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What goes on the life of a normal teenage dirtbag.
Cuts and Flowers.
Yesterday was truly an amazing day.

I spent the night before last at my friend Josh's house. Which was incredibly awkward in every way, and I honestly don't think that I am going to do that again.
When I got into town, my friend Josh (lawl) asked to hang out.

We went mini-golfing. I cheated a lot. I won first place by two points. Then we drove to Atlanta (about an hour away) to eat a special lunch together. We talked a lot about what we thought was exciting or what kept us awake. Adventure, the thrill of getting caught by the police, running through a forest, climbing. We have a lot in common. We got back into town and went to Wal-Mart to meet up with his friend Mitch. We hung out for a little while until we decided to do our separate things. Mitch went to go hang out with his girlfriend and said he'd meet up with us later. Josh and I went to the park to swing on some swings, but since all the swings were occupied, we ended up jumping up the river on rocks. We got tired of that and sat on the ground for a while. I made him his first flower necklace. He said that he never even knew people made those, he was homeschooled as a child. So I made him one. We got on the trail from the river and went up to one of the city middle schools. It just so happened that there was a bus lot just across from the school.
The lot was closed off by a really tall barbed wire fence. I found a spot where I could slip underneath it, and I did so. Josh followed my lead, and we played around in a lot full of empty, open buses.
You know how some buses are flat in the front and some still have a hood? Well, I decided I wanted to get on top of a bus. I found one with a hood, took a running start, and climbed to the top. I walked slowly to the back of the bus. I was afraid to fall, the tops were slightly wet. Josh followed me and we wrote our names with our fingers on the wet tops and just sat and talked on the buses.
As we were talking, a police car with a spotlight on the top came... Josh freaked out and slid to the side of the bus in intentions to jump off the edge. I sat completely still and told him to not move, they'll see us if they move. So we waited for them to turn the corner, yet we were sure that they saw us. We ran off the bus to the front and down the hood, hit the ground, ran behind the bus, found a hole in the fence, and ran through the woods. It was already night time by now and we weren't familiar with the woods. We held hands and helped each other jump through the leaves, woods, weeds, trees, spiderwebs, rose thorns, etc. We found the road and laughed, screamed, and hugged in scared adrenaline-filled victory. Josh laughed and said, "Well. You did say that the thrill of getting caught by the police and running through the forrest was exciting!" We laughed and found our way back to the car.
We went to a small arcade that's about the only thing open late here. We spent about 5 dollars for a few tokens and had about 45 minutes of fun. We played a racing game with our knees, we played a really shitty Frogger game, that's not even frogger, and we played a crane type game, and we got 195 tickets and bought really stupid prizes with it. It was fun though. He put a spinning topper thing. I found out that I could put it on my hand and spin it. You know how from Avatar Aang can make those marbles spin in his hand? I kind of did that, and it was fun. We also got a big balloon, one of those popper things that you can turn inside out, and a neon green hair extension. Heh.
At this point, we were hungry again, so we went to Arby's. We got 5 Arby Sandwiches for 5.95 (+tax) We didn't want to eat inside, so we wondered where to go. We went to Walgreens to wash our hands and buy some drinks for our food. After that we decided that we would climb a building and have a picnic type dinner there. At first we thought, "Wow. That sounds romantic and stupid." But then we thought, but it also sounds fun. So we went.
We got up there and on our way up I accidentally cut my leg... I used the water from my drink to clean the cut and wrapped some napkins around it with applied pressure to stop the bleeding. We talked about science, religion, evolution. We drew on our balloon. I named him Michael L. Nox. Why? We were sitting on top of a Michaal's and their heating system was provided by Lennox. Lawl. So yes. Mitch called after a while and asked where we were and what we were doing. So he joined us up on Michaal's.
The first thing that Mitch does it pull a latch and make a police alarm go off... So we grab all of our sandwiches, bags of drinks, Michael, and my bag with my markers and wallet, and have to climb down the building as fast as we can. We got off and started to run for the cars. Josh says, "Meet at Wal-Mart!" so we all break and get on the road and try not to conspicuously drive at 70mph down the road.
We meet up at Wal-Mart, situate our belongings, since everyone just grabbed something, and decided what to do next. I decided that it was already 12:30am and I should probably get home. So Josh decides to take the car to his house, exchange it for the truck, and sneak out (since he had to be home at 12 and he was already late) He went into his home and didn't see anyone, so he thought that he was safe. But then, on the way out of the neighborhood, we run into his father... walking the dog.. Whoops. A second later his father calls and he makes a good excuse.
He dropped me off at home, I told him to text me when his dad got finished talking with him. I went inside, dropped my things in my room, cleaned my cut, put hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, and wrapped it up. Josh never texted me. I went to bed.

It was a good day overall. Too dangerous for my tastes. But good.

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