Name: Sister Elena
Nickname: Dark nun
Age: 15
Personality: Very religious but tends to be troublemaker, always has a poker face yet she is still a bit childish, and odd.
Mercenary/criminal/bystander/government: Mercenary
Skills: Sharp shooter, great with daggers and quick on her feet.
Bio: As an orphan, Elena was taken in by the priest who taught her the ways of the church and how defend herself. She used to live in a poor village where people try to live by farming and trading, but one day it all ended when her village was raided by group of criminals who kill all the people in the village and burn the church. The priest who was a very famous assassin, was able to save her but die. Elena became the sole survivor of the massacre that befall her village and when of to become a mercenary.
Quote or theme: "The only one who can cleanse your sins is the one above, I'm just the messenger of death." - Black Betty
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