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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 4.3 - A New Hero Rises
Fredrick: Sir King of the World, Lady Josephine, and Ah, Her Grace. Still with no title to herself. I highly respect that. *Glares at him.*

Preston: *Smiling as the girls sweatdropped towards him.*

Goddess Katie: *She rolled her eyes, always making fun of him for that stupid title.* Don't worry about it, Fredrick.

Laura: Fredrick, we found the culprits to the infant foundings. There were three of them, and all had very unworldly powers, even more so in this world. I've never seen anything like it before.

Goddess Katie: *She wasn't sure if she should mention one of them looking familiar, but she thought it was still just her.*... I could have sworn I've seen one of them before, but I'm pretty sure it was just me. They were strong. They almost overpowered my magic.

Fredrick: Magic equal to that of a creator? Most frightening. In fact, no such power should be allowed in the storyline, in fear that they may overthrow their creators. This can only mean one logical explanation.

Preston: *His eyes widened as he heard him speak.* You mean... The Garbage Bin?

Goddess Katie: We don't know that for sure, though.. *She frowned.* I want to see them again before I make any judgments. It was our first encounter, after all. Besides, we have to see them again so we can stop them from attacking people.

Laura: Katie's right. We can't make hasty assumptions this early on. We're about to summon Amaterasu. Preston has... another request.

Fredrick: *He was drinking tea as she spoke, spitting it out of his mouth when he heard the reason.*

Preston: No it's a good one this time!

Goddess Katie: Isn't that what you said about scarves, Presty? *She said as she patted his head.* It's okay. We won't judge you.

Preston: *He crossed his arms, pouting. Fredrick slowly walked to a large golden door that began to scan his hand. He was the only one allowed to give entrance to Amaterasu, due to being a servant of her once before, and now watching over us.*

Fredrick: Please... make it at least easy to fix... Do you know how many scarves I had to take out of people's homes and rivers...?

Preston: I warned them that there was going to be rain...

Fredrick: SCARVES. IT RAINED SCAR- Just go.

Preston: *Slowly walks in with wide eyes.*

Goddess Katie: Oh Preston.. *She said as she shook her head.*

Laura: I swear Preston... does this have anything to do with fashion? I can't even trust you with your vague descriptions anymore.

Preston: *They walked up to a spring of pink flowing water in a large fountain, with a few plants growing.* No... I said superhero. It's an awesome superhero!

Laura: It better not be a scarf that's alive!

Preston: No, Laura! What kind of scarf wears a cape?!

Laura: I've seen weirder stuff from you!

Goddess Katie: A scarf that needs to make himself shorter, how about? *She sighed as she kept walking.* Let's get this over with so we can make fun of him, Laura.

Laura: Yes. Humor us, Preston. *She patted my shoulder.*

Preston: *He walked up to the altar all flustered* Stop it... It's a good one...

Laura: *She watched as Preston placed my hands together, closing his eyes.* ...I think you need to walk up another step she might not see you.


Goddess Katie: You might be short, Presty.. but you're full of sass. We love you. Go make your request

Preston: *He walked another step, having Laura slightly giggle. He closed his eyes and started to pray as the light from the water began to sparkle.*

Laura: My little ponies...*She started to hum the tune with Katie, irritating Preston*

Preston: Ugh... shut up... *Ammy had already appeared, thinking he said that to her.*

Goddess Katie: *She couldn't help but laugh when she saw this, almost falling over.* Busted!

Amaterasu: *Just stares at Preston, blinking. Her tail wagging as she narrowed her eyes.* ...

Issun: Hahaha! *Jumping off Ammy's nose.* You got told, Furball!

Amaterasu: *Barks at Issun.*

Issun: Woah! Settle down, girl. *He teased as he looked over.* So, what's up? Want a new scarf?

Laura: *Tries to hold in her laughter.*

Preston: N-NO! Why do people assume?!

Goddess Katie: *She fell on her knees as she laughed, trying to catch her breath.* I.. I wonder why!

Preston: Guuuuys you're embarrassing me in front of Gooooodd....

Goddess Katie: You forget that I'm one too, so what's new to you? *She said as she wiped her eyes from her tears of laughter*

Issun: Will you guys hurry up with your request, already?! I was in the middle of introducing myself to a lady friend! *Jumping on her nose, glowing red out of anger.* I swear if you guys don't settle down I'll slash your... eyes up! Put 'em in the BBQ!

Amaterasu: *She opened her mouth, trapping Issun in her mouth to shut him up.*

Preston: U-umm... Ammy....?

Amaterasu: *She spat Issun out, going to howl loudly as a sphere of light appeared above her nose and everyone's heads, giving them Ammy's orbs.*

Goddess Katie: *She took it, holding it as she smiled.* Hey Ammy. Sorry for interrupting you.

Amaterasu: *She barked cheerfully, wagging her tail.* There's no trouble. To be honest I assumed as well. *Staring at Preston oddly.*

Preston: People assume too much... It's a good one this time.

Goddess Katie: *She looked to Laura, whispering.* Here it comes...

Laura: *She held in her laughter, dropping the orb. She bent down to get it, but it was hard because she was laughing too much.*

Preston: Laura man...!

Goddess Katie: *She started laughing with how Laura started to, dropping her own.* Oh.. Oh s**t..! *She kept laughing.*

Preston: L-Look! Okay... This is what I want... Ammy... you know how there's been a lot of strange unidentified bad people...? Well I was thinking of bringing over a superhero... He's my favorite...

Amaterasu: *She just blinked at him.* A.... superhero? One of the comic superheroes from the human realm? ...Is that what you're talking about? Or is it a scarf with a cape? *She snickered*


Laura: *Falls to the floor laughing, holding her stomach* I can't... I can't... breathe...

Goddess Katie: *She grabbed her orb as well as Laura's, going on her knees as she kept laughing. She shoved her orb into her hands as Laura was dying of laughing with her.* Presty.. you're getting.. so defensive over that. It's hilarious!

Amaterasu: *She raised a paw to her mouth, trying not to laugh at the others reactions. Her orb fell, having her look down and catch it with her paw as she giggled.*

Preston: I'm trying to be serious here...!

Amaterasu: Okay... we're sorry Preston. Go ahead. What's your favorite superhero? *She blinked at him anxiously, knowing she was going to laugh.*

Preston: *He took a deep breath, closing his eyes.* Okay... My favorite superhero ever… is--



Goddess Katie: *She ended up falling over beside Laura.* Just... just say it already! Your seriousness is what is killing us here.


Everyone: ..............

Goddess Katie: *She just stared at him as well before laughing again.* I could make SO many jokes right now, but that actually is a good hero. Oh Presty, you need to stop being so shy.


Amaterasu: *Starts bursting out laughing with Laura*


Amaterasu: Hah... okay... Spider-Man. *She tried to say his name with a straight face but couldn't*

Preston: We need his help! *Pouts*

Amaterasu: *She nodded, howling loudly as the file cabinet appeared in a burst of light.*

Laura: Why didn't you pick Bat-Man?

Preston: I hate Bat-man.

Laura: yeah, I guess I would have picked Spider-man too. I'm actually excited to see him alive here.

Preston: He's sensitive about his secret identity so pretend like you don't know.

Laura: yeah ...Okay.

Goddess Katie: Let's be serious Preston... You just wanted spider man because sticky stuff. *She fell over laughing.*

Laura: *She began to burst out laughing with Amaterasu and Issun* KATIE OH MY GOD.


Goddess Katie: It's okay Presty... I love you. *She kept laughing.* Spider Man is kickass.. I just hope he doesn't s**t himself when he sees he's in medieval world.

Preston: You're right... Plus he's familiar with the modern life. Amaterasu, maybe you can keep his modern side out of the code recreation.

Amaterasu: Right... So he won't be a photographer then?

Preston: Well maybe he can still be a photographer. Just like... not know where he came from.

Goddess Katie: Make him a painter? You know... Photography in medieval times. Now I'm starting to sound like a smart a**.

Preston: Yeah do that.

Amaterasu: His real name will still be Peter Parker, and his appearance will be the same as yours.

Preston: Yeah... Sounds good.

Amaterasu: Alright. One Spidey coming up. *She opened up a file cabinet, reaching in for the S's. She pulled out a file and began to close her eyes as the red marks on her body began to glow, coding appearing around her as she began to use her energy to create an original, fitting Spider-Man. She flinched in pain.*

Laura: Ammy...hang on. *She looked to her, seeing her suffer slightly.*

Amaterasu: *Her red marks began to flicker, as the codes above her began to flash red. As she began to piece a code together, they slowly turned green, letter and number at a time.*

Goddess Katie: ...Woah I just realized this now. I was a programmer in the real world. THAT IS SO IRONIC. *She sweatdropped, feeling them stare at her oddly.*

Preston: *Pats her head*

Goddess Katie: Stop it, sticky boy. *She moved out of the way, pouting.*


Laura: G-guys, look! The code is complete!

Amaterasu: *Suddenly she began to direct her paw to an open space as the green code began to float there, starting to spin in circles as it formed Spiderman's figure.*

Preston: *His eyes sparkled* So cool...!

Goddess Katie: *She reached over and patted his head.* It's okay Presty.

Preston: What's okay?! Shh he's here!

Laura: Where is he gonna live? *Preston looked at Laura with big eyes.* ...NO. NO HE'S NOT STAYING WITH US. *He gave her puppy dog eyes.* ....NO. I SAID NO MAN. .... ... HE'S STAYING IN THE BASEMENT.

Goddess Katie: ...Or he could find his own place to stay in? You know to keep his secret? To save crime without bothering us?

Spiderman: *As the code vanished into thin air, he held his head as he groaned. He was wearing his costume, of course, as he rubbed his head. He slowly looked up to everyone.* How'd I... get here?

Preston: SPIDERMAN!!! *Hugs him*

Goddess Katie: ....Oh great. Here it comes.

Spiderman: *He reached up, making his signature hand gesture as he pressed into his web-shooters up to the ceiling, zipping up as Preston fell down. He lowered himself on a thin line of webbing, looking up at him as he hung upside down.* Hey, buddy. I have this thing about personal space.

Goddess Katie: *She laughed again as she almost fell over.* Presty got told by his HERO

Preston: *He heard Katie and Laura laughing* I'm going to really kick your asses soon...

Amaterasu: Spiderman is here. I also went ahead and made him a home on the outskirts of Terresia, where he can work in privacy.

Spiderman: Are my ears full of webbing or do I actually hear a dog talking? *He looked over to Ammy, swaying back and forth on the thin line of webbing.* Hey there, pooch. Want a biscuit?

Amaterasu: I'm fine, thank you.

Spiderman: It's got sprinkles...?

Amaterasu: Enjoy him, guys. *She vanished with Issun.*

Preston: Spiderman! You're awesome! *Jumping to try to grab him.*

Spiderman: This kid's really in my bubble, here.

Goddess Katie: Preston, give the poor guy a break. Your fanboy there is Preston. I'm Katie and this is Laura.

Spiderman: *He looked over to the girls, nodding to them.* I'm your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Of course, I guess you guys knew that already... Mind telling me what the heck I'm doing in this room? I'm not one for crowded areas.

Goddess Katie: Uh... Let's just say Preston here really wanted to see you. Come on, let's take you out of here before he breathes on you. Though it might be a little late for that

Preston: SHUT UP. *He pouted.* Let's go through here, Spiderma-

Spiderman: Meet you outside. Web-Sling! *He shot his webbing out the window, zipping out the room.*

Preston: ...Okay.

Laura: You know he's more of a lone-wolf... or lone-spider... anyway let's get outside to see him off.

Goddess Katie: Right behind you, Spidey!~ Sorry you two have to walk *She said as she formed her wings, flying out the window after him.*

Laura: *She stared all wide eyed as Preston fake cried. She dragged him out the door like a normal person.*


*Outside, the three couldn't find him, until he shouted out from a branch in the distance.*

Preston: Oh, there he is... I guess he's going to go back to his house. Wherever that is.

Goddess Katie: Let him live, Presty. You're worse than what I was when I saw Link for the first time. *She stared at Spidey until she was greeted in the face by Melody's butterfly.* G-Gah! *She fell back.*

Preston: What the...? *He blushed at the sudden outburst, looking over to the butterfly. Laura looked over as well*

Spiderman: Haha. Priceless... *He just stared at her falling over.*

Goddess Katie: *She sat up as she looked up, seeing it panicking.* ...What is Melody's butterfly doing here? Where is she? *This seemed to make it go crazy with it panicking and wanting help.*

Spiderman: *He overheard the distress, reaching a hand out to shoot his webbing on the ground near you, zipping there. He stood up, turning to the butterfly.* Is there some kind of problem here?

Preston: Seems like it...

Goddess Katie: *She watched how the butterfly was trying to reinact the incident, which caused her to grow more confused.*... Is she in danger? *It responded with a large nod.*

Spiderman: Someone's in danger? Well, looks like I've got work to do. Can you understand me, little guy? *He held a finger to the butterfly.* I mean, bug to bug?

Laura: *She giggled at Spiderman's comments.*

Spiderman: It's fine if you don't like me much. Afterall, I'm a spider. Spiders probably ruined your family tree along the line.

Goddess Katie: *She stared at Spiderman, seeing how the butterfly went on his finger, giving it a faint nod. It flew around him before it perched on his head.* I guess it wants your help

Spiderman: I think we'll be good pals. *He looked up to a tree, pointing his signature hand gesture.* How about you lead, and I follow? What should I call you...*He raised his free hand to his chin as he looked down.* You look like a Flutters.

Goddess Katie: *She stared, rubbing the back of her head.* Uh.. be careful. *Her butterfly stayed on him for a while before it flew off, leading the way.*

Spiderman: *He turned to face her, nodding.* Hey, don't you worry yourself sick. I'm Spiderman, I always arrive on time! *He ran before jumping into the air, shooting his webbings on the trees as he began to swing himself, shooting more as he progressed, following the butterfly's trail* Whoooohooo!!

Preston: So awesome....

Goddess Katie: *She sighed as she shook her head, patting his shoulder.* Come on. Let's get you to bed before you start doing things that Laura and I don't need to see.

Preston: *Squints his eyes*


Melody: ( Spider-Man's Theme ) *Her butterfly kept flying ahead, flying as fast as it could. For a butterfly, it was really fast. It took a bit of time, but eventually they reached a really creepy yet hidden looking place.*

Spiderman: *He landed himself onto a large stone wall after a final swing from his webbings, holding out his palms to stick onto it. He looked up at the hidden area as Melody's butterfly landed on his head.* Look's like we hit the jackpot. This place is creeping with those bad vibes you get in horror novels. *He looked for an opening to the hidden base somewhere.* C'mon, Spiderman... think like the spider you are. Where would you crawl in from...?

Melody: *Her butterfly had that answer for him. It flew around him before it flew ahead, and eventually it reached an open window. It was to Gin's room, but luckily for them he was asleep.*

Spiderman: Huh. That works. Good going, Flutters. *He aimed his web shooters above that window, zipping along the thin webbing as he landed quietly on the surface. He popped his head down to look through the window, seeing Gin sleeping.* Hey there, buddy. Don't wake up or anything.

Melody: *Her butterfly flew into the room as it fluttered around the mostly closed door, waiting for him to enter.*

Spiderman: Move it, Spidey move it. *He began to crawl on the wall and onto the window glass, flipping over to the other side of the window as he continued up the glass and onto the ceiling. He stopped to look down at Gin.* That's one creepy looking villain. *He noticed a glass of water by Gin's bedside.* Hey, he left out a nice cold beverage for his favorite superhero. You shouldn't have... *He aimed his web shooters, shooting above the glass to cover the hole as he began to zip it back to his hand, opening up his mask slightly above his lips to drink. He slowly looked at the butterfly freaking out on him.*

Melody: *Her butterfly was just staring at him all annoyed. It flew over, trying to get him to move faster by pushing against him.*

Spiderman: Woah, watch it! *He dropped the glass of water, but he quickly pointed down and caught it with his webbing just before it touched the ground.* Close one, Spidey. *He swung it back up on the nightstand, looking over to the butterfly. He gave it a small shrug.* Can't save the day without a good cup of water.

Melody: *It kept trying to push him forward. It knew that Melody was getting more hurt by their enemies as they spoke. Taking their time meant more damage to her.*

Spiderman: Alright, alright.... No need to push. *He continued to crawl along the ceiling, reaching the wall that had the door slightly open. Spiderman slowly lowered his finger, opening it a bit more before it made a squeaking noise. He looked up at Gin, who stirred but didn't wake up.* Phew. *He moved it another two inches, flinching at the noise it kept making.* This is like defusing a bomb here.

Melody: *It flew through the door as it waited for Spiderman, staying near the roof as it stared at him.*

Spiderman: *He finally opened it enough to crawl through, doing so slowly. As he reached the other room, he looked around as he scouted for anymore of them. He moved up to the ceiling again as he raised his head up to look at the butterfly.* Struggle number one, destrugglized. *He looked at its unimpressed face.* Hey, I'm a super hero. I think I can make my own words if I want to.

Melody: *It shook its small head as it began to fly ahead, staying near the ceiling. It took a few turns with Spidey following it, but it stopped in front of a door. It seemed to be locked too.*

Spiderman: *He lowered himself from the ceiling as he hung upside down on a thin line of webbing. He examined the door, placing a hand on it as he pounded it softly.* Anyone home?

Melody: *It gave him a glance, wishing it could tell him that she was inside there. But the room seemed to be soundproof. It flew around him.*

Spiderman: Room service! *He reached for the handle, trying to open it but he realized it was locked. He shrugged.* Looks like it's locked. She in here, Flutters?

Melody: *If it would facepalm, it would. It gave him an obvious nod, resting on his arm as it looked at the door.*

Spiderman: Course she is. It's always the room with the locked door. *He looked around, thinking.* Where's an air duct when I need one...?

Dark Link: *He began to walk down the hall, his footsteps echoing off the walls. He was headed towards her room.*

Melody: *The butterfly flew around Spiderman as it sensed Darky, trying to warn him someone was coming.*

Spiderman: Spider sense is tingling...*His Spider sense went off, as he looked up at Dark Link arriving. He pressed himself against the ceiling as he narrowed his eyes.* Uh oh. Here comes trouble.

Melody: *Her butterfly flew against him as it hid itself near him. It sort of liked working with him.*

Dark Link: *He stopped just underneath Spiderman, looking towards the door. He reached for the door, unlocking it with his magic. As he was opening the door he stopped, turning his head to the side as his eyes narrowed.*

Spiderman: Thanks, pal. I've been trying to open that thing all day. *He placed a hand on his head, bashing it against the wall until he was knocked out.*

Dark Link: *His eyes widened as he felt himself getting struck, falling to the ground.* ....!!

Spiderman: *He shot webbing at him, raising him up to the ceiling and keeping him there in a web sack.* Sleep tight, but not too tight. Wouldn't want you to get claustrophobic or anything.

Dark Link: What is this...?!

Melody: *Her butterfly flew into the room to greet Melody just as Spiderman was dealing with Darky*

Spiderman: *He pointed his web shooter in the room where Melody was, firing a line of webbing that he zipped on, landing in front of Melody. He began to stand up over her, looking down at her.* Your wonderful, friendly neighborhood Spiderman, at your service. How ya doing? *He placed his hands on his hips.*

Melody: *She had been crying against her knees, when she heard the new voice. It startled her, causing her to move back as she looked up at him. She had been hit a couple of times by the baddies, having a small scratch on her cheek. She didn't know who this was, but her butterfly seemed to trust him.*

Spiderman: One step at a time... *He placed a hand on her back as he helped pull her up, brushing off the dirt from her dress. He noticed the cuts on her.* These guys are bad news, aren't they? Climb up onto my back. We're getting you out of here... Oh, and, try not to squeeze too tight. I already had an issue with someone hugging me.

Melody: *She looked to him nervously.*...How.. did you find me? *She asked as she listened to him, gently holding onto his back. She never met him before, so this was odd.*

Spiderman: It's a bug thing. *He looked over to the butterfly, smiling under his mask as he looked up, aiming his webshooters at the ceiling. He zipped up to the ceiling with Melody on his back as he began to crawl out the room and back to the hallway's ceiling.*

Melody: *She held onto him tightly as she closed her eyes, feeling fearful that they were going to get caught. She pressed her head against him, feeling like she was going to fall off of him if they continued this for long.*

Spiderman: *He looked around, noticing that Dark Link's web sack was broken. He narrowed his eyes as he looked around.* Looks like my time was just cut short. Move, Spidey move! *He aimed his web shooters to the far side of the hall, zipping there until he landed on the wall.*

Melody: *Her eyes widened when she felt them swing across, causing her to gasp and almost scream in his ear. She clung to him, tucking her legs together as she felt them move.*

Spiderman: First time on Spiderman? Yeah I get that a lot. *He looked up to Gin's room* Only window I've seen, looks like we're going to have to pay another visit to the sleeping creeper. Hang on a little longer.

Melody: Please.. warn me before you do that.. *She said as she looked over his shoulder.* Sleeping.. creeper? Do you mean Gin? You're going to wake him..

Spiderman: One step ahead of you. *He placed a hand on her back, to keep her on him as he reached a hand out the window and shot webbing at a nearby tree branch, pulling them out the window as they began to swing, landing on the ground. He placed her down as he looked around cautiously.* Hope I wasn't late for my own private party... That'd be embarrassing! *He looked over to her, seeing her seem weak.* You okay? Do you have some place I can bring you...?

Melody: *She went on her knees as she held her arm, closing her eyes.* I'm.. fine.. just feeling weak from using some.. power. *She looked to him.* Do you.. know where Exeadius is? I don't really know where we are..

Spiderman: That's funny. I kind of just got here myself. *He shrugged, raising his hands as he felt his spider sense go off. He turned around to see Nightshade in the distance, having him go into a fighting stance. He looked over to Melody, narrowing his eyes.* You might want to run and find some place to hide for now. Looks like I'm about to have a nice conversation with that creep down there...

Melody: *She looked at him, fear entering her eyes.* No.. He'll kill you. *She said as she stood up, forming her bow as she stood beside Spidey*

Spiderman: *He noticed her bow forming, scratching the back of his head.* Man, things keep getting weirder and weirder. Flutters, can't you talk her out of this? *He sighed, not wanting to involve her in his fights.*

Nightshade: *He approached them as he formed magic in his hands.* You know, I never really expected you to be saved by anyone other than your friends. This is different.

Spiderman: *He looked over to Nightshade, bending down as he held his arms apart, his hands forming his signature hand gestures as he stared at him.* So, then, I take it you're not a spidey fan?

Nightshade: The only spider I want to see is the one under my foot when I crush it... *He said calmly.* What is a grown man like you doing in such a costume pretending to be a spider? Immature and without standards.

Spiderman: Hey, somebody's gotta do it. It's a living. *He looked over to Melody, frustrated she was still there. He decided to keep Nightshade's attention on him, jumping up and aiming his webshooters at a stone wall, zipping to that wall as he stuck onto it. He looked up at Nightshade.* And, I gotta say, black is definitely your color.

Nightshade: *He stared at Spidey, his eyes narrowing.* As much as I appreciate your flattery, I do believe there's someone who wants to settle a score with you. *He said as he made Dark Link come from the shadows.*

Dark Link: *His eyes narrowed as he stared at him. They glowed red as he placed a hand on his sword, removing it from its sheathe. He began to transform into a soul reaper of his own, his robes white and his haori black, opposite to Link's colors. His spiritual pressure blasted into the atmosphere as he built up power, causing the surroundings to slightly shake and crack around him.*

Melody: *Her eyes widened as she stepped back staring at Dark Link.* You.. You're a Soul Reaper too?! *She said, the pressure not affecting her as much with the Inner Power on her side.*

Spiderman: Pretty flashy entrance. It beats that guy in black. *He scratched the back of his head, holding his other hand up as he shrugged, staring up at the two.* Well, I suppose both of you are dressed in black. But you know who I mean. Though you guys should really put on name tags to not confuse anyone.

Dark Link: You're... not affected by spiritual power... *His eyes narrowed to them.*

Melody: *She looked to Spiderman, gripping her bow tightly.* We need to get out of here.. Please. *She stared at him with sorrow in her eyes. They couldn't do this alone.*

Dark Link: *He raised his sword up as overwhelming power began to concentrate on his sword.* You're finished... You've made the grave mistake of meddling with affairs you are unaware of.

Spiderman: Hah. Highlight of my life! *He pointed his web shooters at him, blasting his web lines at him. They landed on Dark Link's chest, as Spiderman pulled himself into him with his feet faced to him, slamming them into his stomach.*

Dark Link: *His eyes widened, not expecting that kind of speed.* ....?! *He was send flying, but Spiderman still had his webs latched onto him.*

Spiderman: *He swung him in circles before letting go, sending him through a bunch of debris.*

Dark Link: *He fell to the ground, holding onto his stomach.* ...I see. You really aren't ordinary...

Nightshade: *He moved his hand forward, sending a quick blast of his darkness energy towards Spiderman.*

Spiderman: *His spider senses went ballistic; turning his eyes on the energy of darkness headed his way. He quickly zipped up to a branch, dodging it in the nick of time. He spun around the branch until he ended up on top of it, looking down at Nightshade. He looked over to Melody, noticing she was still down there with them.* Going up! *He shot his web shooters at her, but his web fluid turned into a spread shot, catching her in a soft net of web as he pulled her to him, hanging her from the branch.* Hey. How ya doing? Hang around for a while.

Dark Link: *He flash stepped behind him, swinging his sword towards his head with extreme spiritual pressure concentrated into his sword.* Foolish... To think you can do as you please.

Melody: *Her eyes widened when she felt him pull her up, the web surprisingly not feeling gross like she expected it to be. Spiderman really did care for her, which made her relieved that he came to her rescue. She watched how Darky was beginning to attack him, watching with fear in her eyes.*

Spiderman: *He spider senses went off, bending his upper body backwards as he completely dodged the sword. An explosion was created in the far distance, he looked over to what it caused, sweatdropping.* Wow. If that hit me, I would have gotten the biggest migraine... *He turned back to look at the sword, sticking to the branch with only one hand as he wrapped his legs around Dark Link's arm, whipping him forward and letting go as he crashed back down to the ground. Spiderman pushed himself up, spinning in the air before landing back on the branch.* Spiderman one, evil dude zero. *He held his hand towards him, making a zero with his fingers as he tilted his head.*

Dark Link: *He coughed up blood, looking up at him with his eyes glaring. He couldn't understand Spiderman's secret. He definitely knew that his strength was not normal. And he didn't expect him to have such agility to even counter a flash step.* What are you...

Nightshade: *He charged at him, drawing his sword as he teleported faintly over to him. He slashed at him, his sword pulsing with its aura as he struck at him. Waves of darkness came out from his slash as well.*

Spiderman: Whoa! *As he saw him come at him, he zipped higher up the tree as he gave himself distance from Nightshade. He aimed at him, firing web shots at his face. His spider sense went off again, sensing Melody falling.* Mary Jane was right... I should have stayed home today... *He looked up to another tree in the distance, aiming his web shooters as he swung in its direction, using his other hand to shoot web at Melody, swinging her over to the next tree as Spiderman jumped into the air, firing another line of webbing at the previous tree, using momentum to swing in Nightshade's direction with his legs facing him, slamming his feet into his stomach* Package for Evil, sign here please!

Nightshade: *His eyes narrowed as even he was sent back, but he didn't show any signs of pain. As he was sent back, he twisted his body to land on his feet, gripping his sword. He really didn't feel like dealing with this guy.*

Melody: *She stood on the tree as she watched how Spiderman was fighting. Her eyes narrowed, gripping her bow tightly as she pulled back on the string, aiming for him. An arrow formed on it, shining brightly as it glistened in the night. She released it, the arrow splitting into multiple ones and slamming into Nightshade, causing him to yell out.*

Spiderman: Now then... While he's yelling out in pain... *He looked around* There's gotta be a catch. *He noticed someone in another tree, seeing something shining from the corner of his eye. He jumped up, dodging Shinso as he swung up onto another branch, jumping up from that one once he realized Shinso following him.* These guys are nuts!

Gin: *He was grinning, following Spiderman with his blade as the entire tree was starting to get sliced in half.*

Melody: I told you..! We need to get out of here! *She frowned.* We can't take all of them on our own. They have one more member with them too. Please!

Spiderman: *As he was swinging, he noticed Arietta's Hresvelgr swarming the air. He landed on a branch, looking to the distance towards Melody* The girl may be right. This is turning into an ambush. I can't risk her getting hurt here. *He aimed his web shooters to her tree, firing a web line as he jumped and swung with it. In the background, the other tree was falling towards Spiderman. He turned around, his eyes widening.* Oh, man! Today's not my day!

Melody: *She watched how he was about to get struck, causing her to gasp. She held her hand out, using bits of her magic to form the streams of light coming from her mark. They moved the tree out of his way, though she felt it affect her causing her to wince. She almost passed out, falling out of the tree.*

Spiderman: *He looked ahead to see her falling, swinging just in time to catch her in his arms as he landed on another branch. He stood up on it, looking down at the villains as a wind picked up, blowing her hair to one side.* Quick, someone paint a picture of this. Spiderman, saves falling damsel in the nick of time! *The tree crashed in the distance.* Cue explosion.

Melody: *She slowly opened her eyes at him, pressing her head against him. Her bow turned back to normal with her lack of energy.* Please.. promise me you're going to get out of here...

Spiderman: *He jumped off the branch with her, heading towards the rocky sides as he swung across them, holding on to her as her butterfly perched itself on his head.* Next stop, Exeadius. Flutters, think you can lead again? You know my poor sense of direction.

Melody: *Her butterfly nodded as it began to fly in the direction where Exeadius was. She closed her eyes as she leaned on Spiderman.* ...Look for.. a large group with a dragon... One of them is in a green tunic, another with a pink haori and a hat, and another has white hair... they stand out most.. They're.. my family..

Spiderman: Got it. Dragon. Green Tunic. Pink something with a hat, and white hair. *He was swinging faster, looking up for them.* Definitely would stand out if I were to see any of that. I'm obviously asking for that dragon's autograph too.

Melody: *She slowly opened her eyes again as she looked up to him.*... Thank you.. for saving me

Spiderman: *He looked down to her, smiling behind his mask.* Listen. With great power comes great responsibility. It's what my uncle Ben taught me.

Melody: I don't even know you.. but you've saved me.. It means the world to me.. *She smiled faintly to him.*

Spiderman: Helping people is what rewards me. Afterall, I'm your friendly neighborhood Spiderman... *He looked around, noticing they were in the middle of nowhere, not even anything to really swing on. He landed with her, looking around.* Wherever that neighborhood is. I'm not suited for this type of environment... *He sweatdropped.*

Melody: *She closed her eyes as she leaned her head on his shoulder.* I'm sorry.. Exeadius is a large kingdom.. so you'll be able to see a lot of people.. *She held onto him as they continued on for their journey. She felt so weak, but she was relieved it was all over.*


End of Chapter 4.3
Chapter 4.4

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