When Rose woke up it was late into the next night. Lots of alcohol, emotional turmoil, and blood loss had put her into something of a 32 hour coma. Her head was killing her though,so apparently you can't out sleep a hangover. "Your awake" her head snapped into the direction to spot the brooding Alpha lean forward, in a more than slightly creepy fashion. His face highlighted by the moon. "So are you" she mirrored and looked over at the alarm clock. "How did I get here?" she asked everything was fuzzy. "I brought you home, what do you remember" he coaxed in a softer than usual tone. Rose sat up and cursed when she used her arm to do it. "sh*t" she looked down she could see the shadowy outline of bandages. "What the?" she mummerd testing her other arm and useing it instead her back against the bed headboard. "I went to go to get somthing for a head ache" Derek nodded in a way that said keep going. Rose paled as she began to remember. "I saw you and that girl,and after you said you told her we were'nt we I kind of flipped. Alchole numbs things include my 6th sense empathic abilities so I ...found, a bottle of whiskey and I drank it" she said watching as Derek visibly stiffiend. But sighed, "Rose, I only said that before becuse I did not know how to define what it is between us, I'm not good with relation ships, I dont know If I can ever be in a normal relation ship" that coaxed a humorless laugh from the red head.

"Becuse a empathic fire starter orfan who is apart of a werewolf pack, and has issues up to here is someone who can have a normal relation ship." She swung her legs over the edge of the bed to be closer to Derek. "I don't want normal, dont need normal" Derek, poor guy looked counfused. Rose realized that Derek grew up in a werewolf family, not a human one. There may have been humans but he has never had the chance to really learn that much about the finer details in the human world. "Listen werewolves are posseive right? Don't try and deny it you are. The things that are important to you, are yours and you don't like it when others threaten that. You have to make sure others know what is your's" Derek nodded listening. "Well humans have the same tendencies. We don't like it when people try and take whats ares. We have to have away everyone knows that it is ours. Me calling you my boyfriend is a method to do that,and if you plan you want me to belong to you to, and you want to be mine usualy then you would say I'm your girlfriend" Derek got that sudden relaiztaion looked and it was pretty clear he thought he was an idiot. "So you see when you told another girl who was I guess you could say claim you that you did not have a girlfriend thats like saying I don't really matter or that you don't want what ever it is we have. And that led to all kinds of nasty thoughts about myself and why that would be becuse I am an irratinal teenage girl" Derek sighed and looked at her in apology.

She smirled softly, "Its OK, I should I have realized you would not see it the same way" Derek shook his head. "Its not OK, You need to know this is not a short term thing,that your mine and I'm yours, I love you" Rose aboslutly did not gape becuse he did not relaze how freaking romantic that sounded and Derek Hale said I love you. Three words that probably took everything he had to say. "I love you too" she said softly when she recoverd from her shock. They sat in silence for a bit.
She looked at her arm though and it seemed to trigger the rest of the memory.
"God I really am going insane" she said feeling sick
Derek looked at her shaking his head. "What happend?"
She fidgeted picking at the bandage unsure if she should tell him.
he said in his firm Alpha voice.
SIghing in defeat she looked at him, "Jason and my Uncle, I saw both of them. My Uncle calling me a monster, a murder. Jason...he was still kind but his words..they were'nt they..but" she hyperventalting now.
Derek cralwed into the bed wrapping his arms around her and kissing the crook of her neck rocking her softly. "Its OK" he cooed.
Rose swallowed, "My Uncle's been showed up once, before summer, and then once more after the vampire incident. But this is the first time Iv seen anyone but him, and Derek Im scared becuse I'm so counfused. I don't want to be crazey" he shook his head.
"Your not crazy Rose your not, maybe someone is doing this and if not then thats OK, your mind if playing tricks on you thats all you just have to remember its not real"
Rose tucked into Dereks chest and stayed that way until she fell asleep again.