I hope no one will find me. Aha, that sounded really emo.
Idk why but i'm not feeling so swell. Do things for others that will make them happy,
but what about yourself? I'm not so sure if i'm happy myself. I'm thinking I'm probably
just in a rut that all girls go through when they're nearing their time of the month. agh.
i really just wanna kick something. start training in my backyard. seeing him doesn't
exactly make me happy, i don't know. it's whenever he talks about other girls, is what
upsets me. That's why I was happy when he texted me, he was really sweet. but i
was just an idiot and didn't even notice what he was trying to do. way to take advantage
of my idiocy, thanks. and then i get yelled at for it. i liked the attention for the time being
but it kinda broke me, in a way. idk, and then he goes around and hangs out with other
girls, and it frustrates me when he does because its just that one girl in particular, because
he used to love her. and once you love someone, you don't really stop. ugh. and he
never notices why i suddenly go quiet when he talks about other girls. he never exactly
does the things i want to do, i do the things he wants to do. this is what sucks about
observing people. i point out peoples' flaws. he's a liar and a hypocrite. it hurts me to even say that. you're probably saying, then break up with the b*****d! but i can't, i don't
know why i can't do that. because i love him? i'm afraid of him, and losing him. i think i've
found my flaw.