Lesson 2

"Please my dearest Maharie, concede me access to the depths of your brain for it holds special 'thoughts' within its membrane and I do believe that we all will find these 'thoughts' extremely intriguing."
Those were the only words Madame Maeve had to welcome me with before she coasted back into the darkness of the front hallway.

Today I arrived at my new boarding school. I do admit the school is quite larger and more grand than the brochure gave credit to in its truly descriptive outline of the school. However, when the car reached the gate of the school after driving for what seemed like an eternity up the twenty-seven mile long twisting driveway, it reminded me of the desolate house at the end of my street. The nine foot high gate was the only opening to the actual school, as it was completely enclosed behind a twelve foot high brick and cement wall. I looked around for other cars and people and saw none until just before rounding near the door. A girl with long flowing brunette colored hair caught my eye. She had a glow about her it seemed, but it was probably because she was very pale as though she had never felt the warmth of sun against her skin. My driver came around and opened the door and I set foot on the property for the first time. I tried to get the girls attention with a small smile and wave and at that moment my attention was diverted to one of the rather enormous doors to the school opening. There in the darkness of its hall was a tall slender woman. As she stepped forth into the natural light, I considered her presumably beautiful with olive oil stained skin and brilliantly very dark vibrant wavy red hair. I somehow managed to regain my composure after being taken aback by her beauty and turned to look for the girl again but she had disappeared into the alluring darkness of the school. I then knew my stay here would be an enticing experience as walked up the front stair and embraced the darkness of the front hallway.
Until my next entry journal I beseech you, keep my thoughts well guarded.