Second Gear - episode 1

(A gentle evening breeze descends upon the town called tikki)

(The sounds of drinkers singing and people laughing inside the bar room could be heard down along the empty roads)

(Seven elderly men and one teenage boy inside a room connected to the red oak bar, sit in a circle gambling)

Elderly man 4: (slams his fist on the floor) DANG IT BANJO!! Your stupid streak of winning is about to come to an END!!

Banjo: (laughs hysterically) hey, it's not my fault you old farts suck balls at gambling

Elderly man 7: (grits his teeth) you've should have seen us back in the day, when we old farts were known as the seven gambling beams of destruction

Banjo: (fans his face) yea...I can smell some of that destruction from way over here. (Covers his nose) GROSS!! did one of you buzzards die while passing gas?

Elderly man 3: (clinches his fist) WHY YOU LITTLE!!


Elderly man 3: (rises to his feet) but MASTER!!

Elderly man 1: (chuckles) don't let banjo get to all of your heads. Remember, he's just a snotty nose kid

Banjo: (jumps up and clinches both fist) HEY YOU OLD GHOAT!! I'm 18 years old (shows the bird) so why don't you stick that smirk you have up your rusty gas pipes

Elderly man 1: (grins) why are you so worked up banjo? Have I offended your intelligence?

Banjo: (chuckles while picking up the dice) are you kidding me!? You old fossils couldn't piss me off if your life's depended on it. (Banjo Rolls the dice which rolls on 7)

Elderly man 5: (jumps to his feet) IM-IMPOSSIBLE !!! (Grabs his head and starts to shake it) HE WON AGAIN!!!???

Banjo: (takes all the yen in the center) whelp mother freakers!! I'm out. (Laughs) you all bore me to tears

Elderly man 1: (folds his hands with a smile) I'm sorry that our performance was disappointing to you yet again

Banjo: (brushes the fake dust from his shoulders) ehh, practice makes perfect (laughs) you all should challenge me again once you re learn to hold dice (gives the peace sign)

Elderly man 1: (looks at all his men) kill him!!

Banjo: (eyes widen as he burst through the side room wall and rolls on the outside) well, (stands up while brushing the dirt from his pants) it looks like this is my Que. to SCRAME!!

(Banjo takes off down the road with the 6 elderly men chasing him from behind with pitch forks torches and table legs)

(Silver edge bar)

(A beautiful woman sits down in a chair on stage as she begins to play "tegoto" using her Koto)

(The people's talking and laughter slowly begin to cease as every eye focuses on the sweet melody)

(Two men sitting at a table wearing smiles across there face)

Man 1: (takes a sip of his sake) ahh! I just love it whenever snooki plays her koto

Man 2: (gazes in awe at snooki) I just can't believe a hot chick like snooki is still roaming around in the single world (sigh)

Man 1: (slowly nods) yea...I know

(Both men look at each other then sigh deeply as banjo enters into the bar and quickly shuts the door from behind)

Banjo: (clenches his hands across both knees while letting out a sigh of relief) phew!! I didn't know that old men could run so freaking fast. (Leans against the stone wall)


Banjo: (slowly looks up across the diner were a man sat waving at him) Hum?


Banjo: (rolls his eyes as he makes his way over to the mans table) hey haru, what's up?

Haru: (grins really wide) y-y-you don't s-seem to happy to s-s-see meh BENJI!! (hiccup)

Banjo: (shakes his head) it's banjo, and you reak of sake

Haru: (shrugs his shoulders) BENJI-BANJO....WHO REALLY CARES!! IT ALL GOES TO THE SAME PLACE!! (Takes a big gulp of sake)

Banjo: (glares at haru) are you trying to piss me off!!?

(Hey banjo!!?)

(Banjo looks over towards the silver edge stairway heading to the resting rooms were a man stood wearing a concerned look)

Banjo: (gives a serious glance) hideo?

(Silver edge resting room number 10)

(Banjo follows hideo into the room then pauses as he notices a little girl sitting next to a man lying in bed wearing bandages)

Banjo: (looks at hideo) hideo, whose that man over there?

(Hideo lowers his head while remaing silent)

(The little girl turns her head then smiles really wide)


(The little girl takes off running with her arms open wide and hugs banjos leg)

Banjo: (grins while getting down on his unhugged knee) hina, (pats her head) it's been a while

Hina: (giggles) it sure has

Banjo: (starts to laugh, then quickly stops) is-isamu!! (Banjos eyes widen as he rushes over to the bed) isamu, what happened to you!!?

Isamu: (slowly opens one eye) b-banjo?

Banjo: (nods) yea, it's me. (Shakes his head while chuckling) gosh bro, you look like the catch of the day. (Crosses arms and grins) so.... Did your ex girlfriend come back to town or something?

(Isamu try's to force a laugh but ends up coughing)

Hideo: (gives isamu a stern look) You shouldn't move so much isamu, or else your going to reopen your wound)

Isamu: (looks up at hideo then back down) yes....father

Hina: (lowers her head) umm big brother?

Isamu: (eyes widen) yes hina?

Hina: (slowly looks up) will you be alright?

Isamu: (smiles) of course hina. I just need some rest, (chuckles) then ill be as good as new

Hina: (giggles while clapping her hands) yay!! Then me and big brother can go play again

Isamu: (nods while still smiling) yes, that's right

Hina: (lays her head on her brothers forehead) I love you big brother

Isamu: (fights back the tears) me too hina

Banjo: (takes a step back) whelp I'm not much for mushy scenes so look me up whenever you get better alright isamu?

(Banjo turns around)

Isamu: (holds up one hand) wait banjo, there's something I need to discuss with you

Banjo: (whirls back around) huh? With me?

Isamu: (folds both hands) yes, but in private

Hideo: (holds out his hand towards hina) come hina, lets let the boys talk

Hina: (hops to her feet) sure dad.
(Hina follows her father out the door then quickly pokes her head back in the room) You boys be good now, Don't talk about me too much ok? (Hina giggles then shuts the door)

Banjo: (shakes his head with a laugh) you got some sister there isamu. I mean can you believe some of the thoughts that girl comes up--

(Isamu gives banjo a serious stare)

Banjo: (raises an eyebrow) is there somthing wrong isamu?

Isamu: (turns his gaze towards the ceiling) you've heard about the the legion haven't you?

Banjo: (throws up both hands) who wouldn't know about the legion? There a government that came into power 4 years ago here in skiatook

Isamu: (looks at banjo) what about the MSM?

Banjo: (crosses his arms with a puzzled look) what, is this the 20 question show?

Isamu: (rolls his eyes) just answer the question. Do you know what MSM stands for!!?

Banjo: (chuckles) chill out isamu. Don't go having a seizure, I was only kidding. (Sighs) MSM stands for the modern samurai movement which was installed 2 years ago

Isamu: (nods) now tell me what are some of the things MSM has done

Banjo: uhh, samurai have to carry wooden tooth picks now instead of swords

Isamu: (places his hand across his mouth and chin) and why would they install something like that

Banjo: (shrugs) I Donno, maybe the legion felt like the real sword quick attacks killed its target way to fast. So they'd rather give us kiddy wooden chopsticks to take our merry time poking the opponent til he dies of boredom. (Banjo drops his head) the end

Isamu: (sighs while shaking his head) must you joke about everything?

Banjo: (eyes widen) what!! I'm being dead serious, I swear to ramen (holds up his hand with assurance)

Isamu: (turns and looks out the window at the moon) whatever

Banjo: (raises one finger) umm can I go now? (Starts to rub his stomach) talking about ramen has kinda gotten me hungry

Isamu: (continues to look out at the moon) you know banjo, I tried to get some of the people here in town to sign a petition

Banjo: (eyes widen) A petition? For what?

Isamu: (pauses) I wanted....I wanted to...(turns and looks at banjo) I was hoping that if enough people signed the petition and if our local governor would hear me out.....and actually liked my idea.....then, the legion would shut down and leave our samurai race to continue in peace

Banjo: (eyes grow really big) idiot!!

Isamu: (gives a surprised look) what?

Banjo: (points at isamu) you!! Taking on the legion!!? That's just crazy(laughs) ud never succeed.

Isamu: (grits his teeth) yea!! Well someone has to try!!

Banjo: (waves at isamu while still laughing) no-no don't get me wrong isamu, I'm not calling your idea of quote on quote (banjo moves two fingers on both his hands at the same time) disposing of the great legion a joke, I'm merely saying that it's simply pointless in trying

Isamu: (lowers his head) thanks a lot banjo, I thought of all people you would understand

Banjo: (nods) oh, I understand a great deal more than you know isamu

Isamu: (looks up at banjo as eyes widen) really? How so?

Banjo: (grins) let me ask you something, what was the local govenerors reaction to your (cough lame) petition?

Isamu: (slowly looks away) he....laughed at me

Banjo: (crosses his arms) ohh, come on isamu, you know good and well that fat pig did a lot more then just laugh. Isn't that right?

Isamu: (clenches his fist as tears begin to flow) on our way back from siren, me and four other travelers were ambushed by samurai who stated that they worked for the legion. (Brushes his arm against his watery face) two of the travelers were slaughtered like cattle, and I...i was injured really bad

Banjo: (rises to his feet) you see isamu, that is why you or anyone else will never stand a chance. (Banjo walks over to the exit door and half opens it)

Isamu: banjo?

(Banjo pauses in his tracks but remains silent)

Isamu: (gives a serious glance) I could really use your help, please. I know that you want the samurai age to remain just as much as I do. When we were kids that's all we ever talked about.

Banjo: (leans his head back) we said, we'd get old someday then learn all of the hidden techniques only a top legendary samurai would know, then we would both marry fine women and have many kids

Isamu: (smiles) we would open our own dojo s

Banjo: and grow old as samurai

Isamu: (continues to smile) you see banjo, I knew ud still feel that way. Please, My brother.....will you help me save our samurai race from extension?

Banjo: (lowers his head) sorry isamu, but saving isn't one of my specialties. (Banjo leaves the room)

Isamu: (lays his head back down on the pillow as he closes his eyes) I know banjo. (Deep sigh) I know


Banjo: (motions his hand) not now haru, I'm going home

Haru: (eyes grow big) HOME!!?WHAT YOU GONNA DO OVER THERE?

Banjo: (rolls his eyes) I don't know, maybe eat, maybe sleep, or probably do some chanting. WHO FREAKING CARES!! (Banjo storms out the door)

Haru: (throws his chin up) well EXCUSE ME FOR LIVING!! (Takes a long gulp of his sake)

(Table 4)

(Three men sit around scanning the whole facility)

Man 1: (chuckles) wow, this place is is awesome

Man 2: (frowns a bit) well, it's not as good as the one out in citadel (holds up his jug) but they sure produce some good sake

Man 1: (clings jugs with man 2 while grinning) agreed!!

Man 3: (eyes widen) say!! Check out the hot babe over there

Man 1 & man 2: huh?

(All 3 men stare over at a beautiful girl walking around talking and laughing while serving people)

Man 2: (eyes grow very big) WOW....SHE'S SO CUTE!!!

Man 3: (blushes) I wonder who she is?

Man 1: (evil grins) why don't we call her over here to have a drink with us

(Man 2 & man 3 both nod there heads frantically)

Man 1: (rises to his feet) HEY CUTIE!!

(The woman turns around )

Man 2: (also rises and starts to motion his hand) WHY DON'T YOU COME OVER HERE AND HANG WITH US!!

(The woman approaches the table and smiles)

(Can I get you boys anything?)

(Man 3 blushes as he looks away)

Man 1: (crosses his arms) yes, how about your name?

(The woman bows)

(My name is kimi kiku at your service)

Man 2: (places both hands on his face as he breaths a deep sigh) ahh, kimi kiku.... Such a cute name

Man 1: (begins to pour sake in a jug) why don't you have a drink with us?

Man 2: (quickly snaps out of his day dream) YEA, have some sake!!

Kimi: (flicks her wrist really fast) ohh no-no-no I do not drink

Man 1: (shakes his head) that's to bad

Man 2: (eyes widen) whatt!!? But I thought that all service girls drink

Kimi: (places her hand over her mouth and giggles) service girl? I don't quite understand what you mean

Man 3: (grabs kimi by her shoulder) well let me show you how it works

Kimi: (try's to tug away) please let go of me good sir

Man 2: (holds up a jug) then will you have a drink with us?

Kimi: (glares) I already said no.(starts to reach for a bowl lying on a empty table nearby)

Man 3: (tightens his grip) were not asking you service girl were telling you to join us

Kimi: (continues trying to pull away) sorry. (Grabs the bowl) but I decline. (Kimi smashes the bowl upside the tall mans head, then falls back ferociously as she looses her footing. (Eyes widen with fear) ohh no!!

(Just then a gentleman quickly appears out of nowhere and catches kimi before her head could touch the floor)

(Hey-hey you shouldn't be so rough with women)

(The gentleman helps kimi to her feet)

(There like delinquent flowers)

(The gentleman turns to face the 3 men)

(You treat them with respect and they'll return the favor by blossoming for you)

Man 3: (slams the table with his fist) YEA!! And just who the heck do you think you are standing there acting all high and mighty

(The gentleman bows)

(My name is kenji masaaki, and I do not claim to be high and mighty)

Man 3: (clinches his fist) I don't care who you are!! Just scram before you get hurt

kenji: (turns to kimi) are you hurt?

Kimi: (shakes her head) no...I'm fin--

Man 3: (grits his teeth) HEY!! IM TALKING TO YOU!! PUNK!!

Kenji: (turns back around)
I'm sorry, but I cannot favor your request

Man 3: (starts to crack his knuckles) IS THAT SO!!?

(All the people in the bar watch with eyes widen)

Man 2: (grins) hey, maybe he needs someone to beat some since into him

Man 3: (takes a step forward) I'd be glad to teach him

Man 1: (folds his hands) this should be quite entertaining

Man 3: (winds up his fist) HAVE A TASTE OF MY METAL STONE FIST!! (Man 3 launches his fist forward with a powerful force

(Kenji quickly knocks away the tall mans fist and grabs him by the neck, lifting his body off the ground)

(All the people's mouths drop in disbelieve)

Kenji: (gives a serious glare) Now when I place you back on the ground i want you and your phatetic friends out of here. (Tightens his grip on the neck) do I make myself clear?

Man 3: (nods really fast) Y-YEA SURE THING MAN!!

kenji: (smiles) good,That's all I wanted to here

(Kenji slams man 3's head first into the wooden floor)

(The whole bar grows silent)

Man 1 & 2 jump up from there seats

Man 2: (body starts to shake) lets get out of here!!

(Both man 1 & 2 burst out of the exit door)

Man 3: (staggers to his feet) HEY GUYS!! WAIT FOR ME!!

(Man 3 follows the two men out the door)

(Snooki shakes her head, then continues to play her instrument)

Kenji: (lowers his head as he walks past kimi then pause. Please....forgive me kimi....I was to much of a show off

(Kenji walks over to the second exit door and leaves)

Kimi: (breaks out of her shocked state then rushes into the kitchen) hey hina?

Hina: (looks up from washing the dishes) ohh hey kimi. (Smiles really wide)

Kimi: (starts to look around) umm, do you know we're masami is?

Hina: (shakes her head) nope, but ill let her know that your looking for her once she returns

Kimi: (holds up her hand) actually there's a costumer that I need to properly thank. So whenever you see masami

Hina: (giggles) don't worry, ill ask her to watch your tables for you ok

Kimi: (smiles) thanks hina, your the best

(Kimi rushes back into the bar and out the exit door)

(The midnight stars continue to flicker as kimi searches around for kenji)

(Just then, kimi looks up ahead at a man looking like kenji entering one of the houses)

(Kimi makes her way over to the building and begins to knock)

Kenji: (opens the door then smiles) please....come in

Kimi: (enters the house and walks over into the living room before pausing) I just wanted to thank you personally for saving me

Kenji: (shuts the door then walks up behind kimi) really now?

Kimi: (slowly nods) yes.

(Suddenlty, kimi shoots a evil glare at kenji then turns around and punches him in the face)

Kenji: (flys backwards crashing into a book case) OUCH!!

Kimi: (crosses her arms) IDIOT!! What the heck where you thinking?!!

Kenji: (rubs his forehead) I'm sorry milady. (Staggers to one knee) I guess I got carried away

Kimi: (clich├ęs her fist) what were you even doing at the bar? The orders were to lay low and live like the normal people here at your posted area (stumps her foot) and you didn't have to save me either, I would have taken all 3 of those fools easily

Kenji: (nods) I understand milady, but then you would have given yourself away I just couldn't resist holding back (looks up at kimi) but more importantly,I have some news that might be to your liking

Kimi: (raises an eyebrow) ohh? And what news would that be?

Kenji: (grins) governor taro is here

Kimi: (eyes widen) what did you just say?

Kenji: (leans his head back while still grinning) I said....governor taro is here in tikki town

Kimi: (erupts into a sadistc laugh) I don't believe it. That bastard wasn't due here til the end of the year. (Laughs again) I wonder why he's here so early?

Kenji: (walks over to the window and peers outside) well, from what I gather. There seems to be a issue going on in Banner, so he was forced to make his journey more sooner than expected

Kimi: (breaths a deep sigh of relief) it's been just 3 months. (Smiles) master will be so pleased with seeing us back so early. (Kimi quickly switches her thinking) have you alerted the others yet?

Kenji: (turns around) yes milady

(Just then, 4 guys flash step into the room)

Kimi: (grins) welcome boys

(All four men get down on one knee)


Kimi: (gives a puzzled glance as she looks around) weres eiko?

(kenji hangs his head)

Kimi: (glares over at kenji) answer me!!

Kenji: (raises his head) well....about that....

(Kenji opens one of the rooms reviling a woman sleeping on a futon while blushing and talking to herself)

Kimi: (clinches both her fist) HOW COULD SHE HAVE DRUNKEN SAKE AT A TIME LIKE THIS?!!

Kenji: (shakes his head) I don't know milady, we found her that way. (Shrugs his shoulders) there's no telling how long she's been out like this

Kimi: (rolls her eyes) whatever, it dosnt matter. (Pounds her hand into her fist) the 6 of us are more than enough

Kimi: (rips off her garments reviling her mercenary uniform underneath) our four leaf mercenary mission. (Grins) begins NOW!!

(All 5 mercenary guys rip off there garments as well showing off there uniform)

Kimi: (holds out both her palms) present my weapons

(Kenji brings over a glass case with two swords inside)

Kimi: (picks up one of her swords) my duel blades. (Smiles as she rubs her face against the sharp end of the blade) it feels like it's been ages since we last saw each other

(Kimi picks up the other blade then twirls them both at a super fast speed before placing them on her back)

Kimi: (turns to mercenary 4) tomio!!

Tomio: (nods his head) yes milady

(Tomio draws his sword then springs up towards the roof and slices it 5 times before landing)

(The roof caves in reviling a large hole towards the outside)

Kimi: (turns and looks at kenji) kenji, lead us there

Kenji: (nods then looks up at the night sky) LETS GO!!

(All 6 mercenaries shoot out from the hole in the roof and vanish into the night)


Banjo: (kicks the dirt as he continues to make his way home) grrr ahhh!! (Grabs his hair) WHY DID ISAMU HAVE TO GO AND ASK ME TO DO SUCH A THING!!?
(Falls to his knees) He knows that I can never say no to a friend!! GAHHH!!!

Banjo: (walks over to a building and leans against it) well.... (Sigh) in the end, I don't really have much of a choice in the matter. (Grins) as crazy as it sounds, looks like I'm going

(Banjo laughs as he is about to take a step forward when suddenly a hand grabs his shirt from behind and yanks him into a building)

Banjo: (slowly opens one eye) what the!!?

(My-my so your finally awake my love)

(banjos eyes widen as he scans a large dark room full of candles and a woman with a mask on wearing a red and black silk dress watching him from afar)

Banjo: (realizes he's sitting in a chair and try's to squirm but suddenly feels the tight ropes tied around his arms and legs) (looks up at the woman) WHERE THE HECK AM I !!?

(Now-now my love that's no way to talk to your dearest masami)

Banjo: (raises an eyebrow) dearest masami!? Look lady,I think you have me confused with whoever is next door

(The woman approaches banjo)

(It is you who is confused banjo)

Banjo: (eyes grow big) how-how do you know my name?

(The woman turns around)

(You mean you don't recognize The sound of my voice?!)

Banjo: (leans his head back) ahh look here Missy, I don't know if your cute or not, but I swear upon my mothers grave that Ive never ...seen you before

(The woman turns back to banjo then gets in his face)

(Is that so?)


(Masami takes a step back then places her hand upon the mask) Very well then banjo, I shall revile myself

(The woman removes the mask)


(The woman glares at banjo, then forces a fake smile)

(Wow what a surprise banjo, your really good at solving people's identities)

Banjo: (grins) yea, I usually get told that a lot (starts to laugh then pauses) wait!! Arnt you suppose to be working right now down at the bar? And why do you have me tied up at your place?

Masami: (clinches both her fist as she lowers her head) you just don't get it do you banjo?

Banjo: (raises an eyebrow) umm, I would understand if you'd explain it already

Masami: (starts to growl) SILENCE!!

Banjo: (eyes widen) oook?

Masami: (body begins to shake) you don't know what's it's like, wanting someone so badly. You even throw many signs towards them and they still don't get it

Banjo: (nods) I see, well you should definitely talk to someone about that problem of yours

Masami: (walks over and sits in banjos Lap) IT'S YOU BANJO!!

Banjo: (shrugs) well I guess I never-- WAIT SAY WHAT.....ME!!?

Masami: (starts to stroke banjos face) why do you tease me so much?

Banjo: (shakes his head) hey, nobody's teasing anybody ok

Masami: (smiles) then you do want me?

Banjo: well...(looks at masami's face then body) look, your not that bad looking. (Chuckles) I'm sure some awesome guy would love to be with you

Masami: (places her arms around banjos neck, and lays her head on his shoulder) but, I don't want anyone else. (Whispers in banjos ear) I want you


Masami: (hangs her head as she rises to her feet) I see. (Starts to walk over to a cabinet) I understand now

Banjo: (breaths a sigh of relief) THANK THE HEAVENS!! Whoops. (Quickly covers his mouth) I mean, I'm glad you understand

Masami: (places her hands on the cabinet door nobs) you know banjo, my father was right. I'm just a bad-bad girl

Banjo: (eyes grow big) excuse me!!?

(Masami opens the cabinet reviling many tortureing weapons)

Banjo: (falls back in the chair with fear) HOLY!! SH--


(Bless you governor taro sir)

Taro: (wipes his noses with a cloth) thanks, but I don't need you blessing or pity

Gaurd 1: (bows) understood sir

Taro: (sniffs the air then coughs) ugh!! This fowl air is disgusting

Gaurd 3: (bows) are apologies sir, shall we move on to the next town were the air might be cleaner?

Taro: (shakes his fat cheeks) no-no this dojo will do. (Rolls over on his futon) besides I'm tired of traveling

Gaurd 2: we know sir,but you must make that trip over to saracuse within 3 days

Taro: (shoot an evil glare at gaurd 2) HOW DARE YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!

Guard 2: (takes a step back) wait what!!? NO!!


(The gaurds drag gaurd 2 outside)

(Gun shots are heard in the back ground followed by a loud cry out)

Taro: (grins) ahh, my favorite kind of sound

Servant 1: (enters the dojo holding a large chest) sir, all of your gold in here has been polished again for the third time today

Taro: (takes the chest then places it down beside his bed) this is very generous of you to do

Severnt 1: (smiles) only the best for our governor

Taro: ah, yes indeed. However, (evil grins) I'm afraid your services are no longer of use to me

Servant 1: (eyes widen) but-but sir I--

Taro: (points at the servant) GAURDS, DISPOSE OF THIS PIEACE OF GARBAGE!!


(The GAURDS are about to drag the servant out when suddenly, kimi and her men burst down from the roof into the dojo )

Taro: (coughing really loud from all the dust) WHAT-WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS!!

Kimi: (draws one of her blades and points it at taro) I'm only going to say this once. You have something that belongs to my master. Hand it over right now!

Taro: (starts to laugh Insanity) you samurai got some nerve, barging up in here giving me orders!!

Kimi: (closes her eyes) you had your chance. (Takes a step forward)

Taro: (quickly rises to his feet) hey-hey now lets not get hasty. (Chuckles) you see, if I were you I'd rethink my next move. (Governor Taro opens his arms wide) GAURDS ASSEMBLE!!

(Suddenly, the whole dojo is surrounded by GAURDS holding machine guns)

Taro: (grins really wide) foolish samurai!! Did you honestly think you could defeat me so easily? I AM GOVERNOR TARO WITH THE POWER OF THE NEW GOVERNMENT BEHIND ME!! LONG LIVE THE LEGION!!

Kimi: (grins) to hell with your pathetic legion ATTACK!!

(Kimi launches at taro)

Taro: (falls backwards) KILL THEM!!

(The Guards begin to shoot inside the dojo)

(Kimi does a back flip dogging bullets and slicing three GAURDS)

(Kenji walks through 6 guards shredding them to pieces)

(The onslaught continues as kimi and her men easily avoid billets and killing GAURDS)

Taro: (falls back on his bottom) impossible!! YOU MEN ARE SUPPOSE TO BE ELITE GAURDS HOW ARE YOU LOSING!!?

(Just then the wall behind taro explodes as a guard sticks his head in)

Gaurd: (motions his hand) governor taro sir!!? Follow me!!

(Taro quickly reaches down to pick up one of the chest, then follows the Guard outside into the dark alleys)

Gaurd: (continues to run at full speed) phew!! I'm so glad your still in one piece sir

Taro: (grits his teeth while trying to keep pace with the guard) whenever I get back to headquarters, someone is gonna pay dearly!! For giving me weak guards

(Governor taro and the guard turn a corner and end up in a open area)

guard: (looks both ways) we've got to keep moving sir!!

Taro: (stops to catch his breath) wait-wait just a minute. (Places the chest down) I just need to catch my breath

Gaurd: (quickly looks behind him then turns back) sir we don't have that kind of time, we've got to get you out of this tow--

(A blade goes through the Guards chest as he drops his gun and falls over with blood gushing out)

(Governor taro starts to crawl backwards as Kimi swings the blood off her blade)

Kimi: (begins to walk slowly towards governor taro) no more games

Taro: (staggers to his feet and starts to back away) WAIT!! HOLD ON!! I can give you anything you want!! Gold!! Power!! ANYTHING!!

Kimi: (lowers her head while still approaching) I do not want gold or power

Taro: (eyes widen) huh!!? Then what do you want!!?

Kimi: (clings both her swords together) I want justice !!

Taro: (stops in his tracks) justice?

Kimi: you shamed my master, when you took something valuable from him. (Looks up at taro) now you must be punished!!

Taro: LOOK!! (falls backwards then gets back up) you can have it back. Whatever I took, JUST PLEASE SPARE MY LIFE!!

Kimi: (stops her approach) you ask me to spare your life, yet you didn't spare the life of your own guard!!

Taro: (eyes widen) oh, you saw that?

Kimi: (grits her teeth) those who shame the name of the four leaf clovers. (Kimi takes off at full speed towards taro) MUST PARISH!!

Taro: (pulls out a machine gun from under his rich garment, then begins to fire) AHHH!!!

(Kimi dodges the bullets and vanishes)

(Governor taro continues to shoot in every direction when suddenlty his gun jams)

Taro: (throws the gun down while breathing heavily) no-no this can't be the end!!

(Governor taro slowly turns around to try to run away when he comes face to face with kimi's blade)

Kimi: (smiles) long live the samurai.

(Kimi stabs governor taro through the face)

(Governor tarps body falls to the ground creating a puddle of blood as kimi stares up at the moon)


(Banjo takes off down the street at full speed)

Masami: (falls to her knees) BANJO COME BACK !! DON'T LEAVE ME!!

Banjo: (runs even faster) HELP!! THAT WOMAN'S CRAZY!!

(Banjo continues down the street shouting like a maniac)

Kimi: (rips open governor taros shirt revealing a red ruby necklace) so that's were you've been hiding.

(Kimi smiles as she takes the neckless off and holds it up to reflect in the moonlight)

Banjo: (turns a street Corner as he continues a to run and shout) THE THINGS THAT I SAW!! OH MY GOD!!

(Banjo turns another corner and darts into the alleys)

Kimi: (grabs a handful of gold from the nearby chest then takes off running whole laughing) MISSION COMPLETE!!

(Suddenly, while Kimi continues to run and laugh, banjo shoots out from a Corner and crashes into her knocking the both of them out)

Banjo: (slowly opens one eye) ouch!! What the heck was that? It was like hitting some kind of a fret train

(Banjo slowly rises to his feet and notices kimi lying on the ground)

Banjo: (eyes widen) DANG SHE'S CUTE!! (Walks up to kimi and starts to scan her) hum not bad. (Grins) nice body figure

(Just then, banjo eye catches something in kimis hand)

Banjo: (walks up and moves one of kimis fingers back) WHOA!! IS THAT A RUBY!!?

Banjo: (try's to take the necklace but kimi keeps a strong grip on it) LET GO YOU LITTLE GOOD FOR NOTHING!!

Banjo: (takes the ruby necklace from kimi and holds it up) Holy franking cow, I could get millions of yen selling this

(Give it back)

Banjo: (eyes widen) huh? Who said that?

Kimi: (opens both her eyes) give me back the ruby necklace

Banjo: (hides the necklace behind his back) umm what did the ruby look like? Cause there's a lot of ruby necklaces out there

Kimi: (clutches some dirt with her hand) I saw you take the ruby now give it back right now!!

Banjo: (takes a step back) umm you really must be hallucinating cause I just got here

Kimi: (slowly staggers to her feet) don't make a fool out of me. I know what I saw, now HAND IT OVER!!

Banjo: (raises an eyebrow) ahh I think I better go

(Banjo turns to leave but quickly looks up to see kimi standing in his way)

Banjo: (turns his head around then turns it back) wait, how the heck did you--

Kimi: (places her hand on the back end of one of her blades) I'm only going to say this nicely just one more time give me the ruby

Banjo: (grins) why dont you come and make me give it to you?

Kimi: (lowers her head) very well then, (draws both her blades) I will take back the necklace....from your dead corpse!!

Banjo: (smiles) oweee I'm shaking in my sandals

(Kimi darts towards banjo then flash steps)

(Banjo ducks as kimi zooms in with a swing of her blade from behind)

(Banjo continues to dodge all of kimis swings with such graceful and relaxed movements)

Kimi: (does a backflip and lands away from banjo to catch her breath) how-how is this possible?

Banjo: (scratches his head) how is what possible?

Kimi: (still trying to catch her breath) your movements, I don't understand them

Banjo: (raises an eyebrow) there just basic samurai moves

Kimi: (eyes widen) basic moves? *I've never seen movements like that before*

Banjo: (yawns) well if your done fighting, then ill be on my way

Kimi: (grins) don't get to cocky. I was only going easy on you

Banjo: (laughs) well please, don't stop on my account

(Kimi flash steps from we're she stood and appears right infront of banjo with a onslaught of faster swings from her blade)

(Suddently as banjo dodges another swing from Kimi he flips into the air and lands with one foot on her other blade then kicks Kimi in the face with his moving leg sending her into some nearby garbage cans out in the alley)

Banjo: (wears a shocked look) whoops, I'm sorry I just saw a opening and couldn't resist

Kimi: (burst out from the garbage and lands in front of banjo with a bloody nose and lip) you'll pay for that

Banjo: (sighs deeply) look, how bout we just go our separate ways. You go yours and I go mine

Kimi: (smiles) your like that wouldn't you?

Banjo: (nods) well...yes

Kimi: (glares at banjo) not a chance

(Kimi starts to rush at banjo again for another attack when suddenlty Kenji, and the four other mercenaries land in front of her)

Tamio: (eyes widen) milady, what happened to you?

Kimi: (brushes her arm against her bloody nose) it's nothing

Kenji: (smiles) great news milady, we managed to chase off the rest of the guards, and found these two chest full of gold

Tamio: (nods) yes, it was a great victory. However, governor taro managed to escape

Kenji: (raises one finger) but don't worry milady we will find him

Tomio: (laughs) yea, he couldn't have gone that far

Kimi: (continues to look over at banjo) governor taro is dead

Kenji: (eyes widen) really!!?

Kimi: (nods) I killed him

(All 5 mercenary men begin to cheer)

Kenji: (grins) so that means our mission is complete right? Did You find the ruby?

Kimi: (nods) yes, but I don't have it anymore

Kenji: (raises an eyebrow) so were is it?

(Kimi remains silent)

Tamio: (follows kimis eyes over to banjo) he has it, that guy over there

Kimi: (lowers her head) he took it from me

Tamio: (grins) don't worry milady, ill get the ruby back. (Starts to walk towards banjo)

Kimi: (eyes widen) Tamio wait!?

Tamio: (turns his head) Humm? Yes milady?

Kimi: (pauses) be-be careful

Tamio: (holds up the peace sign) hey no sweat

(Tamio walks up a little further towards banjo then stops)

Tamio: (crosses his arms) hey, I believe you have something that doesn't belong to you

Banjo: (chuckles) ohh your planning to give me a lecture two?

Tamio: (shakes his head) nah, I'm just going to ask you once. Then I'm gonna kill ya. It's as simple as that

Banjo: (places his fingers across his chin) Humm let me think about that. I give you the ruby or your kill me. (Smiles) I think ill take my chances

Tamio: (lowers his head) very well then. (Tamio draws his sword then charges at banjo) die!! Like the common trash!!

(Banjo dodges Tamios first strike then grabs hold of his sword, pulls him up close and elbows his gut with full force)

(Tamios eyes roll to the back of his head as he spins off into a building wall and falls down with the rubble)

Kenji: (mouth gaps open) Tamio!! NO!!!

(Tamio dosnt move)

(Mercenary 2 and 3 bull rush banjo at the same time without thinking)

(Banjo dodges the onslaught of swings from mercenary 2 and 3 before stepping on mercenary 3's sword with one foot and crushing his neck with the other)

(Mercenary 3 crashes to the ground dead while mercenary 2 continues to swing at banjo)

(Just die you bastard!!)

(Mercenary 2 tries to ram his sword straight through banjo, from behind but banjo does a half backflip, lands his neck on the blade of the sword then kicks his legs backwards crushing mercenary 2's neck and sending him air born into the building)

Kimi: (drops to one knee as her body begins to shake) w-what is he!!?

(Mercenary 4 looks around at the body's of his friends)


(Mercenary 4 grabs the string attached to his sword and starts to spin it rapidly)

Banjo: (turns his back as he stretches) ok....lets get this over with

(Mercenary 4 takes off running towards banjo still spinning the sword)

(Banjo falls backwards as mercenary 4 swings and misses. Then kicking up, banjo crushes mercenary 4's jaw causing him to let go of his sword which goes straight through him on his way to the ground)

Kenji: (lowers his head as he clinches both his fist) milady

Kimi: (slowly looks up at kenjis back) what?

Kenji: (still looking down) please allow me to dispose of him

Kimi: (eyes widen with shock) why must you go Kenji? Didn't you just see what he did to the others?

Kenji: (raises his head) yes..I've seen his moves. However, if that is all that's he's capable of doing, then he stands no chance in defeating me

Kimi: (eyes widen) but kenji!!

Kenji: (turns his head slightly towards kimi) don't worry milady, I will not fail you

Kenji: (approaches banjo then stops) ill spare you the whole introduction seeing how you'd rather speak little anyway

Banjo: (shrugs his shoulders) I don't mind if you have an introduction

Kenji: (smiles) well then, In that case. My name is kenji masaaki 2nd captain of the four leaf mercenary squad, and who might you be?

Banjo: (grins) just call me banjo kazzooie

Kenji: (continues to smile) banjo kazzooie, (nods) I shall remember that name long after your death

Banjo: (eyes widen) well look who stole the good line. (Starts to clap) I have to give you that one

Kenji: (switches to a confident look) Im familiar with all of your movements. So trying to use them against me will be useless

Banjo: (crosses his arms) is that so?

Kenji: (draws his sword and points it at banjo) now, let me show you why I'm known as the second captain

(The winds begin to pick up as a grey aura surrounds Kenji)

(Dragons of the earth, here my eternal cry bring forth your destruction, let all of my opponents crumble and die)

(Kenjis swords starts to beam with red sparks as the ground underneath him cracks and rises)

Kenji: (takes off high into the air) DRAGON REAPER SLICE AND DICE ATTACK!!!

(Kenji twirls with full speed in the air as he spear dives at banjo hitting the ground with a large beam explosion)

(Kimi covers her face as dust and dabree fly everywhere)

(Kenji does a backflip out of the cloud of dust as he lands on his feet breathing heavily)

Kimi: (brushes off dirt as she rises to her feet) kenji!! Why did you use that technique?

Kenji: (continues to breath heavily) please forgive me milady. I had no other choice

Kimi: (crosses her arms) will be lucky If the ruby is still in one piece

Kenji: (turns around and chuckles) don't worry milady, I will search the body after the dust clears

Kimi: (is about to smile when suddenly her eyes grow big) KENJI BEHIND YOU!!

(Kenji starts to turn his head when banjo quick steps out of the dust and punches kenjis neck from behind crushing it)

(Kenji coughs up blood as his head and body spear into the ground then flop into a building)

Kimi: (grabs her hair) KENJI!!!!

Banjo: (scratches the back of his head) WOW!! now that technique was pretty awesome

Kimi: (drops to one knee) why-why (pounds the ground with her fist) WHY DID THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN!!? (Tears start to flow)

Banjo: (starts to walk away) whelp, see you around

Kimi: (grits her teeth) I'm not done yet

(Banjo continues to walk away)

(I'm not done yet)

(Banjo stretches while he continues to walk away)

Kimi: (rises to her feet) I SAID IM NOT DONE YET!!

Banjo: (stops in his tracks and turns around) Humm?

Kimi: (places one of her blades on the end of the other one) EMBRACE!!

(The two swords combine forming one crafty looking sword)

Kimi: (raises her sword into the air) I will never forgive you!!

(Heavy winds begin to blow as dark clouds fill the morning night sky)

Kimi: (looking up at the sky) CRESCENT MOON!! Dark energy erupts into a aura around kimi

Banjo: (eyes widen) what is this feeling. (Starts to look around) this energy presence

(Gravel from under kimi begins to rise into the air)

Banjo: (takes a step back) this is not good

(Suddenly, the heavy winds and large energy fade away reviling a woman with long white hair, golden and black glowing eyes, holding a long scythe)

Banjo: (takes another step back) what's going on?

Kimi: (looks down) this is my second gear....called crescent moon

Banjo: (eyes widen) second gear? What does that mean?

Kimi: (shakes her head) it doesn't matter you'll be dead. So there's really no reason to explain it to you

Kimi: (points her scythe at banjo) MIRROR DANCE!!

(Kimi's scythe shoots out a beam of light at banjo)

(Banjo dodges the beam, but meets kimi face to face)

Kimi: (holds up her scythe) DIE!!!

(Kimi slices banjo sending him crashing into a building)

Banjo: (burst from the building landing in front of Kimi) LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY SHIRT!! (Banjo looks down at the cut in his shirt and chest) I paid good yen for this shirt you IDIOT!! NOW YOUR GONNA PAY!!!

Kimi: (grins) I think you should be more worried about the wound you have rather than your phatetic shirt

Banjo: (shakes his fist at kimi) YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! (Banjo starts to reach for the wooden sword handle on his back)

(Kimi begins to laugh)

Banjo: (grits his teeth) WHAT'S SO FUNNY!!?

Kimi: (smiles) your are banjo, I mean do you honestly think you can defeat me with a wooden sword. Please!! (Shoots a evil glare) DON'T MOCK ME!!

Banjo: (grins) well, if you would paid more attention, you would realize that this...IS NOT A WOODEN SWORD!! (Banjo draws out a sharp blade attached to a wooden sword handle) BUT THE REAL GEUINE ARTICLE BABY!!

Kimi: (eyes widen) *that is a real sword, but why didn't he draw it vs kenji?* (kimi gives a serious look) I've had enough!! (Kimi points her scythe into the sky causing the dark aura to return) banjo, lets end this fight with one final blow. (Kimi raises her energy to max level)


(Banjo and Kimi take off at the same time towards each other then cling there weapons causing a powerful explosion)

(After the dust settles, kimi and banjo are standing back to back inches from each other)

(A blood shoots out like a fountain from banjos left arm, as he looks over at it then looks down)

Kimi: (scythe turns back into two blades as she drops them both to the ground then falls on her knees grabbing her chest) banjo, how are you so brave? Why-why didn't you draw your sword, when you were fighting my men earlier?

Banjo: (holds his sword between his neck and shoulder) you want to know why I'm so brave? Well, ill tell ya. (Starts to walk away) you see, the reason I'm so brave is because I don't fear death. (Pauses in his track then turns his head to look back at Kimi) I welcome it

(Banjo turns back around and continues walking away as blood sprays out of kimi's chest causing her to collapse to the ground)

(The silver edge bar)

(Hideo is sweeping inside the empty bar as banjo enters holding a small bag)

Hideo: (looks up) banjo? It's 4 am what brings you here so early?

Banjo: (smiles) I came here to say goodbye pops

Hideo: (eyes widen) so you are leaving?

Banjo: (raises an eyebrow) how'd you know?

(Because I told him)

Banjo: (looks up the stairway at isamu) isamu!! (Smiles) I should have known

Hideo: (turns to the kitchen) hina, are the sandwiches ready?

Hina: (walks out of the kitchen holding a medium sized bag) yes father!! (Hina hands the bag over to banjo) take good care on your trip

Banjo: (smiles) thanks hina (banjo pats her head)

Isamu: (staggers downstairs and up to banjo) I can never thank you enough banjo for doing this for me

Banjo: (quickly looks the other way) hey, don't get me wrong I'm not doing this for anybody. I just like adventure

Isamu: (shakes his head) your a terrible liar you know that?

Banjo: (hangs his head) yes

Isamu: (holds out his hand) there's a good chance... We may never meet again

Banjo: (nods) indeed. (Banjo goes to shake isamus hand then quickly brings it back) but I like my chances

(Everyone starts to laugh)

Banjo: (slings the food bag over his shoulder) well I best be off. I don't like long goodbyes. (Banjo walks over and opens the exit door)

Isamu: (waves) take care banjo

Hina: (waves with both hands) bye bye banjo. Don't forget us

(Banjo nods then exits the door)

(Outside tikki town)

Banjo: (starts walking down a long dirt road) my-my so the journey of banjo kazzooe finally kicks off. Oh yea!! (Pauses then turns back to glance at tikki town one final time) I really must be crazy doing this. (Sigh) o well, I can't stop now

(An hour passes)

Banjo: (is still walking along the road when he notices a pond nearby) WATER!! Oh god I can sure use some (banjo forms his hands into a cup then drinks a little bit of the water before spitting it back out) eww WHAT THE!! (Banjo looks further down the pound then slaps his head) ohh, this is a swamp. (Rolls his eyes)

(Suddenly a shadowy figure flashes by in the distance)

Banjo: (quickly looks around) whose there!!?

(The area remains silent)

(Banjo rises to his feet and is about to take another step when the shadow figure zooms past again)

Banjo: (starts walking backwards) umm yea!! It sure is a nice day today!! I think I'm going to RUN AWAY!! (Banjo whirls around and begins to take off running when from above the shadowy figure launches at banjo knocking him out)

Banjo : (opens one eye) ugh what happend? (Banjo stats to feel around with his other hand) aww crap, hina must have packed me some apples. But for some reason they feel squishy

(You're very brave to touch me there)

Banjo: (springs to his feet as his eyes grow really big) WHOA!! YOU'RE THAT ONE GIRL!!

Kimi: (glares at banjo) really now, after being away from me for 3 hours, that's all you can say?

Banjo: (points while shake) B-BUT Y-Y-YOU'RE SPOSE TO BE YOU KNOW?

Kimi: (giggles) what, dead? Please!! You didn't actually believe that you could kill me off that easily

Banjo: (does a backflip away from kimi then draws his sword) ok, if your still after that ruby then SO HELP ME!! (Starts to breath heavily)

Kimi: (stares at banjo for a minute then walks past him) you can keep the ruby, I don't care about it anymore

Banjo: (eyes widen) huh? But I don't understand

Kimi: (lowers her head) all my life I've been a mercenary. Going out for long periods of time completing my missions then returning back to my master. (Kimi Examines her hand) I've done many killings with this hand) for a long while I really thought I was invincible to all samurai. (Turns around to face banjo) but you opened my eyes.

Banjo: (takes a step back) umm I did!?

Kimi: (nods) yes. (Approaches banjo) you proved to me earlier that there are stronger samurai out there. (Smiles) that gives me hope, to continue to get stronger.(kimi places her fingers on banjos chin) and for that, I thank you.(kimi kisses banjo on the lips)


Kimi: (blushes as she turns and starts walking down the road) do we get to the legion?

Banjo: (raises an eyebrow ) wait how do you know about that?

Kimi: (turns around with a smile) IT'S A SECRET! !

Banjo: (continues walking down the road with kimi) a secret!? Aw come one you can tell me!!

Kimi: (wags her finger) no-no-no (giggles) so how do we get to legion?

Banjo: (scratches the back of his head) umm well I sorta forgot to ask isamu for directions


Banjo: (throws both his hands up) IDIOT!!? First you kiss me and now I'm a idiot!! What gives!!?

Kimi: (throws her nose up in the air) I take the kiss back

Banjo: (waves both his hands frantically) no wait!! You can't just do that so easily

Kimi: (starts running down the dirt road) I just did

Banjo: (grabs his hair while falling to his knees) NOOOO!!!!

To be continued.....