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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 4.4 - Returning to Kokiri Forest
Spiderman: *The two have been travelling for quite some time. There was no sign of anyone, and they were having doubts that they would find them soon. It wasn’t until later that suddenly a large shadow enveloped their surroundings as Spiderman looked up to see a giant dragon. It was Ancaladar. His eyes widened as he held Melody closer to him, thinking it was a threat. But he knew if they were in danger his spider sense would go off.* I'm uh... going to bet that's them. If not, we need to somehow persuade that thing spiders taste horrible and leave you with a bunch of gas. Think those are our only options.

Melody: *She kept her eyes closed, feeling as if she was going to pass out at any moment. Gin took so much energy from her, and she didn't understand why she felt so weak from healing him.*

Shunsui: *His haori and hair blew in the wind, placing a hand on his hat as he looked down.* Hey. I sense Melody down there... We're in luck.

Ukitake: I sense her too...! *He smiled.*

Alonsa: Out in the middle of nowhere? *Her eyes widened*

Ven: *He looked down to see if they could see her, but they were far up.* Who cares? Ukitake and Shunsui's ability to sense never fails us.

Ancaladar: *He roared lowly as he began to land.*

Spiderman: *He just watched as Ancaladar began to land, stepping back slightly.* So far today has been pretty normal for a superhero. *He looked up at the wings flapping, blowing Melody's hair violently*

Jade: *As they landed, Jade looked over to Melody. He pushed his glasses up as the lens caught the light.* Well, it's most certainly our friend there. But who's that suspicious character with her?

Link: *He landed, glaring at him as he put a hand on the hilt of his sword.* Get... away from her!

Spiderman: It'd be nice if one of these days a fanclub came down instead of an angry mob.

Tiercel: *He stared at the strange man before he approached them* Did you help save her? If so, we're very grateful.

Spiderman: *He nodded, walking over to Link as he gave Melody to Link.* All in a day's work.

Link: *He let go of his sword, reaching for her as his eyes widened.* So you really did save her...? Th-thank you...!

Harrier: What the hell is with the getup?

Tiercel: *He glanced to Harrier, smacking him from behind.* Be polite! *He bowed to Spiderman.* We are in your debts.

Zelda: *She smiled to Spiderman, sort of finding his mysteriousness alluring to her. She was blushing faintly*

Spiderman: *He turned to Harrier, smiling behind his mask.* I think red and blue go with my eyes. Don't you?

Alonsa: *She giggled* But... we can't see your eyes.

Spiderman: *He pointed to them.* Sure you can. These big white things. I'm a spider, aren't I? *He looked over to Link.* Anyway, In case none of you heard of me, I'm your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. A superhero.

Link: *His eyes sparkled* Y-You're a superhero...?

Melody: *Her butterfly flew over to Spidey, flying around him excitedly to thank him.*

Ven: Seems reasonable. *He smirked.* Thanks again for helping us out.

Jade: Yes. I could see Ukitake's eyes welling up as his heart shattered into a million pieces. You've saved us a lot of trouble. *He pushed his glasses up his face, smiling to him as he raised a hand to him to shake hands.*

Spiderman: *He took his hand, shaking it as he nodded.* It was no problem. I better be off now. Duty calls, you know.

Alonsa: Will we ever see you again? *Her eyes sparkled alongside Links*

Spiderman: When I'm needed... I'll be there. *He looked over to Link, smiling.* Take care of her Ukitake.

Link: I'm not Ukitake! I'm Link!

Ven: *He patted Link's shoulder.* Just let it go, Link.. there's no point in feeding the teaser.

Spiderman: Now... *He looked around.* What direction should I start walking in... *He looked to his wrists, pulling back his sleeve a bit.* Not enough web fluid to swing for much longer.

Alonsa: H-hey, why don't we give you a ride... I mean, it's the least we can do...

Spiderman: Huh. *He lowered his head, thinking.* That's probably best. Think you can get me to Terresia?

Ancaladar: *He turned his head to Spidey.* Hop on, young hero. *He said cheerfully, though his voice was still bold.*

Spiderman: You know, it's the first time I've seen a dragon. *He pointed at him, turning to Link* Wait did that dragon just say something?

Link: Ummm... Yeah! He talks. ...Hehehe....

*They all got onboard except for Spiderman, who was still processing everything.*

Ancaladar: *He just stared down at him.*... Are you going to get on or stay there? *He said as he nudged his head into Spidey*

Spiderman: *He patted his head as he nudged him.* W-woah! Hey, alright. Don't breathe on me or you'll get my costume all wet... *He tried to get on but fell on his back.* Man this is some serious effort. *He pointed his web shooters as Ancaladar, firing them as he launched himself above him* Whoooohooo!! *He landed on his back, stepping on Jade's hand*

Jade: *He pushed him down, releasing his hand as he rubbed it, frowning.* Next time try doing it in a way that doesn't involve shattering every bone in my hand, please.

Spiderman: Sorry, it was kind of a blind shot...

Harrier: *He sighed hard.* Just shut up already!

Ancaladar: *He looked back and saw how everyone was on, jumping up into the air. He flapped his wings as he began to fly, soaring through the air gracefully.* She seems unconscious.. how is she doing, Link?

Link: She seems fine... I think she's just really tired... Her spiritual pressure is not too good, but it's returning slowly.

Spiderman: *He looked off the edge of Ancaladar, laughing in excitement* Whooo! I'm on a dragon!!

Alonsa: Spiderman you're going to fall, man.

Zelda: *She leaned on Shunsui as she closed her eyes. She didn't get much sleep along with the rest of the group due to their panic to save Melody, and she was feeling it now. She cuddled her way into his kimono.*

Shunsui: *He smiled down at her, moving his arm around her.*

Alonsa: *Eventually they reached the outskirts of Terresia, landing for Spiderman to get off.* Bye, Spiderman!! YOU ROCK MAN!!!!

Spiderman: *He waved up at them.* Goodbye! Keep it real, Alonsa! Air fist pound! *Pounds air.*

Alonsa: *Punches air.* WHOOO!!

Gareth: Thank you for your assistance. May your travels go well. *He nodded.*

Spiderman: You too, pal. *He nodded back.*

Link: *He smiled down to Spiderman, narrowing his eyes to him as he waved.* Thanks for saving her... I really appreciate it.

Spiderman: No problem Ukitake. I'm Spiderman.


Jade: Settle down, Ukitake. *He smiled to Link, putting his hands in his pockets.*

Link: ....

Ven: *He sighed as he shook his head.* This is getting old, you know.

Anise: A lot of Colonel's jokes do...

Jade: My, my, Anise. I'm hurt.

Spiderman: When Melody wakes up, tell her I think she's an awesome girl. I want to see her again *He waved at them before jumping up and using what was left of his web fluid to swing to his home, his memory of where he lives now returning to him as he gradually began to regain new memory like Inuyasha's group.*

Ancaladar: *He looked back to the group.* Our quest takes us to the sky soon... Do we return to Exeadius? We cannot keep searching for Ion in the same area for long. If we have not found him with the help of sensing spiritual energy, then he may not even be in Exeadius.

Link: Actually before heading to the sky, we should probably rest somewhere. How about Kokiri forest? There are people I'd like to talk about my journey so far there, and some things I should pick up.

Jade: *He pushed his glasses up his face as he looked over.* Since Ion was not yet found, I'd like to keep traveling with you. I'm sure I'll be able to pick up the pieces along the way. Anise, I want you to stay here in Terresia and search here.

Anise: *She looked over to him, nodding slowly.* Oh, alright... I'm sure I can get help here too.

Tiercel: *He nodded as he looked to Anise.* Be careful. Terresia is quite large. We wouldn't want to lose you either. *He smiled to her.*

Anise: *She hugged Tiercel, smiling* Ohh Tiercel, you're so considerate! I promise we'll meet again on our wedding day~!

Harrier: *He began to laugh, falling back on Ancaladar.* Oh my god, this is almost as bad as the elves.

Tiercel: *He stared down at Anise, blinking.* D-Don't... get your hopes up..

Anise: Oh, you're so shy Tiercel...! I promise, we'll be reunited soon... don't... cry....

Jade: Anise, you're the one crying. *He shrugged, raising his hands up as he sweatdropped.* Please do take care. I do worry myself. We share an awkward bond of sorts.

Anise: Ohh, Colonel. You're funny. *She nodded to everyone.* Alright! Leave Terresia to Fon Master Guardian Anise Tatlin! *She threw Tokunaga off Ancaladar, pointing her palms as he began to grow in size, jumping off and landing on Toknaga*

Jade: *The wind blew through his hair as he smiled warmly down to her, narrowing his eyes.*

Tiercel: *He watched how she got off of Ancaladar, blushing faintly as he rubbed his head.* Take care, Anise.

Anise: *She looked up at everyone with narrowed eyes, smiling. She loved everyone's company.* Please... do your best to look out for Ion. I'll do it too... so... and don't get hurt... Take care of yourselves, okay? If I have to come up there and save you...

Alonsa: *Her eyes narrowed as they shook, smiling down at her.* We promise Anise.

Ancaladar: *He nodded.* Farewell, Anise. *He said as he began to run off once everyone exchanged their goodbyes. He jumped up and began to fly, heading towards Hyrule.*

Anise: Goodbye... *She watched the wind Ancaladar picked up blew her hair and clothes to one side as she watched her friends fly off.*

Link: *He smiled back at her, waving*

Anise: Heehee! *She waved back.*


Jade: Well, then. We're towards Kokiri forest. *He pushed his glasses up, smiling.* I've heard that outsiders who enter this forest turn into skull children. How exciting.

Link: Well, if you get lost for a while... I never really understood that. It's kinda freaky, huh?

Alonsa: The forest has that kind of story behind it...? So creepy...! This is my first time going...

Melody: *She began to open her eyes as she felt herself against Link.* ...Link..?

Link: *He looked down to her, smiling.* Melody! You're awake!

Melody: *She nodded against him as she closed her eyes. She could still feel Dark Link's words piercing through her.*

Link: I'm glad you're okay...

Melody: I'm.. sorry.. *She spoke softly.* They forced me.. to act against you all..

Ra: Act... ? *He looked over in confusion.*

Alonsa: What do you mean?

Melody: *She could feel tears form in her eyes.* They made me heal Gin... even after doing so, they wouldn't stop hurting me..

Link: Gin's healed...? *His eyes widened.* Damn... so we won't be seeing the last of him... But as long as you're okay, I... *He looked down to her, placing a hand on her.* Don't worry... None of us are mad. We're just happy you're safe.

Melody: *She felt her tears stream down her cheeks as she looked up at him.* I'm sorry... I'm sorry for relying on you all.. I don't mean to be so dependant.. *She knew the others wouldn't understand why she said this.*

Jade: *He looked over, adjusting his glasses.* I don't think your apology is necessary. Dependence amongst friends is something unavoidable. No human is ever perfect enough to do everything on their own. It takes a smart mind to realize when they need others. It's why we're all bundled together, is it not? *He smiled to her.*

Melody: *She looked to Jade, her eyes shaking a bit. Even if he was mean and teased her, and even tricked her into kissing Ukitake, his words... they meant so much to her. He spoke to her heart in a way that only Link or Ukitake had before. She gave him a faint nod, looking down as she rested her hand on Link's chest.*

Link: *He looked to Jade* Jade... You say some nice things once in a while... I didn't know you had that in you.

Jade: *He shrugged, raising his hands.* I only say these things so I can be rewarded later. *He teased*

Link: I-I should have known...*He sweatdropped*


Ancaladar: *It took quite a while, but the flight to Hyrule was soon over. He began to lower down as he neared the entrance to the woods.* Rest well. I will be here when we decide our plans.

Link: Thanks. *They all slid off, Link catching Ra in his arms.* Ra, are you getting bigger?

Ra: I'm growing! *He giggled*

Jade: *He slid off the side of Ancaladar's stomach, landing with a finger at the center of his glasses. He stood up straight, placing his hands in his pockets as he smiled to Link and Ra.* Melody's child is a healthy growing boy, after all

Link: I take back what I said earlier...

Melody: *She held onto Ukitake as Link carried Ra. She felt so tired and weak.* I didn't think healing him would make me like this... with the Inner Power and all..

Link: I wonder why. Is it because he's a soul reaper?

Shunsui: *He placed a hand on his hat, smiling as he helped Zelda down.* I think so. Normal healers shouldn't be able to even see Soul Reapers. Healing the dead is not something common.

Melody: *She looked up to Link.* I hope I don't.. get like this if I need to heal you.

Ukitake: I was just thinking the same thing. *He crossed his arms, moving a hand to his chin.* But Melody cured me, despite what you say Shunsui. I have the feeling it was a different situation with Gin.

Link: But what...? *He looked to Ra, who seemed to put his hand up wanting to answer Link* ...What is it?

Ra: Maybe Melody gets hurt healing bad guys!

Melody: *She looked down, remembering what Gin said. She had a feeling that Gin really wasn't bad, but more of understood. She didn't say anything, knowing that Link considered him his new arch enemy. Partially why she healed Gin was because of her seeing this and sympathizing him.*

Alonsa: Whatever the reason, let's talk about it at Link's hou-


Alonsa: *Stares at him all wide eyed*

Jade: ...*He slowly put his free hand on his shoulder.* It's alright if you're homeless.

Zelda: Come on. I just want to sleep. *She said as she tugged Shunsui after her as she walked ahead towards the entrance.*

Link: *As they were all entering the entrance, Link sighed.* ...Good... Nobody will see that cow...

Fi: Master, I'm sure it's body has decomposed.

Harrier: *He just looked at Link.*... Didn't.... Katie revive that thing?

Link: WHAT ARE YOU DOING STILL HERE?! *He pointed at Harrier, running up to him and placing his hand over his mouth* DON'T TELL THE OTHERS I HAVE A DEAD COW IN MY HOUSE. Especially Jade, man

Harrier: *His eyes widened, grabbing Link's arm and flipped him, putting his foot onto his chest after he was on the ground.* Do not. Touch me.

Link: HOLY AM- *He just stared all wide eyed, panting. He kept looking at him sweatdropping. Fi floated over.*

Fi: Master, that was sad.

Link: Fi I don't need your input..

Tiercel: *He sighed as he shook his head, grabbing the back of Harrier's tunic as he dragged him off.* Sorry, Link.

Link: *Panting as he held his chest* ....I'm never going near Harrier again... *Eyes all teary*

Fi: My Master is pitiful. *She shook her head, entering the sword.*

Melody: *She went over to Link, holding his hand.* Link...

Link: *He slowly walked with Melody inside with his head lowered.*


Melody: ( Kokiri Forest ) *She walked in with the others, smiling faintly as she leaned on Link for extra strength.* I always love it here..

Link: Yeah, this place was the first time I set foot on my adventure. I need to tell everyone I'm getting married. Saria will be so proud.

Melody: *She looked over to Link.* Do you think.. we could get some sleep first? I want to enjoy it without falling around with how weak I am..

Link: ...Can we sleep on the grass? *He looked at her, sweatdropping*

Melody: I'd.. be fine with it as long as we get a secluded area.. *She blushed.*

Link: *He thought to himself* How about... The Sacred Grove? I know a special spot there.

Melody: *She nodded to him.* I'm fine with that... Let's get the others too. *She said as she kissed him.*

Link: *He nodded, smiling.*

Melody: *She went with Link to get everyone, and soon they warped to the Sacred Grove using the help of the Minuet of Forest. It was peaceful, and she couldn't wait to fall asleep in Link's arms.*

Link: *He walked out into the open and rested his things on the soft grass as he sat there, waiting for Melody. He grabbed her and put her on his lap, smiling.*

Melody: *She leaned on him as she sat in his lap, laying her head on his chest as she smiled gently.* I never want to leave your arms again..

Link: *He hugged her, laying down with her as he smiled.* I never want you to, either...



Jade: You're making Ukitake cry.

Ukitake: I'm not crying!

Melody: *She sighed, used to the others always teasing them about their love. She didn't care anymore. She nuzzled into Link. She knew the cuddlier they were, the more awkward they would feel.*

Ra: Awww... Mommy and daddy are cute!

Jade: *He smiled, whispering something to Ra's ear as his lens caught the light, giving him a mischievous look*

Alonsa: Uh oh...

Ra: Okay. *He ran to Link and Melody just when they were about to kiss, jumping between them* I wanna sleep with you!!

Jade: My, my, how adorable. You will sleep with your neglected child, won't you Melody?

Melody: *She heard Jade's words, feeling them pierce her. She got off of Link, standing up as she stood in front of Jade.* Listen, even if I had a child, I would never neglect them. Stop it Jade... I'm not going to tolerate you anymore.. *She said as she left the area and headed for the stairs, ignoring the pain she felt as she walked.*

Jade: *He looked over to her as she left, blinking.*

Alonsa: Jade! You're so cold hearted... You went too far with that one.

Jade: *He sighed, smiling as he closed his eyes.* I suppose you're right. I suppose I ought to have a word with her.

Link: Aw, Melody...*His ears lowered, frowning.*

Zelda: Jade wouldn't mean something like that.. It's how he shows his affection to his friends; by teasing them. *She said gently as she lifted her head off of Shunsui to look to the others.* Please, don't get angry at him too much. He means well.

Jade: *His eyes shifted to Zelda, smiling.* Flattery won't get you anywhere. *He got up, placing his hands in his pockets.* I do appreciate the support, however. I'll be right back. *He left the area, walking down the stairs as his boots made hollow sounds from each step.*

Link: Poor Melody... I just want to kiss her and hug her and roll around in the grass... *He smiled, closing his eyes as he squinted his face, blushing as he imagined it.*

Ra: Me too!


Jade: *He entered the area with the Moblins, stopping to look around with his hands in his pockets.* Hmm... My, this could prove problematic.

Melody: *She was walking, heading towards the maze part of the forest. She had heard strange noises, but she thought nothing of it, not with how she felt. Though her attention was taken when she heard an enemy grunting at her. Its spear pointed at her as it began to yell, causing her to scream and fall back from being startled. She tried to crawl back but she wasn't going to be fast enough.*

Jade: *His eyes narrowed as he heard its roar, jumping up on the hedge as he glared down at it. His hair began to flow slightly off his back and shoulders as he closed his eyes, a small cyan magic circle appearing beneath him.* Rest in a silver embrace. *He raised only one hand up as he opened his eyes, his body glowing* Absolute! *Cold air began to move around the Moblin, as it began to fast freeze the Moblin in an eruption of ice, followed by a large block of ice crashing from above.*

Melody: *She was ready to get struck by it when she heard Jade's voice. She looked up, seeing how it was frozen suddenly. Her eyes shook, stunned to see that he stopped it and saved her. He did it just in time too. She would have fallen in the pool of water otherwise.*

Jade: *He jumped out in front of her with his eyes closed as he held his hand towards the frozen Moblin, bearing his materialized spear. He cut it in half as the two frozen pieces fell and shattered. He stood up right as his spear vanished, raising a hand to push his glasses up his face.* Melody. I owe you an apology. I hope you can accept it.

Melody: *She stared up at him, stunned by his words. Her butterfly flew up to him as it rested itself on his shoulder, looking to him. She began to slowly stand up, looking at Jade.*... Jade.. *She spoke softly, slowly going over to him.* I... *She looked down.*... Yes.. thank you for saving me..

Jade: *He opened his eyes as he smiled, placing his free hand back into his pocket.* Well, then. Now that we've cleared the air, I believe you have your rightful fiancée being properly patient back up those stairs. I'll end the teasing for tonight.

Melody: *She looked up to him, giving a faint nod. She couldn't stop herself. Even if she was tired, she went over to him and hugged him lightly to make peace with him.*

Jade: *The lens of his glasses caught the light, blinding her to see his eyes as she hugged him. His mouth was slightly open, raising his left hand from its pocket to awkwardly land it on her shoulder.*

Melody: *She waited for a moment before she let go of him, looking up to him before she headed back up the stairs, looking down as she walked. She was blushing faintly, and she just wanted to fall in Link's arms at this point. Too much adventuring for one day.*

Jade: *He watched as she left, letting his arm hang loosely on his thigh. He smiled faintly as he turned his head slightly, the light only blinding one of the lenses as it showed one of his eyes narrowed and shaking slightly. He wasn't good with those types of moments. He closed his eyes, moving his hand to push his glasses up his face as he sighed, following with a smile.*


Link: Melody! *He watched as the two came back, smiling as he patted a spot on the grass next to him.*

Melody: *She looked up to Link, giving a faint smile as she went over. She laid down right beside him, not even wanting to move now. She felt so tired.*

Link: *He patted her butt as she flopped over, giggling.* Rest your butt on the grass. *He ducked before she tackled him, causing them to fall on eachother.*

Melody: *She ended up becoming on top of Link, smiling down at him gently. He always found a way to make her smile, and this was no exception.*

Link: *He giggled as he yawned, turning to one side as she fell in front of him. He put an arm out so that her head would land on his arm.* Let's go sleep, Melody.

Jade: *He walked to the others, sitting on the stump that Saria always sat on as he crossed his legs, looking over to Zelda.*

Melody: *She nuzzled against him as she closed her eyes, staying close to him.* Gladly.. *She spoke gently.*

Zelda: *She was leaning on Shunsui's chest as she enjoyed his warmth, though she felt someone looking at her. She looked back, spotting Jade.*

Jade: *He smiled, crossing his arms together as they rested on his lap.* So, we're heading to the sky tomorrow, then? Is there something special up there?

Shunsui: *He raised a hand to his hat, looking over to the two as well.* I wondered too. All I know about it is that it had some type of barrier because of the time rip. We wanted to go there for a long while.

Zelda: All I know if it is that it's a region of Hyrule... *She felt her head hurting, closing her eyes tight.* E-Every time.. I try to remember it, my head hurts.. like something is blocking me from remembering.

Shunsui: *He looked over, surprised of her sudden pain. He remembered her having this pain before, but he had forgotten what it was. He figured for the same reason.* Zelda...? *He reached a hand to her head, looking at her with concern.* Are you... going to be okay?

Jade: *He pushed his glasses up his face, shifting his eyes to her still smiling.* This time rip sounds like the cause of the pain.

Zelda: *She tried to relax, but the pain continued. She pressed her head against Shunsui.* All.. I know is that we need to fix it... no matter what pain I feel..

Shunsui: *He frowned, sighing softly as he held her.* Wouldn't have clearing the Time rip's temple and defeated Lazaris have fixed this situation by now? I'd hate to deal with more problems regarding this...

Jade: You should have written a book of your adventures. They sound rather interesting...*He smiled, closing his eyes as he felt left out of the conversation, sweatdropping.*

Shunsui: I suppose we haven't told him much yet, huh? *He chuckled*

Zelda: If you would like, we can start from the beginning.. Though we've been together for quite a long time.

Jade: It might clear the confusion, if you'd be willing to tell me the gist of it. *He smiled, placing his arms crossed over each other again.*

Link: *He cuddled into Melody, yawning before he planted soft kisses on her lips.* Goodnight...

Alonsa: It took him that long to respond...

Zelda: *She started from the very beginning, telling Jade of their adventures together up until the Korillian war. She told him in full details, involving all of their struggles and good moments. After that was done, she felt exhausted, pressing herself into Shunsui's chest as she grabbed part of his kimono and hugged it around her. She fell asleep in his arms almost instantly. The group spent the night in the Sacred Grove, enjoying the rest they finally got.*


Link: *The next morning, Link woke up to see Harrier's face, expecting it to be Melody. Another Jade prank, no doubt. He puckered his lips.* Good morning, Melody...

Melody: *She had her back to Link, cuddling with Ra as she hugged him. She was cold.*

Harrier: *He was faintly snoring, though it wasn't so bad. He was in a deep sleep, hugging his cloak around him.*

Jade: *Jade was not surprisingly the first awake, the only one standing with his mischievous smile and hands within his pockets as usual. He smiled at his doing, seeming to work more efficiently than he thought.*

Link: *He kissed Harrier’s cheek, slowly opening his eyes. His eyes slowly shrunk as a blue depressive aura formed around him as his eyes began to shake.*

Harrier: *He woke up to Link, his eyes widening. He moved back* WHAT THE ******** ARE YOU DOING?! *He swung his arm at him, punching him away into Melody.* ******** CREEP.

Link: *He held his face, his eyes widening as his body trembled, falling over Melody as she was rudely awakened, Ra crying from all the movement.* WHAT THE HELL?! WHAT WERE YOU DOING SLEEPING NEXT TO ME?!

Jade: *He started to walk off as they continued their quarrel, his hands behind his back as he took his time and enjoyed the sights.*

Harrier: I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, YOU b*****d! *He said as he stood up, glaring.*

Melody: *She held Ra close to her as she sat up, looking to Link. Her eyes shook.*

Link: *He stood up, glaring as well* OF COURSE YOU DID! YOU PROBABLY ROLLED ALL THE WAY HERE DURING YOUR... *He looked to Harrier's pants, they were wet. Again, another Jade prank.* DID YOU PISS YOUR PANTS?!

Harrier: *He glanced down, feeling more pissed.* I DID NOT. YOU PROBABLY DROOLED ALL OVER ME. WHY ARE YOU EVEN LOOKING THERE?! *He said as he was ready to beat up Link, drawing his sword*

Zelda: *She nuzzled her way into Shunsui, despite all of the noise.*... good morning.. *She said gently.*

Shunsui: *He chuckled as he kissed her forehead, groaning as he sat up with her and rubbed his eyes. His hat was slanted over his head and he stared the two yelling.* Jade's work...?

Zelda: *She glanced back as she saw the two fighting.* Most likely.. *She smiled as she leaned up, moving her hand up to tilt his hat up and held it there. She moved in and kissed him, holding it.*

Link: I DIDN'T DROOL ON ANYTHING! AND I'M NOT LOOKING! BUT IT'S PRETTY DAMN NOTICABLE! YOU WERE HAVING A WET DREAM WEREN'T YOU? YOU PLA- *His eyes slowly narrowed as he turned to Jade who was sitting on the stump. It all started making sense.*

Jade: *He slowly began to clap, smiling as he stared.*


Jade: Oh, I was simply enjoying the show. Don't mind me. The both of you are fascinating.

Harrier: *He glared to Jade, letting his anger out by punching Link hard in the arm before he went off.* Damn it all.

Ukitake: *He sweatdropped, walking over to help Link. He sighed*

Jade: Well, then. Link, you mentioned you had things to do, correct? Do hurry along I hate to be kept waiting.

Link: *Holding his arm* Ordering me around after you...

Zelda: *She pulled away from her kiss with Shunsui as she looked back to Link. She giggled.* Don't worry about it Link. It just means Jade respects you.

Melody: *She stood up as she helped Ra up.* Can I go with you?

Link: Actually, all of you should come. It'd be a pain to come back here to get you all... Especially you Jade. You'd be the biggest pain. Ever. *He narrowed his eyes.*

Jade: Better a pain then a kiss from you. *He shrugged.*

Link: *He narrowed his eyes, starting to walk out with everybody. He sighed as Jade walked behind him, smiling. He could feel the evilness welling up behind him. Link shivered.*

Ra: Where are we going, Daddy? *He smiled at Link*

Link: To the Deku Sprout....*He narrowed his eyes, disgusted by the name.*

Melody: *She reached over and held his hand as she walked, smiling faintly.* It will be alright..

Link: *He held her hand as well, smiling. Ra almost cried from the nostalgic feeling as Link and Melody smiled.* Yeah, they're a very interesting group. Ukitake, just to warn you, these are not children. They only look like children.

Ukitake: What? That's too complicated...

Shunsui: *Pats Ukitake's back*

Zelda: The Kokiri Race are one of the descendants of the goddesses. They're quite old. I believe Saria was one of the oldest ones.

Ukitake: ...Okay. I'll try to resist... *He sighed, looking down.*

Alonsa: *She sneezed on Harrier, rubbing her nose.* s**t sorry.

Harrier: *He glared at her.*

Ven: *His eyes narrowed, pulling her behind him.*

Harrier: *He looked at him.* Okay. I would never hit a girl.

Alonsa: *She sneezed again, rubbing her nose. Her eyes began to get puffy.* Uh oh... I think my all... aa....Ahhhhh .... AHHHCHOOOOO!!!

Link: *Slowly turns to Alonsa all wide eyed.* Um, are you okay?

Alonsa: Allergies...

Ven: *He rubbed her back as he smiled.* We're almost out of here.

Alonsa: Oh yeah.. I saw some guy in white speedos or something wearing a red hat in the forest when everyone was sleeping....

Link: I think that's the mailman.

Zelda: ....the mail man.. *She shook her head.* He got lost one time and kept circling Lon Lon Ranch...

Link: I hate it when he calls out my name and runs at me like a lunatic. It freaks me out. Kinda like Ukitake with children.

Ukitake: Hey!

Alonsa: If he comes running I'm going to cry in your shoulder Stud.

Ven: I promise I'll protect you Alonsa. *He smiled to her as he kissed her cheek.*


Link: *As they got closer to the village, a Skull Kid came out. It didn't seem to like the adults, but

Ra: *His eyes widened as he giggled* Whoa!! What's that?!


Link: It's just a skull kid Alonsa. Don't...look at it in the eye.

Alonsa: *Looks at it in the eye and it jumps towards her.* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Ven: *He drew his sword as he stepped in front of her, glaring.*

Skull Kid: *It vanished right before it made contact. Trees in the distance shaking as it left, laughing.*

Jade: Dear me. That was quite frightening. *He was smiling, just standing there.*

Link: Let's go before more of them come... *They made it to the village.*

Ukitake: *He stared at one of the Kokiri, his eyes widening as they sparkled. Link and Ven holding him back.* NO!! I NEED TO SEE!!

Zelda: U-Ukitake... These people are at least three hundred years old.

Ukitake: *Faceplants to the ground as Shunsui picked him up by his hoari, sweatdropping.* I'll behave...

Shunsui: Now, then...*He smiled as he looked around.* This place is so full of life... Full of abundance. It's so relaxing, I enjoy it... What are those strange floating particles?

Alonsa: *One of them touched her nose and she started freaking out and sneezing at the same time.*

Zelda: That's magic. *She smiled as she walked forward.* You mainly see it here than all of Hyrule. This is one of the most sacred places. They say the Goddesses created this as a symbol of innocence to the world.

Ukitake: How beautiful... *They followed Link towards the entrance to the Deku Sprout. Link glanced over to his house, sweatdropping.*

Link: “Just keep walking... keep walking... hopefully no one will mention it...."

Harrier: See? I told you your damn cow is alive. It's eating grass right there.

Link: WHERE?!! *He turned to look.*

Harrier: *He pointed.* Right there. *He rolled his eyes as he walked ahead.*

Link: *His eyes widened as they sparkled, running to the cow and hugging it.* COW....I LOVE YOU COW.

Melody: *She just stared at Link.*..... So much for a wedding.. *She sighed.*

Link: *He put a leash on the cow, having it follow them as they headed to the deku sprout. Link was all happy and whistling. When they reached the parts where they had to jump across on platforms because of the water, Link walked without realizing the cow struggling and almost flipping over as it was dragged.*

Alonsa: Link man your cow is like struggling to follow you on the water!!

Melody: *She hugged Ukitake's arm as she looked down.* I think I was replaced by a cow..


Link: *They made it to Mido, everyone all normal except for the cow that was panting and wheezing. Link just smiled.*

Mido: *He just stared.* Link, what the hell are you doing? No cows allowed.

Link: O-Ohh, right. Sorry, Cow. Go back home. *Pats it on the head.*

Cow: *Gives Link a face before turning, looking at the water again.*

Mido: *He let everyone go through except Link, holding his hand out.* You cannot pass! You need a sword and shield!

Link: W-...w... Okay first of all... None of those guys had both a sword and shield in one set. I am like the ONLY person who has those. *Looks back and see's the cow eating his shield.*

Cow: *Looks at Link and stops chewing with big eyes staring at him.*

Mido: *He just blinked.* Dude. Just kill the damn thing.

Link: NO! MY COW IS AWESOME! Okay wait here I'm going to buy a shield. *He walked to the store.*

Mido: *He shook his head.* They don't sell Hylian shields you idiot... *He sighed.*


Link: Still a shield. *He walked inside, looking down at the guy jumping up as he wheezed.* ...?

Store Kokiri: Can I...*Lands, jumps.* Help you... *Lands, jumps.* With anything...? *Lands, jumps.*

Link: …Yeah I want that shield over there. Here's 40 rupees.

Store Kokiri: *Lands, jumps. But Link heard a crashing sound and he didn't jump anymore.*

Link: *Stares all wide eyed. He slowly looks over the counter and see's a massive hole. He took the shield and left*


Link: There. Let me through.

Mido: Fine. *He said as he moved aside.* By the way it didn't eat your shield. It was eating the grass. I just wanted you to waste your money like last time

Link: *He just glared, walking forward all angry.*

Cow: ... *Slowly looks at the water and struggles again.*


End of Chapter 4.4
Chapter 4.5

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