Name: Hotaru Tomoe
Name Meaning: Firefly/light of the world
Birthday: January 6
Bloodtype: AB
Appearance: Pale skin, purple eyes, has dark purple hair that is barely over her shoulders in length. Usually wears dark clothes, long sleeves and leggings that fully cover her legs.
Likes: History, reading, lamps, dolls.
Dislikes: Phys Ed., milk, bullies.
Strong Points: Healing powers
Has Trouble With: Communication, doing physical activities when not transformed
Dream: To be a nurse
Personality: Shy and soft spoken.
Personal History: Hotaru Tomoe was involved in a major accident in the Infinity zone, which she suffered horrible burns (requiring implants of some limbs making her a cyborg), and lost her mother. After many years, she grew up mostly in solitude, growing more weary with pain from the evil that threatens to consume her.

About the Senshi
Sailor Name: Sailor Saturn
Realm of Influence: Reincarnation and darkness
Transformation: Saturn Power, Make up!
Colors: Purple, burgundy and silver.
Sailor Outfit:
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Civilian outfit: clothes

Weapons: Silence Glaive
Items: Saturn transformation pen

1-Death Reborn Revolution
Dropping down the Silence Glaive, this attack can bring ruin to a world; only used in dire times since she dies after use.
2-Silence Wall
A protective shield
3-Silence Glaive Surprise
Makes a thick fog (like a smoke-bomb)-also dies from use.
4-Mistress Star
Energy from the entity within, is used to make these dark spheres the size of beach balls (she can use it in civilian form)

species: human
how did you come to be in the forest? Warped there.

Mistress 9 (not really canon)
Hotaru's "dark side", or to be more precise, an entity from another dimension that had taken possession of Hotaru when she was a child. This "side" of Hotaru likes to make her appearance once in a while.
Through her, Hotaru has gained powers such as quick healing and is able to perform the "Mistress Star" attack.
For now, she stays in Hotaru's body, draining her of her energy, main reason why she is so poor in health.