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showsheila's time RP
RP is quite different then I thought.
Snow twitched in her sleep and her eye's snapped open to see the bars off the cage around her. She rubbed her head lightly as she sat up. 'So much for thinking it was a dream.' She thought as she looked around at her surroundings. 'Why me? Maybe this is a joke... I doubt it.' She got up to her feet her icy blue eye's wondering the darkness. "Hello!! Is anyone there?" She said into the darkness the only light was the little bit of light she produced. She wondered if she was alone as she lightly winced as she moved her wings.

Focused on his task Hayate grumbled quietly to himself as he disposed of the remains of the last would-be savior who dared to set foot in his lands. The twisted creature of beast and beings unknown pulled down his mask slightly to lick at the blood collected on his claws, before standing up into his normal haunched stance. For a moment intelligent, blazing orange eyes slid across the horizon from underneath a grand wolf's pelt, scanning for anything he may have missed, before a voice from within his domain reached his ears. Hayate picked his way through twisting corridors that he honestly could have traveled blind to the location where his prize was held. Upon entering the room the demonic beast asked slowly, as if he struggled slightly with the words, "Tell me, how do you find your accommodations?" The voice was gravelly, almost a pure growl that could just barely be discerned into words.

Snow kept her wings down they hurt to much to move she wondered what had happened to make them hurt. She listened to the silence of the building unable to make out what sounds retched the walls. She wondered who her capture was she saw no door to the cage and wondered if it was made of a special kind of magic. She backed up as she suddenly heard a voice from the darkness. "It is a bit confining do you really think it is necessary?" She replied then her noise scrunched up as the smell of blood hit her noise. She lowered to the floor of the cage she wondered who had been killed, and wondered if had been an attempt to save her.

For a moment, Hayate did not move, then he raised his hand slightly. From his palm rose a strange light, it looked as if it was draining the surrounding light. Still, there was just enough light to reveal himself, however his true face was lost beneath the mask and pelt. In response to Hayate the cage began to glow with a golden light, and curling bars began to shift, almost as if it were living ivy, until it grew to twice it's height. "It is necessary." he said gruffly. The glow faded from his hand and took a couple steps closer. He studied the woman before him, most likely as much as she was studying him. She had a kind of radiant beauty, if he cared for such a thing, and those wings made him wary. "Do you... require anything?" he asked as he glanced up into her icy blue eyes.

Snow's fur stood on end as she felt a strange aura on the cage and then felt it grow. She looked up at the figure in the dark. She listened to his reply glaring up at him she noticed the glow in his hand fade. She listened to him move closer and as he did the smell of blood grew stronger. She tried to study the creature but with the smell of blood and the smells from his pelts she could not figure it out. What he was under all that. Her glow was dimming her wings flat to her back. As she heard his question he looked at him. "Fresh air, a plant and some fruit." She asked lightly wondering what he was going to do to her.

((Ah crud I meant twice it's size not twice it's height, whoops. It doesn't look like anything big would have changed though so lets continue.))

Hayate watched as the winged woman glared at him and he almost wanted to laugh. It was a reaction he favored, aside from absolute fear. He listened to her request and thought for a moment. The things she asked for were within his power, as some long as she didn't try to escape there was no reason he would want her dead. He saw her glow begin to dim and he wondered if it meant something.

Hayate walked over to the opposite wide of the room with his bent, beast-like legs, his tail moving from underneath the pelt. There, he opened a large door that almost took up the entire wall, and once again his hand began to glow, with the cage once again reacting. The chain that suspended the cage began to grow longer, at the same time, the curling gold at the bottom of the cage began to shift until four wheels had formed. Once the chain detached itself the cage began to move of it's own accord, following Hayate as he headed down the dark hallway. "We will be there soon." was all he said.

Snow shifted watching him move to the door and looked at his frame compared to the door way that she could barley make out. She thought he was leaving and he wondered if he was going to give her what she asked for. She jumped as the cage shifted more she moved to the middle of the cage. The cage then began to move following the guy. She looked at the darkness of the hallway. She was so small compared to him she still wondered what his plans were for her. "Um.. Who's blood are you covered with?" She ask though she feared the answer. Her family was dead so she knew it wasn't any of them, but she knew that someone would try to save her.

Hayate tilted his head toward the cage as he listened to the woman's question. It was one he had been expecting, in one form or another. Beneath the mask a grin began to set, this was one of the best ways to show to her just the kind of situation she was in, and just what kind of person she was dealing with. He looked down at his claws and said shortly, "The blood of your would be saviors."

Soon he reached another pair of doors, with a small huff he pushed the doors outward to reveal a large but slightly overgrown courtyard. It resided in the center of the castle fortress, surrounded on all sides by tall stone walls. It was about 35 by 60 in size, in the center of it was a grand apple tree, and amongst the grass was vagrant wildflowers. The afternoon sun shone brightly, but the walls cast a heavy shadow over their corner of the courtyard. Once the cage was clear of the hallway it began to rise and expand, passing through Hayate himself and continuing on until it created a fence above the two of them, across the whole courtyard, with the same pattern it always had. "This will now be your residence, there is a bedroom within that door that you may use." He said pointing over to the opposite wall, where a normal sized double door stood. There was a window beside it that faced the courtyard itself, however the gold and white curtains were drawn closed.

Though she was freed from the more confining cage the new gate above her made it clear that she was still a captive, just as Hayate wished it. Since the cage in it's original form was gone however it left the two of them standing there with no barrier between them. Hayate was confident that there was no problem, and the cage had left a gate over where they had entered as well, so there was to threat of escape, but she would likely regret making an attempt even without the precaution. "Here are the three things you requested. Fresh air, a plant, and some fruit, there are grapevines growing in the southeast corner, you are free to use this area however you wish. If you want to grow something more I will provide the tools." Hayate fell particularly silent after saying so much, however he did manage to growl out. "In return, tell me your name."

Snow waited in silence fearing the answer she bet he was enjoying this moment. She looked down at the floor of the cage and once she heard the answer she felt her heart stop, and even stopped breathing. 'Did the person know their fate or was it a test to see what would happen? Was he given a chance to get away or was this guy that kept her so dark that he would kill just?' she thought to herself, but she would not ask she knew it would hurt more.

She lifted her head as she heard the door open and the cage moved into the courtyard. She took a deep breath of the fresh air she looked at the plants as the bars of the cage moved out to the frame the courtyard. She looked around feeling the dirt beneath her feet. Her heart beating again she didn't expect this. She looked at the guy not sure what he was up to.

She turned full circle and noticed that there was nothing between the guy that was keeping her and herself. She could see him a little better with the light. She could see the blood on his claws and moved away from him a little as she listened to him as he told her she was free to use the area. She looked at him as he asked for her name. She didn't want to be taken back to the tower. "My name is Snow. Thank you." She replied wondering why he was doing this for her, but then again she wondered why he hadn't killed her. She walked over to the apple tree and picked one off the tree and took a bit of it.

Hayate listened to Snow's response, he was pleased to finally have a name to go with the face. He knew that by now his actions likely made no sense to her. He could see it in her expressions, however he was not going to simply explain things to her, Snow would have to ask for those things herself. Despite the merciless way of dispatching intruders he could be, somewhat, fair. He would not attack her simply because of words, and while he did find her current turnoil amusing he would not build upon it with senseless physical abuse. She was, in a way, his prize, a fasination as it were. As Snow walked over to the tree Hayate simply sat down where he was, he would stay there until she got somewhat settled, before retiring himself. "You may call me Hayate, Snow." he said from across the yard.

Snow walked around looking at the plants she looked at the dead plants and noticed the weeds though she figured that the courtyard must be getting water if so many were alive. She lifted her head and looked over her shoulder as she heard the man speak his name, She wasn't sure why names mattered not like she could leave like she wanted. She was probably the last of her kind now. "Is there a way to water the plants Hayate?" she asked. Her wings turned from white to a light blue. She didn't care to much that her dress was getting dirty.

"An irigation system?" Hayate asked when Snow asked about a way to water the plants. Hayate looked up along the walls, his tail twitching in thought. Getting back up to his feet Hayate moved over to the area with the dead plants and looked around up and down. "The rains takes care of the plants here," He looked up again and beneath his mask a frown formed. "I could modify the gate above to catch some of the rain and... regulate it among the whole area." Hayate glanced back at Snow with his blazing orange eyes, from this distance the scar down across his one eye could be seen. "Will that suffice? The castle is old and it would be trouble to reroute the pipes... But that too is an option." While Hayate had noticed Snow's dress getting dirty cleanliness wasn't really one of his major concerns, and though she didn't know it yet her quarters had a bathroom area attached.

Snow listened as Hayate spoke as she moved a little. She noticed the scar across his eye and his orange eye's. Her wings now turning a dark blue. She wondered if her powers would work at all she wasn't sure but she thought she might try it later. Snow went to move and lost her balance falling right into Hayate. "Sorry." she said. Knowing that she was loosing her wings and would be unbalanced tell she got used to it.

Hayate simply grunted when Snow fell into him, but he didn't throw her off. He set her upright again and said, "Maybe you should rest for a bit, we can continue this later." The now dark blue hue of her wings had not been lost on him either, and so he spoke up again, "Tell me, what meaning do your wings hold?" Hayate crossed his arms loosely while he waited for a response. He glanced up at the sky for a moment and frowned slightly, the sun was going to roast him alive if he didn't take off his wolf's pelt soon, and even then. Those, however, were his problems and aside from his tail going still he didn't announce it at all.

Snow moved over to the tree after being set upright by Hayate. She nodded lightly that she should get some rest. She shifted as he talked about her wings. She lightly bit her bottom lip. "If you are curious about the color it just mean that my body is rejecting my wings so they are dying they will turn a navy blue and then black before falling. I'm not sure when but my wings were injured and my wings won't heal so they have to go." She explained. "I imagine I'll see you later." She said and wondered if he had anything else he wanted to say to her.

After hearing Snow's explanation Hayate furrowed his brow, he was concerned it had been of his fault, he thought he had taken her carefully. "Is there any way to repair the damage?" he asked. Just as she had moved so did he, back into the shadows, he shook his head and torso like a dog dispelling water, though in his case his was to shake away the unpleasant feeling he had gained from the sun. He was a bit fatigued from using his power, and likely if Snow answered no or gave a time longer than a day he'd retire.

Snow shook her head her wings had been so delicate that anything could of injured them. "No there is no way to repair them. I just have to learn how to balance with out them." She replied and sat down on one of the roots leaning against the tree as her wings turned a navy blue.

For a moment Hayate was quiet after he heard Snow's response, then he said quietly, "I am sorry, then." He watched as she sat down and saw her wings grow darker, then he replied, "You may retire now whenever you like, you'll find most of your regular needs within. I will depart now, and return tomorrow at sunrise." He then turned and headed back for the doors they originally entered through. He passed through the gate without needing to interract with it. Once on the other side he glanced back and asked, "Before I leave, is there anything you need?"

Snow listened to the as Hayate spoke she looked him surprised that he was sorry as the navy blue spread through her wings. She then watched him walk through the gate. She wondered what would be in store for her tomorrow. She shifted getting back to her feet slowly. "I think you have given me enough." She replied waiting for him to leave she wanted to see if her powers work. She looked at Hayate before he felt. "Will my powers work in here?" She asked.

"Yes, so long as it isn't directly trying to interfere with the gate, your powers should work." He said quietly, his voice was beginning to sound less animalistic the more he spoke, though it still held it's gravelly edge. For him it was the first time he actually spoke in almost a year, and he had spoken more today than he had since...
Given that he had answered Snow's question Hayate turned forward again and headed down the dark tunnel. His throat hurt, but hopefully that wouldn't be a problem tomorrow. Once he was far enough in he foregoed his bipedal walk and dropped on all fours. His long red claws clicking against the stone below, he moved up the stairs, down a hall lit by torches. He moved to the window overlooking the courtyard for a moment, then he moved away again. He'd get food later, for noe he needed rest especially after all that happened.

Snow looked at him as he told her that her powers should work. She nodded and watched as he disappeared into the darkness. She shifted holding on to the tree as she made a few vines grow up the tree and drape down from to of the branches creating a sling or a hammock out of the vines. She carefully leaned into her new bed as her wings turned black.She shifted looking up at the windows she could see and the sky she lightly touched the apple tree and an apple dropped down towards her with some leaves coating her like a blanket. She thought lightly it had been a long time since she had slept like this.

She ate the apples as she thought about her childhood briefly. Climbing trees discovering her gifts for the first time having fun feeling free. Snow finished the apples and threw them off into the plants. 'Such fun times.' she thought as she closed her eye and fell asleep. At first it was nothing but darkness but the darkness cleared she was back in her bedroom in her white dress the maids brushing her hair getting her ready. This dream was a memory her father the king was ill and ding and he wanted his daughter married before he left this world but the attack on the palace changed things. Snow had been lead through the servants quarters. She was running through a field not knowing where to go. She tripped and hit her head against a rock knocking her out sometime she was lifted up she briefly open her eye's see a fuzzy figure.

Hayate reached his room and crawled up onto the bed, he glanced back to the one torch in his room and lit it. He then sat up in his bed as well as he could and peeled off the wolf pelt from his head revealing a mane of hair just as wild. With just his hair it could be better seen that underneath the mask was a human like face attatched to his warped body. He flopped over and curled up on the blankets, in moments he had drifted off into an uneasy sleep. His dreams were dark and heavilly clouded, he saw visions of his life before he came to this world. He saw a woman and a little girl holding hands, and then his vision grew darker clouds as the disaster struck in his mind. He made a sound akin to a whimper, he then relaxed as the dark clouds grew over his mind completely.

Why had he taken Snow? Why had he even left his castle? He had left to exact some penatence upon those who who had continued to strike against him despite the fact that he remained in his land. He had seen her and she had interested him, and so he had taken her.

Snow's memory ended and darkness filled her dreams as she shifted in her sleep and her wings fell. Her powers changing the blanket over her into a dress pulling off her wedding dress. She woke up and stretched looking at the garden. The smells of the plants lifted her spirits. She was happy to be here instead of up in that dark tower. She never thought Hayate would do this she thought he was going to bring her a plant to the tower. She didn't know Hayate but there was something about him that made her wonder. She shifted and had the apple tree drop her an apple. he took a bite noticing her dress hanging up in the tree. She glanced down at the green short dress covering her. She slowly got to her feet and felt something on her back the plants had created her wings out of vines and leaves. She smiled taking a step testing her balance she had no problems balancing. She walked over to the dead vine and touched it helping it come back to life.

Hayate ears twitched slightly as the sounds of birds outside reached his ears. He opened his eyes slowly, and looked around confused, and a low growl started to form until his eyes fell upon words that were scratched upon the wall that said, 'Never forget, you do not belong'. Upon seeing it his eyes refocused and he calmed down again, sitting on his haunches he looked around for his wolf pelt and grabbing it he headed out the room. He headed downstairs into the kitchen, where he only poured some water into his hands to drink. He found he could go without food for a few days, the fruit in the courtyard able to sustain him should nothing huntable wanders into his lands. Curious about how Snow was doing he headed down the tunnel, as he did he slicked his hair back once more and placed the wolf pelt back on. He emerged through gate and looked around, finding her near some vines. Noticing he new 'wings' he approached and asked, "How do you fare?"

Snow was gathering grapes after helping the one grapevine. She shifted as she lightly touched the flowers helping them. She heard Hayate behind her she turned around. "Morning Hayate I feel better though the wings are a creation of my powers while I slept they work quite well." She replied with a smile steeping towards him holding some grapes and an apple out towards Hayate. "Are you hungry?" She asked Hayate she didn't like being in a cage but Hayate was the only she knew now in her life and in this world that she knew of. She would make the best of this situation that she could.

It was... nice to hear that Snow was feeling better after all of the trials she had to endure the day before. Carefully he took the apple and grapes and bowed respectfully. He know how sharp his claws were, and they were annoying to cut and so he simply learned to work with them. "I am, thank you Snow. It is good to see you doing better. Good to see that your replacement wings are working well for you." He said, working more on announciating his words than making a proper sentence structure. He took a couple steps back and turned around slightly pulling his mask down around his neck. Underneath looked entirely normal, however for a moment a faint black mist escaped from his mouth as he exhaled and as he opened his mouth it could be seen that many of his teeth came to a slight point, his canines doubly so. He ate quickly, though he had enough sense not to just scarf it all down, when he was finished with the apple and starting the grapes he paused to say, "Tell me about yourself, I acted on impulse and caused great disturbance, more will likely come for you." He then popped a grape in his mouth after struggling with it for a bit and simply spearing it with his claw.

Snow watched as he took the fruit she noticed his claws but she had a feeling he wasn't going to hurt her at least not right away. She wasn't sure why he kept her alive. She smiled and nodded watching him move and turn around. She wondered what he was hiding under his mask. She turned grabbing a few grapes for herself. She wondered why he turned around instead of asking her not to look, but she guessed that she would then be tempted to see what he was hiding. She ate her grapes as she looked at the plants. She turned as heard Hayate. She thought about how to answer him. "I was a princess at a neighboring kingdom. My family is all dead. I have the power to help plants grow and healing wounds. If anymore come for me they won't be coming to save me. I'm the last of my kind and I don't even think the man I was arranged to merry knows I'm still alive." She replied sadly and looked at Hayate's back. "Why do you hide under a mask and a pelt?" She asked him lightly.

"I owe an apology, I hadn't known your turmoil." he said softly, which could be heard due to the fact that his mask was still off. "Then the ones who do come will likely seek revenge on me, at least for leaving my grounds." Once he finished with his last grape he put his mask back on and turned back around fully, even moving a bit closer so that he wouldn't have to raise his voice any. She had asked a question, and although it wasn't the one he had expected he would answer it regardless, to some extent anyway. "I am living disease, a carrier of the calamity that destroyed my world. I did not wish to bring the cause destruction to this world, however I cannot die, and so I wear the mask, for fear that my very breath is a contagion. As for the pelt, I wear it in order to bring sense of unity to my form, I cover my face as much as possible because it is what is most different on my body. I'd rather be viewed as a beast than a grotesque creature."

Snow looked down at the ground as she heard his apology. "No need to apologize it is not your fault. I'm not sure why you brought me to your place, but if it weren't for you I might have been killed." She said lifting her head to see Hayate right in front of her and facing her. She looked up at him as he answered her question as she looked at his mask. She found id hard to believe him. "You can't be so bad you saved me. I think things are not as bad as you think they are. Why did you save me?" She replied looking at his mask and threw the eye holes and at his eye's. She wanted to touch him and his mask and lift it but she couldn't find it in herself to move or do it she looked into Hayate eye's.

"I am... glad then, that I had been able to save you, but that had not been my intention. I was angry with the nearby villagers, who had continued to harass me even though I kept to my lands. Winter had already passed, and they would have time to rebuild, I was going to tear apart a couple of their structures, and allow them to see that they were stuck with mee whether they wanted me around or not. On my way there I had seen you, you interested me, and I figured taking you would have the same effect as what I planned." He shifted slightly in an attempt to get more comfortable, "I do not eggaderate what I had said, why else would I have assumed this form coming to this world if not to spread the disease farther?" Hayate closed his eyes and thought for a moment, "From what you said the situation has changed, can you promise me you will not try to escape?"

Snow looked into Hayate's eye's as she listened to him know what village he talked about. Her people were always there helping fix the village. She believed there was a place for everyone. She backed away from Hayate hoping that she wasn't making him uncomfortable. She touched the tree feeling the energy that it was feeling. She looked at Hayate when he asked her if she could promise she would not try to escape. "I no were to run to. I promise I won't try to escape. If I were to even step outside your walls I would be killed." She replied.

Hayate tilted his head slightly as Snow backed away from him, he wondered if he had frightened her with his words. He watched her touch the tree, which was all he thought she was doing. When she gave him her answer he nodded and stood up. For not the first time his hand glowed inversely, and the gate in front of the large doors glowed in response before dissolving away. The gate above meanwhile parted slightly, and altered the position of its vines into a certain pattern, he made them into the irrigation pattern that had been mentioned earlier. "You are now free to roam the castle, I see no reason to keep you locked in here if no one's going to come after you." He felt no reason to mention the sensors in the area surrounding his lands, which were directly connected to his own energy. "The gate above has become hollow, wirh holes on the underside meant to distribute water when it rains. Will that be satisfactory?"

Snow looked at Hayate's hand as it glowed. She shifted a bit afraid she knew he could change the cage. She looked at the door way as the gate went away. She looked back at Hayate as he told her she was free to roam the castle. She liked the garden and wondered about what protection she would have if Hayate could not kill someone that wanted her dead. She wasn't sure if she was okay or not. "Yeah as long as nothing happens to you." She said finally. She looked at the door way and the darkness of the castle she reached into the tree and grabbed an apple to eat. She bit into it and thinking about if she would ever leave the garden now that she could. She felt a little unprotected but as long as Hayate was there she was sure no one would get to her.

"Nothing will happen to me," Hayate confirmed, he watched as snow grabbed another apple. "You will have nothing to worry about, I will know if someone approaches. This fortress is like an extention of myself." He looked to the open gate, to the almost enveloping darkness. He had lost the need to depend on the light as his years passed dwelling there. He stretched and walkedd over to the tree himself, and he carefully picked an apple from the tree. He lowered the fruit and stared into it, it was true that in most cases he would be able to beat those who tried to fight against him, but if they came at him en masse...

Snow looked at Hayate and nodded lightly as she ate the apple not really knowing if she would ever leave the garden to go inside the castle. She shivered a bit as she looked at Hayate as he stared at the fruit. On the outskirts of Hayate land on a horse pacing Hayate's Land the horse would not pass. The rider looking over the land as if searching for something or someone.

"Is there something you wish to do?" Hayate had finally started eating the apple after sitting down, his mask had been removed again although he had not bothered to turn away this time. He simply kept his head down, and when he spoke he pull his hand up over his mouth. He never really did much in the castle, he normally simply sat in the darkness, grasping at the dwindling strands of his memory. He had thought he would be busy keeping Snow in line but here they were. His tail swayed lazily over the grass.

Snow looked at him. "What is there to do?" She asked as she watched him sit down his mask removed. She looked down at the top of his head as he kept his head down and his hand over his mouth so she couldn't see. She lightly touched the top of his head and a power of hers touched Hayate.

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