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Samm's Journal
Earth Progeny: Aftermath
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Earth Progeny: Aftermath

Ten years ago, a great maelstrom hit the coast of Esklar and morphed into a storm, the likes of which had never been seen before. Great torrents washed over the land, tearing buildings and roads apart. Immense winds twisted and ripped boulders and metal straight out of the ground. The storm raged across the continent, leaving it desolate with nothing but a few hundred survivors roaming the land, having lost everything they'd ever known.

Still, as always, the human race persevered. Small settlements developed. New roads and trade routes were built. These became more streamlined with the emergence of the new central government, a derivative of the old model called ALO (Agents of Law and Order). Officers of the ALO, bearing badges, body armor, and weapons, approached settlements and annexed them. Resistance was crushed quickly. The ALO oversaw the development of better roads, buildings, and even reinvented the steamships, providing new ways to travel.

Those who didn't accept this new government quietly united and stole some steamships as well as steamship technology. Deserters of ALO left with weapons, body armor, and other stolen technologies as they as they took to the skies. The greatest threat to the ALO is the mass of roving sky pirates and raiders, who steal both resources and labor--the life of the wind sailors is very tempting to those who feel lost in the system.

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>>OoC and Profiles Thread<<


1. Don't post except in the OoC until you get the OK.
2. PM me your profiles, title them whatever you want. (See skellies below)
3. Any general dickery will get you kicked out, I assume I don't need to detail that.
4. At least 2 paragraphs per post, and keep em meaty.
5. This is semi-literate to literate, so remember to do your best writing for us.
6. Review the rules every so often as they are subject to change at any time.

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Profile Skeletons

*You can play up to 2 characters each.

Image (Anime please)[/align]
[b]Age[/b]: [u]--[/u]
[b]Gender[/b]: [u]--[/u]
[b]Lifestyle[/b]: [u]--[/u](Pirate, Agent, or Bounty Hunter)
[b]Occupation[/b]: [u]--[/u](Your job *see below)
[b]Brief Bio[/b]:

*If you are a Pirate or Bounty Hunter, these are your options for your occupation aboard your ships:
>>First Mate

*If you are an Agent these are your options for employment aboard your ship based on your rank:
>>Private: you can do maintenance, mechanics, navigation, and piloting.
>>Captain: you are team leader and supervisor and make all big decisions in the group.
>>Agent Special: you are similar to special forces; the best of the best, a spy and occasional assassin, in charge of contracting bounty hunters, etc.

>>More options may be added, and there can be up to 2 characters of each position on board (except captain, obviously; backup captain would be the First Mate).

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