Well Hiya!!!! I am the Anime Kitten!
Its a pleasure to meet you all! cat_4laugh
I am a crazed Otaku! Hai!!! I did say Otaku! Well I have been raised on anime since I was about 4 years old! My first anime was Wolf's Rain! It showed on I think Cartoon network...Or I just watched it on Adult swim when my mom was watching her anime's...then we watched all of Naruto as a family! As the years went by most of my sisters lost interest in anime...it was only me and my mom and dad....Oh well Love being an otaku!!! Anime is my life, I draw it, watch it, listen to it, read it, act it, dress it and wanna be it!! My walls are covered in it and I have many other otaku friends!!! but let get to the point!
I am a 16 year old girl in Texas...I am in the choir at my school, and may be moving...I am going to compete once again in All State to try and be a part of a super awesome choir!! I role-play on a daily basis...I draw when ever I'm not walking or typing or reading or watching....
*Person from school says something* NANDE!!!!! What do you mean there is a new chapter!!! TAT Stupid phone!!! Why you no inform me on new manga release?!?
Well Ciao!!! I will post again soon on some of the many anime's I watch!!!!!