does anyone else find it calming to listen to soundtracks? er sad music? i'm so lame.
what i'm listening to now
yay i just think it's pretty. anyhow, don't you find it annoying how the people you actually want to talk to don't really make an effort to have a conversation with you? he repeats the same thing over and over and over again. cuddle; gao; no; DX; i miss you; i love you; that's how the conversations always go. and he wonders why i'm mad. jeezus. i mean, i do love him, i'm for sure. i can't see myself being with anyone else, but he's just so goddamn boring sometimes, it pisses me off. and told him about it once, and it seemed like he was pissed at me. i mean, sorry i hate one word text messages. they waste my time and energy. give me something worthwhile to read, at least. jeezus. and so, when i told him about this, he just goes, we talk to each other so much, there's nothing much to say. WELL at least don't repeat the same f*ckin thing over and OVER and OVER again. i can bet a million dollars on each conversation we have that starts with one of us asking the other to come over and cuddle. i mean, it's past 11pm; it's 2 am. and i can't f*cking drive and you don't wanna get your ass over here anyways so don't even f*cking bring it upppp. sorry it gets on my nerves. but if you already know the answer, why ask?
and then you say you're home, like you want me to ask you where you've been. her house? of course you've been there. okay. jeezus. and then you're wondering why i'm mad? stupid. stupid. stupid. whatever. can you tell it's almost my time of the month? haha. i just wish i could get out of this house more. can i go out? no. why aren't you out? because you just f*ckin said i can't go out. and then you get mad at me for going out and want me home at or before 9pm cause you consider it "late"? dafuq kinda late is that? the sun just set by then idiots. not happy.