html coding gakupuri scenes is too much wooooork /rolls

well, hopefully now that I have Sanada's done I can just use that format and copy/paste for all the rest of the characters.

haven't touched persona x detective in ages, oops. I keep telling myself I need to work on nano but I'm a terrible procrastinator on that too. but I estimate having about four months worth of updates planned (mostly gakupuri and monthly hatokare), and, seriously, the next two persona x detective updates alone sum up to over 9000 words so that's good enough for people, right? (I'm not even joking about the over 9000. this is the longest freaking chapter in the book; I'm on page 42 out of 91.)

but um yeah. I'll try to do a bit more work in like a week when I have hopefully succeeded in being a hardworking human being and submitted my novel early enough to get my proof copies www