hey buddy, its been a while since ive written back to you smile . have you been eating properly? been making enough friends? i hope so, i think of you at times, thinking that you'd be ok. i wonder what kind of person you've become now.

so i've just finished my spring quarter of college! im now on summer vacation and so far i've been working as a swim teacher. yup, i can say that i've kept this job for a good 9 months now smile my last job as a kitchen assistent was fun, but they kept me for 6 months. i like teaching better its close by and the people i work with r much cuter (the kids i teach). outside of work, i've been hanging out w/friends from time 2 time. last thursday had a good xbox session, tho i sucked at halo ... made it up w/zombies razz . now just waiting now so that i can go out and get deadpool the video game ^^ i didnt preorder cuz i didnt care about the challege stages nor the costumes. if it had something more maybe i would have. but w/the new kingdom hearts 1.5 coming out in september im DEFINANTLY going 2 preorder that smile im so redy for kingdomhearts 3 <3 i really want it to come now tho sad the graphics are so amazing!! and about to look for a good price for a 3DS for the upcoming super smash bros and pokemon games smile gives me an excuse 2 play KH3D smile . tons of games im missing out on from the 3DS.

im going back to school in september, idk if im redy but i get 2 c my old friends again at least smile some of my younger friends that have graduated highschool last week i'll b seeing at college smile good 2 c them again. as well as friends from the 148th. i might as well ask if i can intern there while im at it, i'd like to work w/the coffe that soo good smile .

how have u been doing? so i check out your deviant from time to time and it seems to me that youve gotten much better smile . however it seems that your moving for some reason? idk the details really but i hope everythings ok. u'll miss ur friend that youve made back in spokane/whereever im sure, but im sure everything happens for a reason. you'll be sad, upset, but im sure you'll grow from it. i hope everything goes well with it and for whats it worth something better than how it use 2 be. if i caused your move im sorry. i honestly hope that you are doing okay buddy. idk what you've been up 2 or how bad things have been, but i hope youve been able to pull through. i hope you've somehow been able to follow your heart, do what you wanted and be able to back it by 110%. i wish you well buddy.

- Wtphu

PS. i love you