Eruptions convulse beneath a clouded sea. Who is this unseen enemy? They blacken the sky in their wake, and turn the waters into a brackish torrent of disarray. Throw your stones and watch them skip and fall, to shatter in the depths. Sift through the mire to apportion the fluids; liquid-life, and rain, and woe. I’m swallowed by the same current that once brought me to the surface; shot down from the sky. Drown me in your lies and sweet lullabies. Perhaps death in its finality can sing a song of clarity, at last in this scribbled haze. The sun will then shine brightly, reflected on glassy eyes that stare endlessly into a gray abyss. Wounds meant to be healed only fester and decay, swept up by the dark and beautiful sea, carried away by the rhythm of its waves. Lull me into slumber. Possess my mind; leave me transfixed, never again to wake, but by a spell…and by a kiss.