That's the pronunciation of "Used" up there.

Anyway, whiny a** bitches defend the notion of destroying used games because, "Hurr Profit Durr".

This is why 99% of the movies I watch come from the public library. You see, "piracy" is a bunch of people uploading things as an archive. It's equivalent to the library, which I know they want that destroyed, too. The only reason the public library exists is because people wanted to archive everything. Where is that fully comprehensive online archive that allows you to read a full book at your house without the s**t-bag writer ever seeing a cent? Where is that archive that includes the apparently 100+ movies I've watched with my mother in which the director never sees a cent? Oh, so we could have the books and movies about Halo and Resident Evil available, but not the video game equivalent?

The video game industry has to have the most "Special Snowflake Syndrome" I've ever seen.

What "justifies" the public being allowed to keep an archive of movies, but apparently video games should be butchered that not a single one can ever be put in a library, whereas they'll put some of the dumbest collection of books and movies in there?

I should probably just go borrow Twilight from the library just to prove a point. I'm getting these things on my terms whether you like or not, s**t-bag.