She was right she was not alright with it but she could accept it. What she could not accept was this. "Derek Hale you have got to be kidding me!" she said arms crossed as she looked like a pouting 5 year old. She had to restrain herself from stomping her foot. "You are the only one who would not agree to stay, even Stiles gave in" she growled. Like closest thing to a werewolf growl a human could make. "Thats Only becuse you gave him the job of guarding me" she kicked the door. It did not budge. "Ill let you out if you honestly promise you won't sneak out and come with us, or try anything that will put yourself in harms way. An do not try and lie becuse I can still hear your remarkably furious heartbeat through the door. Rose groaned. "Fine, a** hole. I will stay here were I'm usless" she heard a thump as what ever imovable force was moved from the door way. Derek was not the one at the door but Scott Derek was downstairs. "He ran soon as he moved the dresser did'nt he" she looked Scott up and down. "At least you have the dencey to look apologetic" she walked down stairs. Derek ducked his head after her first 'death laser beam glare' as stiles calls them.

Leaning on the kitchen counter they watched as they got everything ready. Lydia has a circle set up in the liveing room. A trapping circle to be exact. It was connected to the abandoned mill which was completely encircled of the same thing. It was controlled version of a mouthian ash circle. Stiles was helping Lydia perpared his part played by arming them with every ounce of knowledge possible to find on vampires. Those two plus her would be staying back at the house. Allision had 3 dozen silver tip wooden arrows. Everyone had something sharp and either silver or wood. Derek took command, adressing his wolves. Erica nudged Jackson to pay attention as he was watching Lydia. Boyd and Issac both were quiet in tense relization this was a dangerous situation. "Do not let these things get there fangs full in you, they can make a werewolf seriously ill or worse. The new borns wont have much venom to do so, but the one who kidnapped Rose, and the other sires will. Age makes them stronger so they will be much more difficult to kill than the others. Do no attack them until were in the circle." he countinued explaining the plan for another half hour or so.

Allision had sent the one word text to activate the circle as the entire clan of vampires was with in the Mill's grounds. She aimed and fire injuring and killing what vampires came with in her sites from her snyper like position.

Meanwhile at the house Rose, paced and Stiles fidgeted. "Were missing something" the red head pointed out. "I know" returned Stiles. "But what?" Rose pulled up the missing persons reports on the computer. About 10 minuets later she found what she was looking for. "They all went missing from the Mill" Stiles stated reading over her shoulder. "OK, why would a bunch of teenagers go to a vampire nest and aprently tell someone about it" Rose got up and was grabbing her jacket. "Becuse its the clearest and highest point in beacon hills. Bodies turning up in twos, a group of kids being taken. That place has the best view of the stars. Its a mix between an astornomey point and a makeout tower" she filled in for him. "Wait Rose where are you going this dose'nt change anything." She shook her head. "Yes it Does whats happening tonight" Stiles looked and shruged. "What did Danny ask you what you wanted to do tonight" she watched his eyes fade for a second in a flashback of a memory.

"Hey Stiles, I got an offer for you" the dark skinned lacrosse player said casualy as he could. Stiles cluless as ever paused and looked. "Shoot Danny." he said with his usual goofy grin. "I'm a bit of an astronemy buff, and I just got this new telescope, see theres a medeor shower thurday and I wanted to know if you wanted to you know come with me to this great spot I know" Stiles had smiled sadley and shook his head. "Nah, Man I cant I would love to honestly I would but, the residents of the hale house have kind of like a manditory meeting and Iv gota be there"

"s**t Danny" Rose gave a duh look. "He's going to be there, in the middle of a fight between werewolves and vampires." Stiles went to jump up. "We can't leave lydia alone with this kind of spell,stay here, Ill go in and get him out, and be back before you even know it I promise" Stiles went to protest but he was unsure of what to do. "I'll be fine, remember I tend to set things on fire when Im in danger" he looked at her in away that said not a good point.

In the end she won and was at the old Windmill in a matter of minuets, thanks to Stiles jeep. Of which he probably did not relaze she would need and had taken.
The feeling and tug of strong emotions told her the fighting had begun. She spotted him terrfied out of his mind back pressed against the crumbling storange space, when she got to the light house looking abondend windmill. "Danny, come on, come here" she said in a loud whisper. He looked up and shook his head. "What the hell is going on" she sighed. "I promise I'll tell you everything" her cell phone buzzed it was in vibrate thankfuly. She opend it. "Stiles really not a good time" she hissed. "Listen Rose, the reason they chose that spot is becuse of what happend there. The father who lived in the near by house killed his 4 children playing there and killed himself. The wife commited sucide by jumping off the top when she found the bodies. The conflicting energy is pefect to feed off of which means one of those vampires is more than just a regualr vamp he's a psychic vamp which means he can control pychich energy" Rose growled showing she spent to much time around Derek. "Get to the point whats the mean wiki" she said. Danny still looking horror struck. "It means that they have some type of Pychich and or Kennecti ability. But unlike you, they feed off of enegy and emotion, they can drain you of it and make you ill, its a double whamey, the stronger they get the weaker you do. I'm pretty sure its only one, spesificaly the one who locked you in a storange container at the bottom of a lake. Its why he went after y..." the phone was dropped as and icey sensation flowed through her. She looked over and there he stood. The same raven haired male in the shadows of the dark once again. She put danny behind her moveing like a human sheild. A dark mass whirled passed her grazeing her. It was like ice at the conntect and the feeling of pure agoney, despair, and hoplessness rang through her. "A bullet of negetive emotion" she said bitteraly. 'like the fear radiating off Danny was not bad enough' "Danny get back, do not run I can't protect you if you do" he snorted in disbelife in away that said. 'you protect me?' but did as he was told. The sound of the fighting in the background grew louder as it grew closer. The wolves unknowly radiating toward pack. The Vampires radiating toward there leader.
"Your loseing" she stated. The sound of victory howls, and bark like noises singaled each fall of a vampires. She saw the look of anger flash in his eyes. "Really now little red is that so" she pulled out the silver dagger she now always kept in her boot. He luanged at such speeds she was pinned to the ground in a blink. Long finger nails digging into her wrists held above her head. Her mind kept going back to being kidnapped by the invadeing pack, how they tied her to the tabel and held her hands over her head. But she had to focus. Find a center, and anchor, and use the emotions she felt from around her and inside her. A fire sparked igniting the vampires shoulder he hissed jumping back. It was gone as soon as it came. But it did the job. Burned flesh left in its place. "Thats fine Ill just use your friends blood to heal it" The vampire ran as if it was going for her but she saw it angled a little to her right, toward danny. She took the dagger and lunged up at the impact she was forced into the ground. The dagger only hit his shoulder. He quickly ripped it out and before she could get back she was pinned again. But the vampire was abosorbing all of her energy she could not make any fire, even if she could find the control again. Suddenly the absorption stopped. And then she felt it, every self doubt, mind numbering fear, sadness, greif all of it. Her own amplified and others swiling in her it physically hurt. She screamed, a banche call that could cut through walls,trees and glass to penetrate your eardrum in a way that made your own heart hurt.

He waited a few counts before piercing into her throat cutting offf her scream. 'Use it' screamed something inside of her. 'Control your fire, use your pain' and she did once again stronger than ever. She focused on useing his blood as a fual sorce to brun him from the inside out. The fangs keeping her from screaming from writhing in the emotion that was so painful it could be felt physcial like tiny burning nettles flooding her skin. It was distant in her ears the vampires last cry before he was left at bone and ask.

Derek heard it and raced toward the scean to find a clearly in pain Rose, and a flameing vampire who was ahs by the time he got to the girl. The pack was not far behind succsesful in there kills. "Rose, Rose!" she was fighting him. Like his touch hurt her. "What do" Issac asked crouched by her. Braver than Derek had been in his own mind, he took the writing girl in her arms despote her shreiking and carefuly held her with one arm. The other putting pressure on the bite in her neck. "Call Deaton and Call stiles. Will take her back to the house its closer' Issac nodded. Erica was already calling Stiles. Jackson calling Deaton.