Damn, you want to talk to me? Don't know why you want to do that, I am not a friendly guy.

Name's Daniel Reagan, though some of you of a more dubious nature have taken to callin' me Silver fox man. Fox on the fact I'm more damn clever then I should be given credit for, and silver on account I'm already mostly grey.

Why is a northern young man like me doing so ol' and bitter down south in Savannah Georgia? Well some one took something from me and I came to get it back; turns out you don't get your family back when you go for blind vengeance though it's made me feel better. Now I'm on the beat, taking care of what goes bump in the night.

Well no doubt you've got a problem, a bad one if you've come to me. Them Vamper's after you? Goblin's? Troll's? Weres?

Doesn't matter what it is, so long as I get paid. I'll take them all on.

I'll take them all down.