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Book of Nero
This is my journal. I am Nero! c:
Blood Loss in an Empty Apartment
A defeated back to the wall, surrounded by silence, like a bad omen. All hope is gone, and nothing could ever make sense again, not even his own mind, which was out to get him just like every other sentient mind and beating heart. The day shone outside and the noises of a non existent city lived on, like every other day... but they were apart from him, they were apart from his thoughts and his mind, and this room. The silence soaked into the walls, dripping in clear raindrops from the ceiling... the white walls, the empty room, the window to a dimension where life made sense to so many others, except him. A beating heart, and a betrayal that made no sense, a pain from trying much to hard, the face of an enemy and the fraudulent fantasy of self satisfaction... the escaping fantasies of peace of mind, but they were only fantasies. His back to the wall, his head tilted to see the ceiling, as the betrayal and the senseless pain dripped down his face slowly. The pain from trying so hard, the pain from the cold knife in the beating heart, while the loved one smiled with his blood flowing down her wrist and onto the floor, where it seeped through the ground and disappeared for no one to see... no one to think about. No one knew of her horrible betrayal and lies, no one knew of his pain, she lived happily while he was left behind to suffer in her filthy lies. His hands grasped his flickering head, his mind playing images in his brain of all records it had obtained in the years... his mind showing him records of every good thing he'd ever lost, and everything he begged God for, that he could never have. A cry to a higher knowledge above, a knowledge that understands but will not assist. A lonely inhale in a silent room broken apart from the entire world, a heart tired of false medication, a mind tired of fantasies that would never exists, eyes tired of seeing filth at every turn, and a human being tired of trying and trying...
One open of the eyes as his dreams spilled in dark red down the silent walls. One quietly opened mouth as his hopes dripped from the ceiling in a crimson, terminal rain.With hands at either side of his head, his tormented feelings ran through his veins like cold ice from a wintry mountain peak.
Splattered across the walls in a sickening red, his damage. His head tilted back, his arms to the ground, his body slowly sliding downward. The flow red touched at his body, building up around him, until his entire lower body was submerged in damage. With small splashes of an ending life, his defeated body hit the ground, as he was swallowed in red... still splashing and pouring from every seam, every wall, every inch of a lonely room. He opened his eyes once more, as the sickening crimson flow filled it. A never ending red, a drowned mind, a gasping mouth for some oxygen mixed with a new life... gasping and inhaling... but there was no oxygen to inhale, as the red pool he was submerged in filled his lungs, more and more. His body writhed, his fist clenching and unclenching... clenching and unclenching, clenching and unclenching...
He looked around the silent, lonely room, one last time... the white walls, the ceiling, the empty room. Standing on his feet... he walked to the door of the room, as he opened it... noise flowed in, the sounds of an outer world. The sounds of other minds and bodies... he walked through a sound filled hallway, pools and trails and drops of blood dripping from him and staining every inch of the outer world. One grin across his face, one power in his body that told him to keep fighting, one thought that death was a fantasy, and one he never wished to pursue anyway. Footprints and small pools of blood were his connection to the empty room. A messy trail of crimson splatters and streams, stains... a trail of damaged time was his connection to the lonely view, a trail of wasted time that he would one day leave behind.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jun 20, 2013 @ 04:13pm
I...I think this is a very good and well written journal entry ^^ it has very good vocabulary and visuals...I clap to you sir XD with your amazing and spectacular stories
of awesomeness! *claps* ^^

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commentCommented on: Thu Jun 20, 2013 @ 08:19pm
To anyone who reads, this is just a random story that I wrote about a random character. I'm not being "emo" or whatever you people who know it as.
*Is tempted to go off about what "emo" means, but refrains*

Great One Nero
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Jun 21, 2013 @ 04:44am
hm I agree with moon...I hate it when people just assume something like this is "emo" it get's really annoying...just because something is or can be violent and can be relevant to bloody or depressing things doesn't make it "emo" don't you agree?...and don't even get me started on the differences between emo and goth...

commentCommented on: Fri Jun 21, 2013 @ 04:48am
Emo is a style. It is a way of wearing your hair, it's a kind of clothing. It's also apparently short for "emotional", but some idiots say "I am emo! I am proud!" They're idiots, what they are is not some classified thing called "emo". They're someone who's trying to be rebellious, and they're someone who is a self-pitying idiot. There is NO emo. There are only people who want to be depicted as a depressed person who slits their wrists, because they WANT ATTENTION. Self pity for attention. There is no emo. Plus, "goth" is a dark fashion. Goth and emo are not even related in any way, and emo is just a style. There are no "emo kids" they're people who wallow in self pity and want attention.

Great One Nero
Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Jun 21, 2013 @ 04:43pm
Exactly! It is about time I have heard Someone that has sense....I cant really talk to anyone now...why? Because half ...no scratch that..most of the time what they say just fries my brain because it sounds so rediculous...it gets on my nerves just as much as the grammar Nazis or whatever they like to call them...it really annoys me when someone types u instead of you...are they too lazy to type a three letter word or use a word in the correct sence? But that is just me...people aren't as smart as they used to be...well to me at least...sorry if I am boring you or anything... ^^;

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commentCommented on: Fri Jun 21, 2013 @ 08:13pm
The MoonSnowMouse drinking game.
When I say the word "idiot" - 1 shot
When I say the word "moron" - 1 shot

Play this game for one minute and you'd be smashed. Still, I don't advise drinking, so here-

The MoonSnowMouse drinking game

When I say the word "idiot" - 1 marshmallow
When I say the word "moron" - 1 marshmallow

Great One Nero
Community Member
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