Ekanta laid in a makeshift hospital on the edge of town. She felt like she was burning up. She weakly opened her eyes and saw a man leaning over her.

“Who are you?” She whispered.

“Doctor Banner.” He replied. “You’re Ekanta Chatterjee, right?”

She nodded her head in reply.

“You have scarlet fever. Your fever hasn’t gone down even though I’ve been giving you fever reducing medication.” He explained as he got a syringe ready. “I’m going to give you a mix of antibiotics and pain killers, hopefully it should help.”

She nodded and quickly fell asleep right after he injected her.

She woke up the next day with rays of sun shining into her eyes. She rolled over onto her side to escape the sun’s light. She looked around; it was a single room with numerous people lying on cots, all in different stages of illness. She thought about what happened the other night, particularly the handsome doctor that had saved her life. She sat up and looked around the room for him. She didn’t see him anywhere but a nurse rushed over to her. “Are you feeling better?” She asked in Hindi as she stuck a thermometer in my ear.

“Yes.” She replied in Hindi.

She looked at the thermometer. “Your fever broke last night.” She said with relief.

“Does that mean I can go home?” She asked.

“Yes, let me give you some medication you need to make sure you don’t relapse.” She replied.

After giving Ekanta the medication and writing down the instructions for use on a small piece of paper she started heading back home. On her way back she saw someone that looked familiar. He was tan but also unmistakably white with brown curly hair. She realized it was the doctor that had saved her life. He was walking rather quickly but Ekanta was determined to catch up with him. She wanted to tell him how grateful she was. He briskly walked through crowed streets and narrow alleyways. Ekanta didn’t catch up to him until they were near the outskirts of town. She jogged up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, surprised to see someone behind him. Ekanta gave him a soft smile.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“You probably don’t remember but last night you saved my life. I’m Ekanta Chatterjee. I just wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done. Scarlet fever has been tearing through this town like fire and I’m glad that someone was there to save my life and the lives of everyone else that has been infected.” She said.

“Helping people has always been what I’ve wanted to do.” He said with a smile.

Ekanta inched a little closer to him and lowered her voice. “I don’t know what you’ve done but the house you’re headed to is surrounded by military men.”

“How did you know?” He asked as he looked at the house and suddenly also saw the soldiers that surrounded it.

“I’ve got an eye for these types of things.” She explained. “They aren’t looking at us yet. You could probably get away if you quickly walked the other way.”

“I’ve been running my whole life. If they can find me here then there’s no point in running anymore.” He resigned himself. “But you’re not a part of this. You should go home. You don’t want to be around when they decide to use their full force to capture me.”

“What have you done?” She asked. “What could be so horrible that they’ve chased you from the west all the way to India?”

“It’s a long story. Please just get out—“

“Doctor Banner. I’ve been waiting to see you.” A red haired woman said as she came out of the house.

“Get out of here now.” He hissed to Ekanta. She nodded and started to quickly walk away but was subdued by one of the soldiers.

“Who is she?” The redhead asked the doctor.

“She has nothing to do with me. She’s just a patient that wanted to thank me. She doesn’t know anything.” He explained in a surprisingly calm matter.

The redhead looked over at the girl, processing the information and deciding what to do. Before she could tell the soldier what to do Ekanta vanished from her sight. The redhead gasped and took a step back. The doctor looked just as surprised as everyone else. Ekanta reappeared as a figure running in the distance. A soldier raced towards her and tackled her. As the soldier was dragging her back to the house the redhead turned to the doctor.

“I was sent her to recruit you for S.H.I.E.L.D—“the redhead began.

“Because of the Other Guy?” The doctor asked.

“Because of your expertise in gamma radiation.” She explained. “I didn’t expect to come across someone with invisibility. She’ll have to come too, she could be useful.”

Once Ekanta was back the redhead looked at her. “I’m Natasha, you’ll have to come with us. I’ll explain everything on the helicopter.” She said. Ekanta nodded and all three of them walked further into the outskirts of town with a small army following them.