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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 4.5 - A Link to the Past
Melody: *As the group ran into the open area, they were greeted with a large surprise, literally. The Deku Sprout was no longer a sprout but the same size as the Great Deku Tree, taking his spot. She looked up at it, shocked.*

Link: *He looked up at it with widened eyes as he stepped back slightly. He couldn't believe it was the same tree. The former Deku Tree was no longer there, pushed away and finally...decomposed.* No way... Is that?...

Deku Sprout: Not so small now, am I?! I told you to keep your mouth shut. *He said as he still had that derp face.*


Jade: *He stared up at it with his hands in his pockets, smiling.*

Ra: Wooow! A talking tree!!!! *He screamed in Shunsui's ear all excited, wanting to be put down.*

Shunsui: H-Hey! Okay, okay... *He put him down, sweatdropping.* Don't cause trouble...

Zelda: *She stepped forward.* How... did you grow so fast? You were only replanted a few years ago...

Deku Sprout: Oh, I guess you aren't aware of the time rip incident.

Melody: *She looked away.* ...No... we are. *She sighed*

Link: The time rip is a good explanation for everything lately...*He sighed, looking up.* Did it speed up your life? Isn't that bad for you? Wouldn't you die sooner...? *A long silence followed, followed by cricket noises.*

Alonsa: Poor tree...

Deku Sprout: Don't be stupid! The Great Deku tree was at least seven thousand years old you know. Anyways. The sky is actually in the past right now because of the time rip. You should go fix it so my leaves don't crumble into nothing.

Ra: *He grabbed a rock and started carving his name on the deku tree.* I draw pictures...

Link: Ra no! *His eyes widened as he held a hand forward, sweatdropping.*

Jade: At least he's well educated. *He smiled, raising a hand to push his glasses up his face.* I'm sure the Tree won't mind.

Deku Sprout: Ow! GET THAT STUPID BRAT OFF OF ME! IT HURTS! *It shook its leaves.*

Link: RA STOP IT! *He ran up to him, grabbing him just after Ra finished carving his name and a picture of his face.*

Ra: I wanna make a tree house now...

Link: No! No tree house...

Alonsa: *Slowly sneaks and carves her name.* ...

Link: *Grabs her arm and pulls on her.* WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!


Deku Sprout: *His branches moved down and wrapped around her ankle, pulling her up in the air.* INFIDELS.

Zelda: *She held onto Shunsui, gasping*

Alonsa: *Just hangs there, staring at him with a blank expression.*

Link: ...*Looks to Ra peeing on the tree.* I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY!

Ra: I'm marking my property...

Jade: Oh my. That poor, poor sacred tree. *He shrugged, smiling.*

Link: *Turned over to Jade.* You're enjoying this, aren't you...

Deku Sprout: Look, just go to the sky and fix it before it affects you all. You have a connection with the sky you know, Link and Zelda. *It said as it dropped Alonsa.* Now leave!

Alonsa: *She rubbed her head, pouting* Ow... Jeez, who put your branches in a knot... *She giggled at her own comment.* Hehe... knot.

Link: *Picks up Alonsa by the wrist.* Let's go before he starts throwing deku nuts.


Zelda: ....Shunsui, he's your responsibility. *She said as she began to head out into the village again.*

Shunsui: Ugh... *He walked slowly to Ra with his arms hanging down, sweatdropping as he picked him up.* Let's go, sport... *He was screaming.* You can.. beside the cow...

Jade: *As everyone left, Jade walked up to the tree to have a closer look at the carvings, smiling with his hands in his pockets.*

Deku Sprout: Don't even think of it. *It glared at Jade*

Jade: *He closed his eyes, shrugging. He bent down, placing a hand on the carvings as a magic circle began to appear underneath him.* Just a moment.

Deku Sprout: *It stared at him, blinking as it remained still, not that it had a choice.*

Jade: *As he stood up, turning his back to the tree as he raised a hand out of his pocket to place a finger at the center of his glasses, the carvings all closed up.*

Deku Sprout: *It closed its eyes.* Thank you. Someone with kindness. Make sure they don't do anything reckless, will you?

Jade: But of course. *His eyes narrowed as he smirked, leaving the area. Behind the tree was Jade's name, larger than ever. He even put a smiley face.*

Deku Sprout: H-Hey you stupid b*****d! *It snapped at him, but Jade left already.*


Zelda: *She looked to the others.* I think we should head to the castle first.. No surprise here, but I think that myself and Peach are in a bit of trouble. *She said with a faint smile.*

Peach: *She giggled, looking over.* Oh, yes... I'm sure the Mushroom Kingdom has been very worried.

Zelda: More than worried. Who knows how many castles Mario tore down to find you, and Toads telling them you were in another castle.. That's happened to you quite a few times.

Peach: Oh no! Mario! *She held her hand over her mouth, gasping.*

Link: Yeah, let's get you back and report Zelda to her father. I'm sure we'll be in the skies for a long while.

Zelda: Let me take us there. *She said as she reached into her item pouch, pulling her harp out.* Everyone take hold of each other.

Link: Right. *He grabbed Melody, who grabbed Ukitake, who grabbed Ra, who grabbed Ven, who grabbed Zelda, who grabbed Shunsui, who grabbed Peach, who grabbed Alonsa, who grabbed Tiercel, Who grabbed Harrier. Harrier just stared at Jade.*

Jade: *He just smiled at Harrier who stared at him.*

Zelda: *She looked up at them, blinking.*..... I need one of you to hold ont-- *She was startled when Harrier grabbed hold of her.*...me...

Jade: Well, let's see. Who should I hold onto? This is a tough choice. *He said, pacing around with his hands behind his back. People were hoping not to get picked.*

Alonsa: ...Please don't pick me. I have my whole life ahead of me!

Zelda: *She sighed.* Jade, hold onto me. We need to get back. Seeing the damage of the sky to the tree guardian alone means that we need to hurry. Who knows what else is going to happen.

Jade: My, my, so bold! So that's how you think of me. I must confess, I haven't noticed your feelings up to this point. *He adjusted his glasses as the lens caught the light, having Shunsui staring to get annoyed in the background as he heard him speak.* Though if you insist, I would be rude to decline such a generous offer. *He slowly walked up to her, reaching for her slowly as to tease Shunsui. He was reaching for her chest at first, Shunsui's eyes widening and glaring. Everyone just stared thinking he was going to touch her chest until he grabbed her braid, having everyone's mouth drop in annoyance.*

Zelda: *She was blushing faintly, shaking it off as she looked down at her harp.* O-Okay, here we go. *She began to strum the strings, performing the Prelude of Light. ( Prelude of Light ) The song echoed through the air as they began to get circled by magic, heading off into the air and to the Temple of Time.*


Link: *They all let go of eachother, as Link looked up at the light coming from the large windows. He smiled.* I always like coming here, it clears my mind.

Melody: *She looked around the temple, smiling faintly.* I like it too.. it's really beautiful.

Ven: *He looked to Link, smirking.* A possible wedding place. *He teased.*

Link: *He blushed, turning to him.* Wh-what?! W-well... m-maybe? *He looked down, not knowing what else to say.* Um...

Alonsa: Stud, I think you broke Link. *She leaned over with her arms behind her back, smiling as she giggled.*

Ven: Hey, he knew these jokes and the teasing was going to come soon. You may be getting married first, but I'm not letting you get away without getting teased. You're so shy about it.

Jade: Yes, you're all very young. *He smiled, placing a hand on his forehead as he sweatdropped* If the discussion about hormones has ended, I'd like to head to the castle now.

Ukitake: Only you would say something like that...*He sweatdropped.*

Harrier: I think Jade is just feeling lke a third wheel. *He said with an insulting voice as he headed towards the exit.*

Jade: *He smiled as he placed his hands into his pockets as he stared to everyone.* My, how observant. Shall we? *He headed out the temple.*

Link: Harrier sure has it in for everyone lately...*He sweatdropped.*

Tiercel: *He chuckled.* That's Har, for you. He means well.. Don't worry.

Alonsa: Is it still weird he scares me despite the time we've traveled together already? *She placed her hands on her hips, sweatdropping.* Honestly. Let's go, guys. Before he pisses more people off. *She walked out with the others.*


Mailman: ( The Mailman's Theme ) *As the group headed out of the temple, a strange man with a red hat and a matching red flag on his back was waiting there. He looked quite twisted and odd, and even his clothing was weird, having an image of a bunny over his heart.* Ooh!~ Hey, Link! I have come to deliver a letter.

Link: O-Oh... hey. *He smiled faintly, rubbing the back of his head. He didn't understand how he always knew where he was. It was damn right creepy.*

Alonsa: *Her eyes widened, recognizing him.* Eek!! *She jolted back.*

Ra: Bunny! *He blushed as he pointed.*

Mailman: *He reached back to his back, sticking his lips out as he kept fiddling before he pulled out a red envelope. He handed it to Link.* Here you go, Mr. Link! Take your letter and read it at your leisure. *He said, and soon he did his own rendition of a certain song, making it sound quite off.*

Alonsa: ....*She just blinked at him.*

Link: *He raised it up, everyone just staring at him.*

Zelda: ...Link, you're not doing that again, are you? I know it's Hylian tradition, but everyone else doesn't understand.

Shunsui: What? I do that all the time when I get new champagne.

Ukitake: *He smiled faintly, placing a hand on his head.* Well, then. Link. Why not read what it says?

Mailman: *He just stared with his look, soon saluting to Link.* Well, my business is concluded! Onward to mail! *He said as he turned, running and making strange noises as he ran.*

Link: *He opened up the letter.* Alright, let's see here... *He saw how it was in some sort of messy writing, though it was still readable and certainly familiar.*

Aryll: ( Aryll's Theme ) "Hey big brother! It's been forever since we talked to you. I miss you. Grandma told me to write to you because we have awesome news! We headed to Skyloft to take a vacation from Outset, and we wanted to know if you wanted to come. I understand you're busy saving Princesses and being cool like you always are, but I do miss you. Grandma got sick a couple of times worrying about you, but her health has returned thanks to me! We'll be staying there for a couple of weeks, so if you want to come, don't hesitate! We'll be staying with some of the people at the knight academy. They're really nice. Oh! And instead of seagulls here, there's Loftwings! I love birds. They're so graceful. Please come, big brother. I love you! Love from your sister, Aryll<3"

Link: *His eyes widened, blushing faintly as he smiled warmly. His eyes narrowed as he read his sister's letter out loud. He put the letter away as he looked up to everyone.* That's what it says...

Alonsa: Link has a sister too...? Oh boy. Judging by your face, you seem to like her quite a bit, huh. *She giggled.*

Melody: *She looked to Link, smiling faintly.* You never told me you had a sister..

Link: W-well, we can get to see them when we reach Skyloft. It's in the sky, afterall. But... *He looked down, thinking.*

Fi: *Fi came out of the sword, nodding in acknowledgement.* If my analysis is correct, Master Link, this would mean that your family has gone to the past dimension in the sky. I conclude a strange pattern with this letter. It must have been made in the past. However crossing over to the skies will bring us, there as well. I cannot shake the conclusion of altered character code development. Due to the time rip, there is a high possibility things may turn most unpleasant if two characters who are not to be introduced to each other meet. Meaning, Link's two pasts interacting with one another may result in something we cannot undo.

Alonsa: But the fact that Link remembers both pasts as a part of his childhood should fix all this confusion, right? Other characters would be fine about it once it seeps into their code.

Link: But this is sorta different. It would mean I've been in both places at the same time.

Zelda: *She looked over to Link, her ears lowering.* This is more serious than we thought.. Alright. We'll go to Hyrule Castle, get Peach prepared to head back and then fix this. This is affecting both of us, just as the Kokiri Guardian said. We've yet to find out how exactly, but I know it won't be good. I will fight my hardest to fix everything.. not just for the sake of Hyrule, but for our friendship. I'm done with timerips. Let's fix it.

Shunsui: *He chuckled, placing a hand on her shoulder as he tilted his hat over his face.* That was a nice speech, M'lady. Don't forget that I'll fight harder, so you won't need to strain yourself. Teamwork is essential, so let's make the best with what we got. *He slowly looked over to Jade.* If possible.

Zelda: *She looked over to Shunsui, though she didn't smile. She knew it was a serious moment. She looked to the group for a moment before she moved out of Shunsui's hold, heading down the temple's steps as she walked fast, tempted to run at this point. She felt so anxious to save her kingdom, knowing Skyloft was part of Hyrule.*

Alonsa: Was it really all right for all these different realities in Hyrule to come together in the first place? *She placed a hand on her hip, staring.* And why is Hyrule the only place so messed up? The time rip was universal.

Fi: *She came out, staring over to Alonsa as she nodded in acknowledgement.* You remember the different classes of codes, I presume? Terresia and Grandilia were created by human children, however Hyrule is a part of an actual pre-existant series that transferred to this world from the human realm.

Zelda: It was also created by four different Goddesses.. *She said as she looked back.* Din, the Goddess of Power, Nayru, the Goddess of Wisdom, Farore, the Goddess of Courage and Hylia, the Goddess of Time. They all worked together to create every region of Hyrule and left the Triforce as well as some other ancient artifacts as a symbol of hope to the people.

Link: I always hear stories of the heroes of legend who I take after. It may also be connected with their different timelines.

Alonsa: Let's just hope we don't come across any other Links, then. *She giggled, walking to where Zelda was headed.*


Zelda: *She took them to Hyrule Castle, where they were greeted by the guards and allowed access. She knew Toadsworth was going to be here to give Peach a mouthful, but she would stick up for her friend.*

Jade: *He looked ahead, as he walked by the soldiers with his hands behind his back. They all stared at how Jade dressed. Link looked over to Jade as he shifted his eyes to him.*

Link: Jade, what kind of place is Malkuth? You’re a colonel, right? Your part of a big... um, organization, or something?

Jade: *He smiled, sighing to him.* Military. I'm part of the Imperial forces of Malkuth. Why does that concern you?

Link: Oh, nothing... Just that... The soldiers look like they can already tell you're a big shot, when I didn't think you were something like that when I first saw you. I guess that's because I've lived a somewhat sheltered life in this twisted world.

Jade: Yes, well, coming from a forest boy I would have to agree. *He sweatdropped, placing a hand to his forehead as he closed his eyes.* Though you're not nearly as half-sheltered as an acquaintance of mine, namely, Luke Fon Fabre from the Kimlascan nobles, second to the King himself. I wouldn't knock yourself over this mere lack of knowledge. *He teased.*

Link: *He sweatdropped.* There's still so many places we've yet to see... I hope I don't stay so closed in for too long.

Melody: *She looked over at Link, blushing faintly.* I was from the forest too.. I suppose we're both sort of blind to the world.

Link: *He looked over to her, smiling warmly.* But we're learning a lot being together, huh?

Melody: *She nodded as she held his hand.* And it won't end.. It will last forever.

Jade: Now, now, children. It's not polite to hold hands in front of a royal family. *He smiled, placing his hands into his pockets as they entered the castle.*

Melody: *She looked over to Jade*.... but I'm a princess too. *She blinked, finding his argument rather invalid.*


Alonsa: *She sweatdropped.* Hey, Zelda was right. Toadsworth is talking with the King.

Peach: Oh my, they look like they're having fun. Let's not interrupt...

Ukitake: *He smiled.* Nice try, Peach...

Zelda: Peach... *She looked over to her, moving her hand into hers.* It's alright.. We're going to get you some freedom as well.

Ra: Heehee. Fweedom.

Zelda: *She entered the throneroom with the group, keeping Peach close to her.* We've returned, father.

King Daphnes: *He looked up, seeing the group along with some new members. He stood up.* Welcome home, but do you have any idea what trouble you caused the Mushroom Kingdom?

Toadsworth: *His face was red as he yelled, raising his cane up at Peach as he hopped up and down.* Y-Your Highness! Wh-where have you been scurrying off to all this time?! I was nearly bed-written!

Peach: Oh, please don't be upset Toadsworth... I came back unharmed.... Oh? *She noticed Mario and Luigi charging at her for a hug.* Mario! Luigi!

Luigi: *He hugged her legs as he slid to her ankles in a trail of his tears of joy.* Wahahahaha....! Princess!

Mario: Princess! Where have you-a been? We've been-a looking all over the Mushroom Kingdom for you!

Zelda: *She smiled to them.* Please don't get angry with her. She was helping me and my friends, and she's been very helpful. I think she deserved some time to her friends, don't you think? She got to see places she's never seen before.

Peach: *She clasped her hands as she blushed, tilting her head with her eyes closed.* Oh, yes! Absolutely! It's been peachy up until now, no worries! Just like a vacation! Please, forgive me... I didn't mean to make any of you worry. I'll bake a cake...

Luigi: Okay! *He got up, nodding as he wiped his tears and smiled up at her.* With-a lots of love?

Peach: *She giggled, placing a hand over her mouth as she nodded gently to them.* Up to the tip of the icing.

Mario: Yippee! *He took his hat off and spun around before he went to Peach, taking her hands into his and looked up at him.* You make-a me feel like a super star.

Peach: *She blushed, giggling shyly as she turned her head.* Oh, Mario... I've missed you dearly.

Mario: And I missed-a you, Peach. *He smiled to her before he leaned in towards her.*

Peach: *She turned her head, placing a hand over her mouth a she stared in shock.* Oh! *She lowered her hand as her eyes narrowed, waiting for his kiss.*

Toadsworth: Now wait just a minute! *He pushed Mario out of the way as he stepped forward.* Princess! Please, don't do this ever again!! I was really, really worried!!

Luigi: Mamma mia!! *His eyes widened as Mario bumped into him, causing him to fall backwards and flip over as his head entered a large vase, He squirmed as he kicked his feet around, shaking around until he fell with the vase, stuck in it sideways as he whimpered.* Heeeelp! Heeeellp!

Link: *He walked up to the Jar, picking it off his head and throwing it against the wall* HAHHH!!

Alonsa: *Sweatdrops, facpalming.*

Zelda: *She saw how everything was growing chaotic, pulling Peach behind her as she looked to Toadsworth.* That isn't fair. You're acting like my father before he turned understanding. How is she expected to rule her kingdom if she doesn't know what's out there in the world?

Toadsworth: I am merely concerned for her well being! I don't approve of you whisking her away without my notice, either! I may have allowed it if I also went with her!

Peach: *She placed a hand on her blue gem on her chest, looking away sorrowfully as she listened to them.* Please... don't fight. And Toadsworth, how can I move freely with your constant breathing down my neck... It's very tiring.

Toadsworth: *His eyes widened, jaw dropping as he got all offended.*

Zelda: *She looked to Peach before she looked back to Toadsworth.* She has a point.. She's fine. See? *She smiled.* She enjoyed herself.. She wandered around everywhere and adventured the world all without any guidance from yourself or the Mario brothers. I suppose that means she's quite capable of handling herself sometimes, right?

Toadsworth: I-I suppose... *He lowered his head, sighing hard.*

Peach: *She lowered herself to him, smiling as she placed a hand on his cheek as she turned him to face her.* I do appreciate everything you do for me. Don't misunderstand... I know it's your job to take care of me...

Toadsworth: *He faintly blushed, smiling.* Y-yes!... Of course, I'll always do my job diligently.

Peach: *She raised herself as she held her dress up slightly, dancing elegantly as she walked over to the castle’s kitchen, humming.* Let's go, Mario. Luigi! It's time to bake a cake.

Luigi: *He crashed into a bunch of more things in the background before running after her crying, he was dizzy and hit the wall, causing Mario to drag him the rest of the way.*

Mario: *He couldn't help but laugh at Luigi.* Oh-a Luigi. You're-a funny guy. You're my brother~.

Zelda: *She smiled to them, but she looked to her father who seemed annoyed.*

King Daphnes: Toadsworth was right. You did leave without telling us. I was about to start a search party for you.

Peach: *She walked back to the throne room, cleaning her dress as she stopped. She looked over to the King.* Oh, I almost forgot. Would you like a piece of cake later? *She clasped her hands over her dress as she looked up at him smiling. She looked at his expression, turning to Zelda who seemed sad now. She sweatdropped.*

Jade: *He slowly raised his hand.* I'd enjoy a slice, thank you.

Peach: Oh, goody! *She hummed, walking back.*

Zelda: *She sighed.* I'm sorry.. but right now more important issues came up. I fear that if we don't fix things now, all of Hyule will be doomed. It's because there's an issue with time--

King Daphnes: *He looked at her.* You're not going on about that time prophecy you had, are you? Come now, Zelda. I understand you and Link were young, but it's getting silly now. Hyrule is not going to fall because there is no issue with time. Now I will speak to you later. I must finish business with Toadsworth.

Zelda: *She just stared at him before she nodded, feeling completely shunned by her father like usual. She looked down as she turned, leading her friends out.*

Jade: ...Wait, my cake...*He sighed, walking along as he placed his hands in his pockets.* All right. Later is fine.

Zelda: *As they left the throne room and the doors closed behind them, she kept looking down.* He always does this.. I'm sorry. He never thinks to believe any of the abnormal situations in the world. He still doesn't believe that Ganondorf betrayed Hyrule, or that Link and I saved Hyrule multiple times together. And he certainly doesn't believe in my prophecies.

Link: It's alright, Zelda. You shouldn't need to apologize for the acts of your father. *He looked over to her, smiling as he placed a hand on her shoulder.* If I knew my own, I would probably feel the same way, but it's not the child's fault.

Zelda: *She looked over to him, giving a faint smile, though she still felt sorrow about it.* I suppose we're staying here for the night until we decide how to get to Skyloft.. *She closed her eyes.* All.. I can remember is that magic is blocking normal ways to get into the clouds that surround it. *She could feel her headache returning as she tried to remember more.* ..I'm going to the courtyard. I'll see you all later. *She said as she began to walk*

Shunsui: *He smiled faintly, connecting his sleeves together as he looked to the others and nodded faintly. He followed her off to the courtyard.*

Jade: *He smiled, turning to everyone.* Well, then. Seeing as how we'll be staying here in the castle, I'll go for a little walk myself. Until later, then. *He closed his eyes as he reached his hand to his glasses, turning to walk into the market plaza.*


Zelda: ( Shunsui and Zelda ) *She kept walking towards the courtyard, wondering why she got so many headaches whenever she thought of Skyloft. It was part of her kingdom after all. She stepped outside, looking around the courtyard to find that some flowers had already bloomed, but her favorite sight of all was here; the cherry blossom trees that spread all of their petals across the courtyard. She would never forget the day when Shunsui and she were together, always seeing each as little Shunsui's, causing her to smile. She went over to one of the benches that was under a cherry blossom tree, sitting down as she looked to Shunsui.* They're back..

Shunsui: Look at that... *His eyes narrowed as he smiled warmly. He chuckled lowly as he raised a hand to place at the tip of his hat, glancing up at the tree.* The world has so many ways to preserve memory, don't you agree? I could've sworn I saw your smile glance by on one of the surfaces of those petals... *He closed his eyes, raising his hand to grab a few. He opened one eye to look at the ones he caught.* Can't see one on you now, though... I hate to see it lost.

Zelda: *She looked up to him, watching how he seemed to enjoy cherry blossoms more than anything in the world, more than sake. Even if he was older than her, she could see a lot of innocence in Shunsui. She always admired it.* I'm just worrying about everything again. *She sighed as she closed her eyes, feeling the petals rain down and brush against her skin.* and I'm frustrated.. these headaches have been happening more and more, everything I try and think about Skyloft.

Shunsui: Think less. *He said, chuckling as he closed his palm to the blossoms.* Take for example, building one's inner strength. Focus all of your spirit into the palm of your hand, and away from your mind. Direct it into something peaceful... something that relaxes you. By the time you drift off... it becomes something special. *His eyes narrowing as he opened his palm, the blossoms suddenly glowing with faint blue spiritual energy as a small light luminated from them. Particles of spirit energy raised from them, entering the atmosphere around them as the tree above them began to dance with reishi, spiraling around the two in a faint, soft, glow. Shunsui looked to Zelda, their faces blanketed by its light. He smiled widely as his eyes shook.* You're beautiful...

Zelda: *She looked up to him as he spoke, his words always sinking into her heart right away. How he could think or even breathe like that every day was amazing, and she knew he was truly her match, time rip or not. She watched his hand, seeing how he had done some sort of magic to the blossoms. She stared in awe, watching as it moved up to make more occur the same way. Shunsui never failed to amaze her or make her feel better, which was good because she was quite a worrier. She looked to Shunsui, smiling softly to him.* Shunsui... *She kept staring up to him.* And you're remarkable.. How you do it, I will never know.. but thank you.

Shunsui: *He connected his sleeves as he started walking over to her and sitting next to her. He looked up at the cherry blossoms as the light began to fade away. He looked to her, smiling.* The best part is that even though that feeling comes and goes, having to be able to do it again in the future makes it special.

Zelda: *She waited for him to sit beside her before she scooted herself closer to him and leaned against him, pressing her head on his shoulder as she watched the falling petals* If I forget, remind me.. *She kept smiling as she closed her eyes. He always made her worries melt away, even if it was something as serious as the time rip and her pain. She was so glad Yamamoto accepted their love. Thinking about it made her smile grow, moving a hand over to rest against his chest.* Do you think we could sleep out here tonight? Not that you would mind, of course.

Shunsui: I prefer it, actually. *He looked over, smiling.* Being kept indoors all the time makes me feel like an old caged up bird. When a bird's feathers shine that brightly, it's a crime to imprison them. I like to think of my type... these 'birds' protectors of nature.

Zelda: In that case, I'll sleep outside with you every night.. I love it too. *She said as she glanced up to him.* Your explanation is pretty much my life. I've always been stuck in the castle, until you came along and swept me off my feet to show me the world and stole my heart in the process.

Shunsui: *He chuckled, leaning into her.* Guess I've freed another encaged bird like myself. One with more, distinguishing features...

Zelda: *She gave him a bit of a playful look as she looked up at him, keeping her hand on his chest as she gently gripped onto his haori.* Are you trying to flatter me? *She smiled gently.*

Shunsui: Depends. Is it working?... *He looked back to her.*

Zelda: *She nodded to him as she began to lean up to him.* It always does.. even if I'm on the verge of crying. *She said as she closed her eyes, about to kiss him. She stopped as their lips were barely touching.* and my heart is forever yours. *She spoke softly before she pressed her lips against his, kissing him gently and never wanting to part*

Shunsui: *He grinned, closing his eyes as he moved his hand behind her head and kissed her gently.*

Jade: You guys should try this cake. Its brilliance almost outshines me. *He was eating the cake right behind him, chewing as watched them. He swallowed, smiling.*


End of Chapter 4.5
Chapter 4.6

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  • 07/21/13 to 07/14/13 (8)
  • 07/14/13 to 07/07/13 (5)
  • 06/30/13 to 06/23/13 (3)

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