Sinku's Freedom
Sinku stood on the shattered deck of Bolakai's flagship looking down at the lifeless bodies of both Amaru and Bolakai. Sinku was visibly exhausted and trembling from using so much energy to fight off Amaru while his companions dealt with Bolakai. Suddenly a beam of light pierced the overcast sky and bathed Sinku and Amaru in light. A voice thundered in Sinku's head and he fell to his knees clutching his head in agony.' Foolish boy you thought you could turn your back on us and we not do anything?' The voice was that of Odin himself but none but Sinku could hear it. Sinku screamed an answer in his mind.' I grew tired of doing your dirty work. I got tired of killing people just because one of you gods was insulted. I am done being your servant and if that's a problem then why don't you bring me back up there and we settle this now?!' Sinku knew he wouldn't stand a chance but he had to make a stand for his freedom and send a clear message that they were no longer his masters.
Sinku disappeared in a flash of light as did Amaru's body. Both reappeared in Asgard before the seat of Odin. Sinku looked up at the god and actually smiled. " Long time no see Odin." Sinku said with just about as much malice in his voice as he could muster since he was so worn out he was doing good to be standing. His armor was actually chipped in a few places and his right hand held the Twilight Scorpion loosely at his side almost like it was too heavy for him to lift properly.
Odin looked down at the Tanuki and laughed. " You think you can just take your freedom by joining your sister in the Twilight core? Ha! That's wishful thinking for one who swore allegiance to us in the manner you did. We gave you new life and you throw it away for what? Freedom from orders? Killing Amaru was a bad move Anaka. One that will have grave repercussions for you on top of your other transgressions against us."
Sinku shook his head." I did it for the reason I already told you. I got tired of doing your dirty work. As for killing Amaru, the b*tch had it coming when she attacked my fleet. If she had just left me alone, none of this would even be needed other than me saying I quit. If you have a problem letting me go, then by all means let's settle it here and now. I know I can't kill you and you can kill me in an instant but I will die a free man regardless. What better way for me to go out than in combat like this?" Sinku growled as he straightened his back and raised the Scorpion still in it's scoped pistol form and aimed it towards Odin.
Odin was taken aback by his brash statements but decided he would have fun with his attack dog." To make this at least interesting, I will heal your wounds." Odin passed his hand over Sinku and his wounds and the damage to his armor vanished and Sinku was fully rejuvenated.
" I have to say Odin. I appreciate that. now how is this gonna go down?"
Odin smiled and took on the form of an average looking human but kept his armor and held a gleaming hammer in both hands. He slammed the hammer into the ground and both were transported to an arena somewhere else in Asgard. however Odin sat in a seat above the arena looking down at Sinku." you will earn your freedom by the way of the Gladiator. Defeat all that are sent against you and you can have your freedom. But should you win, you must choose two elements to retain because we will be taking back the rest of the power we gave you."
Sinku chuckled." I'll take Fire and Ice. Appropriate don't you think?"
Odin chuckled." Aye it is. Let the challenge begin!" At his words at gate opened on the far end and several predatory beasts bounded out of the opening. " Begin!"
Sinku flew into action and fired a flurry of shots from the Twilight scorpion at the animals. A few vanished instantly from being hit by the bullets while a few somehow managed to hang around."What a wondrous weapon you have acquired Anaka" Odin said to himself as he watched the Tanuki dispatch the first round with relative ease at long range before they could reach him. " One down twenty waves to go." he mumbled as the next wave entered the arena. These were lower warriors that had been accepted into Asgard so they shouldn't be too big a deal but it would be amusing either way.
Sinku swapped to the bastard sword form of the scorpion to save energy and charged the new wave to build up momentum and get into his normal fighting style. Just before reaching the first man Sinku lept into the air slightly letting his momentum carry him forward and into a spin loping off the head of the first man and using his body as a spring board back into the air while sending a volley of fire balls down on the other five. Most of the fighters blocked the fire with their shields so the attack mostly failed and they all charged Sinku as he landed leaving him little time to react.
Sinku saw the attack coming and knew he had little time to build momentum back up again so he did the one thing he could do at this time, he drew his claymore hilt and ignited it as a blue flame blade and sent an arc of fire blazing towards his foes with a swipe of the blade giving him the time he needed to change direction and run at them again this time with both blades held slightly behind him. The ensuing sword fight was quite impressive to watch as shields and swords clashed and sparked off each other along with flashes of fire from Sinku's weapons. After several minutes the attackers were all killed or so wounded that they would die soon. Sinku had little time to rest since the next two waves were already on their way.
Odin watched with utter amusement at the failings of the fighters to overwhelm Sinku's simple strategy and exploit it's weaknesses, but on the other hand Sinku had experience and elements on his side where his attackers for now were average fighters. Odin could also see that Sinku was beginning to show a bit of slowing down and was getting tired after he finished off the waves that had just come out after several minutes of fighting. most of the kills in this round were due to two or more attacking at once and Sinku deflecting the blows into the other attackers. Odin knew these fights wouldn't last many more rounds at Sinku's current rate of energy use. Sinku would most likely have to yield or be killed unless he found some way to keep fighting.
10 rounds later
Sinku was getting exhausted and covered in blood, fur, and various other unidentifiable globs nearly head to toe. His gleaming armor scratched and chipped again, and he had swapped back to just the Twilight Scorpion to build his elemental energy back up. As the next wave entered, Sinku sighed and shook his head." Great a pair of dragons. just what I didn't want to see in this place." Sinku painfully raised his weapon with his right arm that felt like it was about to fall off and the crystal glowed again as his hatred for dragons fueled him into a new found strength." Alright you bastards, time to meet your maker!" Sinku's tatter wings appeared on his back and he took off into the air aiming for the dragon on the right with his left hand covered in a blue flame fireball drawn back ready to punch.
The dragons took off as well and split up to flank Sinku as he shot passed them." sh*t" Sinku said as he wheeled around barely dodging a bite and then a blast of fire aimed at him as he flew back towards the dragons. He dropped below another bite and rammed his blade into the underside of it's mouth and proceeded to rip it's throat open spilling blood all over the arena floor below them as the beast fell with a gargled roar as it it slowly bled out. the second dragon turned and fired a volley of fire balls at the flying tanuki and all but the last one missed. That one hit home square in Sinku's back sending him to the ground and leaving a small crater from the impact before landing on top of the crater and letting loose a fire stream directly at the hole bathing Sinku in flames.
It seemed to Odin that it was over but then the flames did something odd. The stream faltered and then blew apart as a stream of cobalt blue flames shot through the weaker flames, smashing into the dragon's face casing it to swallow it's own flames. Sinku stood in the smouldering crater with his left hand raised and fur smoking from the heat of his own attack and that of the dragon." I hunt dragons down, you think a bit of fire is gonna stop me?" Sinku lept back into the air and as the dragon lunged forward to engulf him in one bite, Sinku spiraled around the gaping jaw and landed right between it's eyes." time to die." Sinku's left bracer glowed and a jagged edged ice shield formed and began to spin like a saw blade. Sinku lowered his arm while dropping to one knee and the spinning blade cut into the dragon's brain sending it to the ground in a pile of twitching muscles and wings. Sinku stood up now covered in dried blood from the flames as well as the fresh kill.
" Are we done here yet Odin? What more do I need to do to satisfy your lovely contract?"
" Oh just one more round. Of course this will be the most difficult round of them all. You have to fight Amaru again."
Sinku stood in exhausted disbelief as the young looking coyote appeared in the arena, her blue and silver armor gleaming and she held her signature fire and ice tipped staff. However, this staff had a blade on each end but the ice blade was half the length of the fire blade." Hello Sinku. Shall we see how you do this time without the help of your friends and being in the state you are in?"
Sinku straightened himself as best he could and drew a ragged breath." Some how I knew it would come down to you and me again. Of course this will be a knock down drag out yet again since we can't really hurt each other since we use the same elements other than that I use dark and you use light as tertiary elements. If we use those against each other then we'd blow this place to bits. Of course that's how I like it. Let's see if any of the training i gave you will be of any help. Sinku flapped his wings to clean them of any dust while Amaru spread her nearly immaculate wings and both shot up into the air above the arena. Their weapons clashed and send sparks flying in all directions and the nearly equally matched fighters began a furious blade to staff fight but meeting each hit with a block or parry and every punch or kick was met with another.
Odin smiled." now we have a real fight going.
The pair of once close friends and almost lovers continued to match the other move for move. Sinku's ice shield had the appearance of his mothers shield and the Scorpion was cloaked in blue flames. The pair locked weapons in a brutal hit that would have driven them to the ground if they didn't have wings. They both flew backwards away from the other to take another swing at each other but Sinku had other ideas. He swung his blade sending out an arc of flame to knock Amaru off balance and have her on the defensive as he followed behind it. Amaru knew it was coming and Shot down to the ground landing softly on the blood stained field." Oh come on Sinku, you honestly think I would fall for that one? I remember when you first started to do that one."
Sinku laughed as he landed on the ground as well ." Nah. i just wanted to get us back on the ground again." Sinku charged forward with his sword in both hands ready to deliver a heavy blow on the Coyote. Amaru Surged forward to meet to charge holding her weapon like a spear hoping to use it's longer range to hit first.
The two met halfway but Sinku did something Amaru did not expect. He reached out and grabbed her weapon and pushed it to the ground following up with a jump into the air while still keeping his weight on the weapon and landing a heavy kick to Amaru's head sending her to the ground with Sinku right behind due to his momentum. The Twilight Scorpion punched right through her chest plate and planted her to the ground. " Die b*tch." Was all sinku said as he pulled out his prized dagger and plunged it into her throat nearly severing her head from her shoulders. Sinku yanked the Scorpion out of her still twitching body and looked up at Odin." Are we done here?"
Odin sighed. " A deals a deal Tanuki. You are free. Your powers will be stripped save for your two selected elements and you will be sent back to your home. Sinku picked up Amaru's weapon." I'll be taking this as well since I made it for her." With that said he swapped to the pistol form and placed int against his temple." Don't bother trying to get your dragon back either. He's already decided he's had enough as well." Sinku pulled the trigger and vanished to the twilight realm.