So, I haven't type a journal entry in a long a*s time redface but it's not like anyone is reading this so... blaugh
Anyway, I'll just type about my day at the beach with my buddies! All the damn fire pits were taken (Or reserved) so we had to make our own little fire pit with rocks. The first thirty minutes were frustrating 'cause we couldn't light the fire evil evil so I won't go into detail about that, but threats were made, and swears were heard. After we play a delightful game of "Where you'd..." umm, I'm not sure what the name is, but we are given a movie or show, like Harry Potter, and you say a place in that movie you' know cool For example "Harry Potter? In the Chamber of secrets!" It was fun, even though it was perverted blaugh Then we started roasting food. Yes, food. Not JUST marshmellows and hotdogs, but chicken tenders, bread, and quesadillas. As it got dark, some of my friends started being all racist to my friend Javon, whose black. They were all like, "Where's Javon?" They didn't mean it in a hateful way, though. He know we all love him! blaugh hehe
THHEENNNN some of us decided to go on a little adventure. we took a short path that took us up a cliff and down to the a other side of the beach that was already claimed by the sea (High tide). There were some ruins of some type of building. You had to climbs some pretty big rocks that sort of loom over the ocean to get to it. And my crazy a** friends thought it would be fun to risk their lives and go over there. So they climbed over to the walls and disappeared into the dark despite our pleas to get the hell away from there.
To make things worse, they screamed and we were like eek and they came running back. We asked them what was wrong and they said they saw a bug. A Fu*king bug. scream
So on our way back, we passed some couples and my friend Silly yelled at them, "Wear a condom!"
So yeah, things calmed down after that. We took pics under the awesome moon light, cleaned up, and drove home. I got to yell "SUGAR MAMAAAAA!!!" out the window a few times, so my evening was complete. whee