Nobody wants to read a million things about a person on a profile, so therefore, I will dignify it here.

My name is Kaelyn, but I prefer Kae over anything else. Over the years I have had a few usernames and nicknames such as Kayla4eva6 (when this account was still shared between me and a friend so I could play on it with her), Mong00se (when I branched out and became my own being on this vast website), Boss_Squid_Kay, and as of recent, Commander Squid.

Overall as a person, I am very shy. I might seem outgoing and trusting, but I assure you, in real life I keep to myself around strangers. People make me nervous, as well as give me no reason to trust them.

I am at the cool age of Seventeen, but I will be 18 on October 6th. I am tall at about 5'11, and as for my weight, I like to say I am "heavily set and well endowed". Not so much chubby as I have wide shoulders and even when I was thin I had a bigger set than everyone else...also, boobs. I have boobs galore and there is no shame in saying it because when I get around to posting a picture of myself here, YOU WILL UNDERSTAND.

I hate a lot of things in school, but I love to write. I love to write so much so I willingly assisted in a lot of seniors graduate by writing final essays when they had a s**t ton of other things to do. I'm a good person~ <3

I love to sing. It is probably my passion. I have a small band composed of piano, guitar, and my viola called "Okae" as a play on my name. We have a folk sound, though I have a wide range of vocal styles from classical, jazz, to even opera. I sing professionally for weddings as a side job. I sing in musical productions and currently is training in dance so I can maybe take it somewhere.

When I do not live in my dream clouds, I work for an insurance company doing tasks they do not wish to do like label thousands of brochures, organize documents, and shred said documents after they do not need them. I also work for my mom, who is a real estate agent, by doing all her "office work" like scanning things and faxing them to people all the time. I am taking classes to get my license in the fall.

Right now, as I am writing this entry, I am in love but I have no relationship. He lives in London, far from my home in the United States. Though we love each other endlessly, I must wait until he can move here...I am single by my own choice to stay loyal to him. If I seem interested in you, please understand why I may not accept any big advances such as a proposal to meet or date. I may date virtually, but in loyalty to my love I will remain single outside my virtual paradise.

That's just a bit about my personal life. As for my likes, dislikes,'ll just have to get to know me better during our friendship.

I promise I am open minded and accepting of anyone, so do not be shy <3