The evil is finally finished. Sailor Sunburst had been kidnapped and I had to go rescue her with 30 of my greatest nobles who'd been in battle. We all donned in armor with weapons that had been stashed in the cabin in case these situations were brought up. It was a hard battle. We first came upon difficulties when the leader of these parasites threatened to kill her unless I called off my troop. I had to do so and we were able to get her out. But not before she told me where they hid my broach. In the throne room. Once that was done, we ran through the caves, I following the bond that my broach and I shared, my people, following me. We came upon the throne room and made a charge for the broach knowing it would draw them out but I expected this and we were ready. We cut them down. But finally I was a few steps away when the leader came out and ordered a possessed man we both knew to kill me. It was Sailor Sunburst's friend Andy. But I knew I could not lessen in my attacks though I tried hard not to kill him. I ended up injuring his leg and striking a blow with my hilt to his head to stun him before summoning the power of the earth to send him flying to the cave wall and knocking him out. After that, I was able to grab my broach and use it's power to summon my Scepter and use my best attack on her. However, without the boost from my Pink Crystal, she was able to deflect it somewhat. At that point, Sunburst was getting a power boost and once she got that, after finding out she was related to Princess Flamaria distantly, she transformed and together we blasted the leader to nothing and her minions followed, disappearing with their mistress. After they were gone, I used the power of my Pink Crystal to cleanse and restore the planet to its former state. Even restoring the lives of the ones we lost to the parasite. It took a lot out of us all and there was a full day of recovery but eventually, things began to return to normal. Now, we are all slowly getting back to the routine.