Towards the end of the First Age of the people known as Drough, the main deity worshiped by the people was Murgro, the Bear Spirit. While Murgro was a powerful and wise deity there was always one practice that confused and angered him. This practice was the Laying of the Honorable Dead. When a warrior died in battle, they would be put in a special tomb with the rest of the honorable dead, lain in their own crystal caskets to not only preserve the bodies, but also to keep them visible for mourning and praise. Murgro felt that the practice drew attention away from him. In his anger Murgro appeared before the king of the First Age, King Khazadon, and demanded that the strongest warriors of the Drough go to his temple as sacrifice, or he would release an unspeakable rage upon all of the Drough and their home.

Unable to quell the rage of Murgro, the king agreed. He himself would be forced to go to the shrine, along with many other warriors. Leaving behind his only son, Khazadul, with a simple note stating that he was to be king now, Khazadon made his way with the rest of the forsaken warrior's towards the snowy cliff edge where the shrine to Murgro lay. Upon their arrival, Murgro eye'd the warriors hungrily, beginning to devour each.

As the king was swallowed, one warrior spoke out "Why Murgro? What have we done to anger you so?" The beast halted his frenzied feast and growled out "You honor your dead more then you honor me! Why should Murgro be ignored because a few warriors died!" with a snap of his teeth Murgro swallowed a few more warriors until none but the one who spoke remained. "Come little morsel" Murgro called "Come to Murgro's belly and appease me. With your death, the warriors shall be gone, and the people will honor me once again."

The warrior stood in shock and awe at the great beast. He simply shook his head "No! A God who cannot respect the Honor of a death in battle, is no God to me!" And with one bite, the warrior was swallowed whole. Murgro enjoyed his victory over the warrior for only a few moments before a magnificent hammer struck out from his belly, forcing him open. And there, bathed in the blood of a God, stood the mighty warrior who had defied him, his weapon held high.

Days went by before the warrior could conjure the strength to go on from that place, and for days the new King Khazadul mourned with his followers the loss of the great dead. As the sun rose on the 13th day, The warrior strode into the great hall once more, his hammer in hand. The king and his people were as shocked as they were amazed to see him again. "Warrior!" called the king "What say you?"

The warrior raised his mighty hammer, bringing it down to the earth with a mighty clang and fell to his knee's "Murgro is DEAD!" he proclaimed "I have slain him. Though I could not save my fellow warriors." The hall was silent as the king stood, walking to the warrior and with his own noble hands, lifted him to his feet "You could not save them, but you have saved all of us!" he shouted as the hall rang with praise and joy. "Tell us warrior, what is your name?" The warrior stood, hand in hand with the King of his people, surrounded by praise and adoration. "My name..." he stated "Is MAGNI!" And so the name Magni spread throughout the halls, and throughout the land...