Wahoo! Yaku is here!

Today was quite exciting. You see, today is my birthday! Deedle made me some crappy art, which kind of bummed my day, but then she also got me this new ninja mask! She plans on buying me more clothes and make me look "prettier," but I like how I am right now. And with this mask, I can be all mysterious-like, and my face will forever be a secret! ninja

Besides my wonderful birthday, I also began to help out Deedle with the guild. It's still going through big changes, and won't be ready for a little while. It's really funny cleaning out the threads- don't tell Deedle I told you this, but the guild was formerly a Ouran High School Host Club spin-off! It failed to stay active in the summer of 2011, but the members of the club sure had fun!

Uh oh, Deedle's suspicious! She's eyeing me with a scary look on her face..!

Well I suppose that marks the end of today's entry. Happy Roleplaying, folks!

Edit: Dx It's midnight?? Well that means yesterday was the big day! Oh well razz