~History of Magni, Heart of the Earth~
"Come forth and know me better!"~ Magni

'It is said that Magni was forged from the earth over which he was given divine right before the dawn of man or beast. He was crafted with a mind of gold, eyes of the most precious gems, a body of iron, legs of quicksilver, a heart of mithril, and hair of copper. Upon his creation, Magni reached deep in the stone of the earth and pulled forth two hammers, both made of the finest metal. With one hammer he would go forth to craft the being's of the world, and with the other, he would smite down the unworthy which had gone astray. Of course, Magni was aware of the duality in all creatures, and so he took both his hammers, cracking his own head in twain to create two new heads. One of which would be the embodiment of his wealth and generosity, while the other would be the manifestation of his greed and love of precious minerals. This is why so many of his statues have two heads, or two faces.'~ Quote from a follower of Magni

~Official History~
"Dig deep!"~ Magni

Magni was born to a race known as the Drough, long since forgotten by time, and has existed since before time was recorded. What became of the rest of his race is unknown. Magni was a skilled hunter, warrior, miner, smith, and some believe him to have been a king in his time, though no evidence has been found to prove it other then the immense statues and halls built in his honor. While Magni dwelt in the harsh lands of his people, which was mostly covered in brutal winter, his name did not go unknown. He is said to have defended what is now his Temple for many an age while his people lived there, against all sorts of creatures humanoid and otherwise. Magni is credited for the slaying of several beasts which are now forgotten, but were believed to be deities in their own time, including Murgro the bear spirit, and the Great Serpent Midgardsmir. While Magni was known for his twin hammers, he is known as well for his immense strength in general, as was recorded in the Battle of the Depths.

Magni in his Original Form

Temple exterior

Temple interior

Hall of Magni