Name: Brother Jaizan Dreer
Age: 28
Race: Human, claims of divine ancestory
Gender: Male
Kingdom Solgaid Empire

Appearance: Jaizan is short, with bronzed skin, cloudy blue eyes, and long black hair, tightly pulled back in a braid. He wears loose robes that have the sleeves and ankles tightly bound. The amulet around his neck, a flame carved from white crystal, designates his sect.

Personality: Jaizan would compare himself to a steady candle flame, but in truth, he's more of a powder keg than he'd like to admit. On the surface he seems kind, peaceful, and patient, and for the most part that's true, but he also struggles with an explosive temper, mostly set off by others questioning his own capabilities. He has a weakness for tales of tragic, doomed romances, and is a novice astrologer, seeking answers and direction from the Gods within the stars. Despite how bad things may get, Jaizan's hope remains, like a candle in the dark.

Bio: Though he spent most of his life with the temple of the White Flame, the last few years have seen Jaizan wandering, trekking across the length and girth of the Solgaid Empire. Though he was not banished from the temple, there were some deep disagreements between Jaizan and his Father Superior on the nature of their Deity. Traditionally, Qualpitoa is seen as a passionate, sometimes violent god, like a roaring flame, and his priests are expected to follow suit. Jaizan argued that, perhaps this should not be the case, as it leads to uncontrollable destruction, and that they should focus on finding a balance, to both nurture and control the fires within. To avoid conflict, Jaizan left.
During his travels, he's had the opportunity to meet with other adventurers, and has a few encounters under his belt. He's made a name for himself as a surprisingly dispassionate, but fair companion, who's true fire only blazes in the heat of battle.

Class: Speaker from the White Flame Sect of Qualpitoa. Though they can bring forth minor acts of destruction and fire, priests from this sect excel at prayers of purification, which specialize in healing ailments, obliterating unclean beings, and disrupting magical effects. This particular sect also carries the tradition of "Speaking the Words of Qualpitoa," a dangerous and powerful ability that lets the priests breathe fire.
Lesser Name of Qualpitoa - once per day, the priest can breathe forth a jet of divine fire.
Hand of Purity - Jaizen fills his palm with the purest fire from the heart of Qualpitoa, and may use it's effects by touching a target. The fire purifies it's target, either removing curses, diseases, poisons, or disrupting sustained magical effects, or if the target is demonic, undead, or otherwise unnatural or unclean, it with deal significant damage to them. Jaizen needs a moment between uses to draw forth the fire each time.
Candleflame Meditation - If given roughly fifteen minutes, and one or several candles to use as a focus, Jaizen can enter a meditative state, allowing him to rest and compose himself, restore his energy, and open his mind to nearby spirits. This techniques is not sanctioned by the Sect of White Flame.
Ritualistic Dagger - A thin, curved dagger, richly designed with a flame pattern all along the blade. When a priest of Qualpitoa, or anyone who can use fire magic, holds and concentrates on the dagger, it's blade glows red hot.
Vial of Lightning - A small, leather-bound vial with a charred, wooden stopper attached with a thin chain, that has a low but constant crackling and snapping sound coming from within. When the stopper is removed, a constant stream of lighting will issue forth from the vial for about one second. The vial holds about two seconds worth of lightning, and takes a week to fully recharge. While the lightning flows, the vial shakes violently and is hard to hold onto.
Common Gear - Flint & Steel, 30 ft of rope, Knapsack, Bedroll, 10 torches
Priest Gear Ceremonial Candles, Bible of Fire
Starting Funds: 17 & 7/8 Geldings