Lesson 3

"Good morning my special ones. Here at Maeve's Privery School of Literature, we encourage you to fully explore your specialness. Please be sure to examine the contents of your handbook. It will aid you in reaching the full potential of your mind. Good luck to you all, I know you will make me proud."

I've been at this school for three days now and I still don't know what to make of it. I have yet to see my roommate, any teachers, or anyone at all. However, every morning Madame Maeve's voice is heard through the intercom that has been wired into every room. She usually has some quote or words of advice that apply to the day. This school is unlike any other I have attended before. It is not required to attend class in the actual classroom, but preferred that the students stay within their rooms. They believe by allowing us to stay in a relaxed area, it will help us stay engaged in the lesson plan for the day. I do not mind being in my room for the majority of my stay. My room and I would assume the same for my suitemates room as well is that of a penthouse on the top of a luxury hotel that has almost tripled in size. The space joining our two rooms together, our common area, reminds me of the downstairs part of my house. It is a basically a living room with a half wall that runs through it to outline the full kitchen and dining area. There is a sliding glass door that leads out to a patio area. I can see other areas like this every two miles or so along the building. The quietness of the school holds a sort of eeriness that feeds thoughts of mystery and horrific images to my lonely mind. I await the arrival of the morning sun rise and hope its brings with it new life to this place. The semester begins in five days and I am ready to understand or better yet explore this 'specialness' Madame Maeve keeps talking about.

Until my next entry journal I beseech you, keep my thoughts well guarded.