Name: Avak the Conqueror

Age: Unkown, looks like late 30's or early 40's

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Appearance: Avak rarely goes without his royal robes and always wears a chain of silver around his throat. His face is solemn and he never smiles unless its to scare or intimidate someone. His hair is black and goes into his eyes when not slicked back, and his body is built large but super muscular, only fit.

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Personality: Once, when Avak was known as the Wanderer he was a very sociable person. He would spin grand tales of his adventures(most of which were true) and spend long nights with the simple folk and his nations citizens.

After the fall of the Old Kingdom and his self-exile he became very bitter and hard. He had only one goal in mind, and would achieve it through any means necessary. Progress and results are what matter to him now, not the joy and comfort of his people. He is relentless, stern, unforgiving but "Just", and most of all cold. Cold as the ice that falls from the sky during winter on the mountains.

Inside he aches terrible, and would love to be back in the Old Kingdom with his old friends again, but he knows those days are lost and looks only to the future. So that he may save his country from a darkness far outside their lands.

Allegiance: Kingdom of Arken

Combat: Avak uses a good mix of melee and magical prowess in combat. Avak is very skilled with his double-edged broadsword, but not by any means a hardy warrior, he uses his knowledge of magic to keep himself going, and to attack to a small extant.

Occupation: King

Goal: Unite all of Sotiris under his banner.


Endurance: 9
Magic: 13
Intelligence: 6

Powers This is the list of your characters powers. Your powers are limited to where you have applied your stats. I.e. If you have a low magic level, and one of your powers is fire, you would have weak control over that power.

Power 1: Drain Vitality; Drains the life force of others, replenishing Avak's strength and energy pool. (characters used on are able to resist if they're Endurance is higher than Avak's.)
Power 2: Manipulate Mind; Use suggestion and intricate lies to manipulate others to his liking. (resistible only if Intelligence is higher than Avak's.)
Power 3: Frost Magic; Magic abilities under this category. (weak against fire, limited by personal energy pool.)
Power 4: Ethereal Might; Draw upon pure magical energy to enhance personal aspects. (need a source of pure magical energy to use.)
Power 5: Wrath of the Mountains; Avak goes into power overload. (limited time of use, leaves Avak severely impaired.)

Level and Vp: Level 1~ Max level

List of items:
Armour:-Black Chain mail
-Enchanted Wool Cloak
-Black Iron Gauntlets and Greaves
Weapons:-Folded Steel Greatsword
-Steel Daggers
Backpack:(belt pouch is all he carries with him)
-Gold 53, silver 34, copper 17
Misc:-4 magic storage rings (Left and right hand ring fingers and middle fingers)

Weaknesses: Although Avak is a skilled warrior and mage, he has been long out of practice. Making him less use to combat, and slower at spellcasting, but not any less powerful.

Bio:Avak was born into a hard world. Civilation had long since ceased to exist, and all that was left were the wildfolk of the land. Avak was born into a nomadic tribe, being his parents only child. At the age of five his mother died, but so was the way of the wilderness, and he was not as moved as most would be.

In his later years he discovered his magical talents, and set off alone into the world to hone his skills. By fate he met the only other people in all of Sotiris to be able to manipulate magic. They quickly became allies, and then even friends. Eventually they all settled in a village that required aid, and as they helped word spread of their powers. People came to them for help, and soon the village they had only meant to stop in became their permanent residence. The village grew into a city, a haven for people, and Avak and his seven friends became idols to the common folk. Thus, The Old Kingdom first came to be.

Avak never let go of his nomadic ways. The people of Sotiris called him the Wanderer, because he looked after them by going to every city and village and tending to their needs. Avak never stayed long, and would always return to the capital to meet with the other seven. The reign of the eight was long, for one among them had discovered secrets of magic long since thought lost. Like the Ancient Elves secret to immortality. Avak and the others became immortal, and continued to rule their kingdom for many years.

Avak's occupation took him far into the North in the last recorded days of Sotiris. He heard disturbing rumors, of something terrible in the mountains. The other seven would not take the rumors seriously, but Avak took it upon himself to go and see. He went to the most remote villages, till finally he came upon the edge of their territory in the Neck. The Neck was a low valley between two massive mountain ranges, and was dotted with the odd mountain or two. Villagers called the first mountain the Dragons Beak, and that is where Sotiris ended. Avak set out past their borders seeking the truth, and did not return for many months.

When he returned he was dying of hypothermia, and suffering hallucinations. He was badly injured and for weeks his friends watched over him and tended to his wounds. Upon recovery, he would not speak of anything he saw beyond the mountains, and Avak grew ever more distant from his closest friends.

This is when the end came. Unknown to his friends he had been gathering an arsenal of magical artifacts, and with one savage strike he attacked his own capital. The city was destroyed very quickly, and even the tower of the eight was toppled in minutes. Avak and his friends in combat tore apart the land, leaving a fissure that split the city in two. One by one he slew the seven others, till he was all that was left. Or so he thought.

Afterwards the Old Kingdom crumbled; deteriorating into chaos. Avak exiled himself to the most remote places of Sotiris, and went back to his nomadic ways once again. For hundreds of years he stayed hidden, untill all memory of him and his former friends had vanished. Then he returned; leading a revolution, and founding a new empire.

Avak now rules over the kingdom of Arken; the military might of Sotiris. He strives for complete dominance of Sotiris so he can build the greatest empire ever seen. His true goal only being to prepare for a great evil that he knows will soon come over his homeland. So he is driven by his fears to save what he believes will be lost.