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Name (& pronunciation): Alexander Ryush-ka. [al-x-an-der. rie-u-sh-kah)

Nicknames (Aliases): Lex

Approximate age: 22 y.o.

Gender: Male.

Species/Racial Origin: Neko.

Social Class/Community Status: Lower class. Originally raised in a foster home, he has no outstanding occupation and lives meagerly.

Physical Description

Height: 5'11
Weight: 160lbs
Typical Clothing/Equipment: Dull blue-ish/gray jacket with two zippers, (one zips up, the second unzips as it goes up... See reference.) Adjustable straps around each wrist and collar, a parka-like hood (not shown in reference) with lighter-colored-fur around the edge.
Weapons: Aside from his fists, he carries an OTF.


Personality/Attitude: Lex is a calm-savoring and otherwise apathetic individual who would rather turn his back on someones conflict than get involved. He's been known to induce overly-awkward silences when he deems a reply not worthy to the other and instead focuses his attention on something else in his environment Contrary to his past self consciousness of his appendages (Cat ears/tail) he displays them openly and freely now, paying little attention to those who gawk or otherwise remark. He keeps to himself and likes to keep it that way.

Attitude Toward Death:
"Death is ineludible, why bother trying to come to means with it? "

Skills & Talents

Skills/Talents: Stealth is a main point for my Neko. He was a nightmare let loose on the shops of his city when he was younger, and he's learned much from his misadventures.

Strengths: Not easily deterred and extremely logical, sentiment has little to do with his decisions for the better.

Weaknesses: His emotional capacity is that of a goat. The few people he does confide in are all from his past, he makes absolutely no effort to intimately know others. He would rather walk away than defend his "honor," or "pride," finding such scenarios intrusive and bothersome. This can make him seem cowardly.

Additional Notes (Sum of Lex's bio)

Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: While originally it held true that his foster sibling's kidnapping and apparent selling into an underground sex market was his most grievous experience, after finding that years later, years he had filled with unwavering hope as he tracked her ghost, that she had ceased long before he started, it broke him.

Sexual Preference: Demiromantic/Demisexual. (Only feels an attraction/affection once a strong emotional connection has been formed.)

Biography: Maybe I'll continue it sometime.