I should be asleep right now, but I can't sleep, so I'm writing this. I'll probably conk out later and I don't want to mess up my schedule for my journal entries. This week was okay. Not great, not awful, just kind of in the middle.

None of the people we rent form have called or come by to fix any of the problems I pointed out during the inspection. It isn't exactly surprising since it took a month or two of constantly asking them to fix the power problems so that the house wouldn't murder my computer when I plugged it in. All they did with that "fix" was get some people to put in three new outlets. I still unplug my computer after I turn it off because I don't trust their idea of "fixing" something.

A guy on the forum that several others and myself were arguing with stopped replying to his thread. It is somewhat of a disapointment because I would have liked to see answers to the questions someone else asked him multiple times on that thread. They were good questions. Maybe I shouldn't have pointed out that he was contradicting himself yet again? It could have been someone else's post or a combination of several that made him decide not to continue to reply, but I keep thinking it was me because my post was the last one. confused That sounds self centered.

I've also taken a break from video games. God of War had enough cheap deaths to keep me away for a while stare Why in the hell did anyone ever like that game? Yes, I know I asked it multiple times in previous journal entries. I'll keep doing it until i find an answer.

Lastly, one of the two birds that we still had died. The other one is fine, but I can't figure out why the first one died. They ate the same food, drank the same water, lived in the same environment. They should be around the same age too. It doesn't really make much sense. The one that died was heavier and I know parakeets are supposed to be small and light so they can fly, so maybe that was a contributing factor. I'm not particulairly sad about the death. Both he and his friend were/are birds that like(d) to bite. They aren't big birds so they won't take off a finger if they bite, but it still hurts like hell. I think it is unfortunet he died because now his friend is all alone. I can't touch her, she's terrified of me and she has no one to socialize with. Birds need socialization. After Bishop died niether me or my room mate wanted any more birds. Losing him broke us both. So, I'm not exactly sure as to what to do. We're taking care of the last one as best we can, but there is only so much we can do because of how she is neutral

Welp, this brought down my mood. I'm going to go watch something on TV that is happy. Maybe that will fix me.