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A servant. A symbol of submission, duty, and perfection. They are seen as tools of servitude, a means of ease for any noble or wealthy being within the world. Though there are certain cases, certain servants that are more... notable. There are beings within the world that are bound to their Masters and Mistresses by a contract of some sort. There are those who go even further, however. Even to the depths of the underworld, itself.

Valaeus is one of those cases. Bound to a rite performed by his Mistress, a woman of noble birth, he serves her to no end, until the very day her final breath passes her lips. What he gains in return, however, is the very same as all others who enter such a deal: loss of Paradise. His skills are unmatched in a variety of ways, be it simple cleaning, to means of defending his Mistress. She needs only order him, and he shall obey without question. Even the darkest of tasks he cannot refuse until it is completed.

However... just how far will this curious being go to serve her? Perhaps... even more than he had thought could happen at all.

(A Black Butler inspired idea. Basically just an RP between a noblewoman and her butler. Not a slave x Mistress RP, it's more than simply that. I'd prefer it to be a romance/action plot. Feel free to PM for more details!)