They gatherd in the kitchen the next morning. Scott and Stiles came in with a look on there face that spelled trouble. Rose still slept upstairs everywolf had an ear leaned that way. "We have trouble" not a soul in the room was surpised. "What is it now?" Derek said glareing. "Settle down soarwolf we all know this is not the time for issues, but our fanged friends are back" Derek eyes brows gave the signal to countinue. "So my dad informed me a few weeks ago about a bunch of missing kids, all between 15 and 20. All vanishing at the same party" An impateint grunt at the fact they heard this before. No evidence of the blood suckers and the 10 missing were all a tightnit group who constantly talked about getting out of Beacon Hills together. So they thought thats what they did, especialy when after two weeks no bodies came up missing. "Alright so what about them" Allision came upbeside Scott looking over his shoulder as he set down the paper on the counter. "My dad told me about this last night" the paper read about two missing girls and yet another dead body like there had been before. "The body is in the next county but it was found similar to the ones from before, there back Derek" Derek crossed his arms. "Why the missing kids though 12 people missing, they obvioulsy don't care about hideing kill's so where are they?" Stiles bit at his already stubbs of nails. "Come one Batman what is it your not telling us" Erica said trying to use Stile's nick name to ease it out of him. "An army, there probably turning these kids into more vampires" Boyd nodded agreeing with him. "What we have not figured out is how there keeping control over them,the sire link from what I can tell is pretty weak, and its hard to just convince someone to lose there humanity" Allision looked up. "What if there not, you said even after your turned your still pretty much you, right?" The Spark nodded. "Yeah?" Allision countinued. "Well what if there tricking these kids after they turn them, feeding them lies in order for them to Obey with out question or to get them to leave behind there humanity" Peter was there lingering in the corner no one had noticed him until he spoke. "Then kill them, a bunch of newlings should not be that hard to get rid of" Issac went to ask how they got in there and Derek went to kick him out until they saw her comeing down the stairs out of the corner of her eye. "No, we don't kill them" Derek shook his head. "Rose there not human anymore" he almost flinched under the glare, almost. "Neither are you but there still them, if there is humanity or emotion left in them if they are being tricked then we show them that there being tricked before do anything we can't reverse" Peter rolled his eyes. Everyone seemed to think about this. "There already dead, and I doubt your quite sane enough to be makeing decisions from what I hear" Derek went to lunge for his uncle, first the others about to do the same, but Rose calm voice with just a hint of flare stopped them. "So are you, and need I point out your time as a murderous rampageing werewolf who killed his neice, turned a 15 year old kid, and tried to murder said 15 year old kid plus best friend, and nefew. And lets not forget the lydia incident shall we?" Peter deflated with a slight glare. "So what do we do Red?" Rose looked at stiles, and she suddenly felt dizzy, Derek caught her. "You should'nt be up yet" he mummerd. "Sorry I felt the urgiency from upstairs" she said leaning into Derek to stay standing. "I dont know, what we do but we need to find and isolate them, I doubt all 12 will be willing to listen to reason.. to be saved but we can try." Derek tensed. "And if the one's the wont listen that don't care" Rose sighed and burried her head in his shirt for a moment. "If they truley wont listen if there is really no hope, then we protect pack, protect our town.." Allsion sighed knowing how hard the thought of killing 12 teenagers undead or not. " We do what we have to" she finished.

And thats exactly what they did, and they managed to convince the ones who could be convinced the wrongs. Deanton gave the 5 fledgling vamps the adress of an OLD vampire alley in LA. The werewolves went against there instinkts to rip there throat out with there teeth and no one got bitten. But now they had the face the fact the remaining 7 were beyond help. "There to far gone, there to stuck in the blood lust and pleaseing there sires to see wrong, and at this point I doubt they would care" Jackson stated being the one who brought it up. "You don't know that, the pack brought you back, you were a murdering lizard!" Rose shouted desperatley. Jackson did'nt flinch the rest of the pack even Derek had not been able to stand how upset she got when they brought up killing the rest. "They have killed 8 people Rose, one of them was a 12 year old boy!" she shook her head. "Why is this so important to you, there not who they were anymore, there not even living" She glared at him. "Because they did not have a choice, because there to young, because they have families, because I cant be responsible for killing anyone else!" Jackson froze,he was not nearly as thick headed as he had been 3 years ago. He was not nearly as much as an ass anymore. "Who they were died, Rose, they died when they gave into this. You can't help them, not these ones" He watched as she cripled face burried in her hands. He went and sat by her. "So I'm just supposed to be OK with killing 7 people?" He shook his head. "No your supposed to protect your pack" she sighed and looked out from the side of her hand. "I hate the fact that your right about this of all things to actualy get right?" he smirked. "What can I say I'm not all looks, Iv got brains to" she rolled her eyes. "The sarcastic jokey thing, leave it to me and Stiles, and Erica sometimes, your not very good at it, just makes you look like and ass." his smirked remained as he shrugged. "Alright, you win. God this is all that stupid rouge convans fault just wait until I get my hands of them!" she said almost growling. "We all agree" she stood up. "So you goint to be OK to do this" She shrugged. "OK is not the word I would use, not that anyone of you guys will really let me do anything, but yeah, I can accept it at least" he nodded.