I don't want to vent to my mom and I can't vent to my S-I-L because she is the problem, So, I am going to vent to the site no one looks at.

My S-I-L is pregnant. I am so super excited for them ,because they have been trying so hard. However she is only six weeks and her hormones are already so all over the place I want to hit her. When we have a disagreement about something we look it up to see who is right. We were watching a movie and at the end started debating back and forth about something. I HAD LOOKED IT UP, and she was still arguing she even REWOUND the movie TWICE to prove me wrong then when I actually look it up she gets pisses and says something that really hurts my feelings. I turn around and say "i was just curious" while facing my computer trying to hide that it hurt. It didn't work obviously as my brother caught it. When I went to another room I could here them whispering and get into a little tiff. Great, my fault. So, I go to my office because I really do like being in here sometimes despite the fact I live in the south and my office doesn't run on central ac.

Then she just whirls in here like a hurricane and doesn't even knock and says "I'm sorry for hurting your feelings" in the tone that says "you were in the wrong but I'm apologizing so your brother won't be mad at me anymore". I say it's okay because while i am still mad and hurt I want this over with. I'll get over it. then she says "want to know why i got so mad?" my response was "it will just start a fight" she reply's with " i would rather you know" ( I HATE THAT WHY GIVE ME A FRICKING CHOICE IF YOU WERE JUST GOING TO TELL ME ANYWAY) so i say " sure" Here is her problem.. I didn't drop it when she wanted me to. She let it go because she said she wanted to believe the movie happened her way.

So, I said something along the lines of "you do that to me all of the time and the one time i do it to you, you get pissed." to which she defends herself with "i said i wanted to think of it this way and you just kept going" okay I don't remember her saying that I really don't. Sometimes though she keeps going! She won't. let.things. die. EVER. It gets to the point where I AM IGNORING HER because she just wont SHUT UP about things. So no when she apologized i did not apologize for not letting it go. YOU FIRST. apologize and mean it about all of the times you never let things go with me then apologize about hurting my feelings sincerely and not because my brother told you to. ARRRRRRRRGRGRGRGRGRGRGGRRGGR!!!

If by some chance you read this, please don't drag it back out into our home life. This is were I go to vent.