Name / Nicknames: Lilith D Zemargad
Race: Succubi
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height / Build: 6'0"
Hair / Eyes: Long night colored hair, dark black eyes.
Clothing: Her top consists of a dark black leather corset, which tie's are made up of a thin silver sinew. Small runes emboss the trip along the breast line and the hip line. They seem to glow darkly in the nights moon light but pitch any other time. The long flowing skirt flows like smoke still in the air only faintly dancing when she moves. Long scaled chains decorated with drops of sapphire and silver hang about her waist line to the floor. A plated damascus belt sits upon her waist shaping to her body like petals to a flower. Thigh high leather boots form to her legs soft and malleable hugging every curve. Steel tipped and sharp as a fang, the pointed tip of the shoe seems to mesh with the very odd sole which is grey and hard, callused, drawing the conclusion that is indeed, made of bone.
Her long hair cascades down her back mimicking a river in the evening night. Above her brow is a odd piece of ornament gently keeping her hair out of her eyes. Smooth, awkward and jagged, the piece seems to protrude out of her skull, a bone ornament of macabre nature, a horn mocking a helm piece.

Short Bio:
Long ago myths spoke of a woman who was first. A woman of free will and seduction which was looked down on. Said to be the first wife of the first man, the woman who seduced the angel Samuel, Lilith, Queen of Zemargad.
Leaving a line of bloody travesties, she left her mark through history only to be forgotten in modern times, barely spoke of, merely known as a demon.
She was more than that, a queen, a mother of unspeakable things. Lilith bore many evils in the world of man and beast, playing the minds of man and child. Kings and Chiefs fell under her spell and she enjoyed the sinister evils which enveloped from such. Millenniums have passed and the game has changed, she slept in the darkness for so long her self has changed. Becoming cold, she has come to the edge of time where she will start anew. Lilith, hath roused again.

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