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(If all you care about is the business, skip to the Customers section)

A small shop roughly in the center of Sunagakure. The name of the shop makes it pretty clear that the shop specializes in weaponry, although it can craft anything related to metal or wood. In the era of the shinobi, obviously most of their sales relate to shinobi equipment: kunai; shuriken; they even craft headbands if need be. But that's not what they're limited to.

The shop is dedicated to Sunagakure, but they're open to anyone willing to pay, although the product may have issues related to any bias they may have.

There are only three rooms. The one in the front is the main area, and the only place open to customers. There's a front desk and many display cases meant to showcase the elaborate type of objects they have created. There are also plenty of stuff hanging on the walls and stocked in shelves.

The second room is behind the front desk to the right side of the room. A door blocks anyone who might try peeping inside. This room is basically a storage room, used to store all of the finished products. They don't bother locking it up or anything, for a reason only known to themselves.

The final room is also behind the front desk, only to the left. A door is also present. This room is where the owners of the shop craft all of their equipment. It's also used to store materials required for making stuff.

There are a few blacksmiths that work here, but most employees are out collecting materials. The main blacksmith is a man named Koutetsu Teishu; however, he often allows his son, Akuma, do the work, mostly due to his age.

The first thing you will notice when you walk in is a sign hanging from the ceiling, marked with a few rules.
1. Do not touch anything without permission.
2. We like to be original.
3. Negotiations possible.
4. Talk to the person at the desk...quietly.

Customers should submit their commissions both verbally and with a written design (as in, find your own picture -- I'm willing to look a little if necessary).
This should be done in RP, but PMs can be used to help make things move faster.

As the sign says, we like to be original. Do not expect the final result to be exactly like you want it (the point of the shop is basically so I can create you a weapon...not for you to make things seem legit in RP, although I guess that option is viable as well).

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