probably in a information overload kind of mode but he is fine. Everyone is OK" the hidden message that he was OK was not missed by the 'Pack Mom'

"Can I um get some water and A asprin please" she siad not trusting her body which had been still for two days to stand.

Issac was the one who bolted up and down stairs wanting to help how ever he could. "I'm ganna go make sure Issac gets the right stuff'
Stiles aid bowing out.

"I really worried them did'nt I" she said.

Derek with a brooding glare answer was predictable but it struck a nevrve. "You worried everyone, what part of stay put don't you understand"

Silence the red head was testing her neck to see how much it had healed, not much. She did not dare remove the bandage yet. She could feel his gaze demanding an answer that she did not have. Or at least did not want to give. As usual his emotions were mostly hidden from her, she could simply feel a the trickle of worry and frsurtation but it was enough.
"Danny would be dead, but he's not and neither am I were both alive. Thats better than an innocent dead teenager anyday" she finaly deadpanned. She heard his jaw snap shut. Lifting her eyes to watch it tighten.
"You could have been killed"

"But I wasnt"

he did not yell the last part but the growl made her wince. She did not really know why she was alwasy good at hideing that she always felt skittish but she did not this time. Her alpha automaticaly deflated.
"I'm sorry I worried you"
a sigh and a shake of the head as he burried his hands in his head, and the last time she saw some one looks so frustrated, so worried was on he dads face when her mom went missing. She moved her lead like limbs over and reached out to pull him out of the chair, he willingly moved to the bed. "I'm alive, Derek, I am here. Everyone is safe"

she knew it was what he needed to hear, to realze he had not lost another person.
"SO everyone was worried, even Peter and Jackson?" she knew Jackson would worry he just most likley never admited it. As for Peter she was not sure what he truley thought of her yet. So when it brought out a smirk and nod she was suprised still to hear him say. "Even Peter, he's quiet fond of you I belive at this point. You do that to people"
When confusion crossed currently pale fetures he added. "You make the people who get to know you, trust you"
she smiled, softly. "Peter is insane, we all know that but, he is not murdering pyscho crazey anymore, and instinct to get stronger by being Alpha did not help his state of mind, add that plus being in a paraylitic state for 6 years and stir. He's not such A villan though,not truley" Derek grunted. "I dont trust him" she shrugge.d
"Neither do I, not yet, I'm just saying mabey one day we will" he nodded.
"You'v trained them to creepy" stated perfectly aware Stiles and Issac were hovering outside.
A shrug and a grunt as he moved back to the chair. "you guys can come in" not just Issac and Stiles but, Jackson to, as well as Erica and Boyd who had just gotten here piled in. Issac takeing his spot curled against her. Jackson at the fott of her bed. Erica on her other side, and Boyd by Erica. Derek simply looped his hand into hers and watched his pack all fall alseep in the small puppy pile. Rose whisperd, "night pups" and perhapse Derek had known it before but then right then. He knew his affections for Rose was more than love it was deeper simplier. She was his mate, the closest thing to soul mates a wolf could find. Since a mate is for life.