Pre-workout jitters

Its Saturday morning and I have to go to the gym today. I used up Thursday as a rest day so I have to do my workout today. I woke up and was already contemplating just doing my workout at home. But the max weight I have is 45 lb dumbbells. It would be enough in some categories but not all. I also decided on changing up my chest routine. I have been lacking in this department and have just noticed how much I have neglected. I didn't do many incline/decline workouts so my chest has the size, but not that perfected toned look. So today I plan on adding it to my routine. I would also like to add cable fly's yet somebody is usually always working their triceps and such at the machines, which makes it a hassle since Im in need of two cable machines. But no big deal. Ill be going in early so hopefully most of the men wont be there. Its usually the older people who go into the gym on a Saturday morning. Along with the occasional woman whose vanity prevents her from even a single day off from the gym. I wish I had that determination though.
It would be fun to workout with someone else even. My brother has gone away for 6 weeks so I have been working out solo. I get too awkward in social situations to simply just talk to people. I mean, Its the gym. People don't go to socialize. Well, some do but still. The only other potential partner I have is a veteran from the army. Due to having to get face surgery, his body began to revert to an unhealthy state. Only problem is he only trains his chest and abs. Which is ridiculous but he is adamant in his plan of attack despite my best efforts to try to help. And he has a different schedule from me. I may have found another workout partner but its still a long shot. Most people in my life are too set into their sedentary lifestyle. Although they often ask me if I could help them start to go to the gym, it's often met with them not replying to my texts anymore and life going on as if the interaction we just had never happened. Lazy b*tches.