How funny that I've seen
Your boy toy has dissipated from your
gourmet blue plate and
that's because I see he lost so much faith
in you because of your filthy abuse.

How funny that
someone like you
who accuses but boys will not accuse
is finally losing
to those who always lose.
How funny it is in this day and age that
justice might actually prevail like it should properly.

Cheaters are poison.
Because someone like her;
Soft face and shy lips
Can have such a wicked contempt for
People who are honest and kind.

She lies because she is lonely.
She is lonely because she is cruel.
She is cruel because she has hate.
And she has hate because she doesn't know how to express
her contempt for
and her bitterness towards
the just.

Twisted tongue
Legs poised as if to run
From those who know
The gravity of her "playing".

She is not to be trusted.

Now with a new "blue-footed booby" on her fishhook,
She is not satisfied with just the course.
She always needs a side.
This is how a spider works.

Sadly; You can't catch a potato with a hook.

How funny.