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this will b pure random stuff, i doubt ill write in it much, but ull just hafta find that out 4 urself =P u nvr no... NVR!!!
"The Story"
A story, told in 1st/2nd person, "A boy of XX years once went on this quest you're about to take," narrator is a young female supernatural humanoid creature, white skin, pale colors, kind of glowing, elven like?, speaking to a younger boy, or maybe a girl, talking about the adventure of a young boy/man (older teenager) going on a fantastical (fantasy) quest to accomplish some task, what is it though? what's so important? what's dire about it? for whom must it be done? why was he chosen to do it, or could anyone try it? this is the failure of the first person who started the quest, and this boy the narrator is talking to will go through different adventures and events to fulfill the same quest, the boy can't go through the same steps as the first quester/adventurer,
"my allegiance is with her/someone else" <-- from the 1st quester, love triangle thing, this sweet/nice girl (who i guess the readers should like, or maybe get annoyed with her mostly/somewhat innocent character) will do most anything for the guy (<-- the guy, the 1st adventurer, the "protagonist" of this book, this book is sort of a prequel but it's just the beginning, it seems like it's the story but it's incomplete because the quest has not been complete and must be fulfilled by this new, the real protagonist: the boy the narrator is telling the story to), and she hangs onto the guy and assists him and whatever, and she loves him and it seems like he loves her, but he ends up killing her, and says he's really (romantic...) partners with a girl on "the side of evil," but he actually betrays the evil girl and says he was all for the first girl all along? why did he kill her then? was it actually necessary for part of the quest? or it really wasn't necessary? he could find out it wasn't necessary and kills himself with shame, but would that make this a whole dumb love story?
how did this first guy fail the quest? i don't think he killed himself, he probably died
the narrator, the surreal girl, is telling the story because she's important to the quest (maybe she is part of whom the quest is for) and she observed most or all of the events in the quest, but she did not join the quest until later, she was not with the protagonist from the beginning, so how does she know events from before she joined? is she a seer, and can see these things? but then couldn't she have done more during the quest? maybe she realizes that she could have done more and goes through a character change, hopes she can do more for this new hero, but i don't think i want her to have seer-like powers, it might make her too powerful for her role, so maybe she heard this information from other sources and the reader may actually question the legitimacy of the story before she joined, but that might be too complicated and annoying, i wouldn't want her to skip part of the story though, so maybe when she joins the group/guy, one night after an uneventful day of just traveling to the next location, she asks the guy to tell her his story, what's happened so far, and he recounts it, but how much can an ordinary person recall of a somewhat epic adventure? how much can he remember? is the narrator going to tell the boy exactly what the guy told her of the guy's story?
the narrator may be ambiguous until she joins the story, joins the quest and begins speaking with "I," unless she says "I" before that, but still the reader won't know who "I" is until she enters the story
the narrator speaks directly to the boy, addresses him as "you," this is a book of her telling the story of the first attempt at the quest to the boy, so he can know the mistakes and dangers and things he has to do during the quest, plus it should be an entertaining story, could i write it with this setup for the narration? am i even going to write this lol
on the cover it could just be a vague illustration of the girl talking to the boy, in a dark setting (like at night) with one source of light (a center fire or something), is the lighting red like a fire or is the whole illustration blue like the night, and the light is bluish too? the narrator/girl is gesturing and the boy is just sitting, i guess the boy should have his back turned to us because we don't know who he is, and i think they're sitting on stumps/logs/something plant-y
could this book be called "The Story"? that's what the book is about, the story of the first failed attempt to complete a quest, and it's the first book of a series (hmm maybe a trilogy/saga) of a boy's try at this same quest
is the narrator just like, one of the few survivors who "made it back" (to where?) and that's why she's dictating the story? no she's telling it because she's important (though not central, i don't believe), and/but didn't she join in the middle of the quest because she was picked up, recruited for a task/skills/whatever that would be beneficial to the group towards accomplishing the quest? so she wasn't part of like, the group for whom the quest is for
if the guy is a human doing this quest, and the story takes place in a fantasy setting, where is this story taking place? on what planet? or in some fictional land, so does that mean the story takes place on another planet? i wouldn't mention another planet though, but i guess it's just a land on another planet where humans and other highly intelligent species as well as species that don't exist live
maybe this boy isn't a human, but some other humanoid race? like Link from the legend of zelda, he's not a human, there are no humans in that game eh (o_o')
i believe the next book would take place right after the girl finishes the story, and the boy is about to start his quest, and it's narrated either by the boy or a true 3rd person narrator
wow would this be like a dramatic monologue in novel format? sort of? narrator talking to an uninvolved/quiet/unresponsive audience
i'm imagining the boy's name beginning with an R, the girl an L N or P? i don't know about the guy
could something gruesome happen in this story? the(ir) world is a scary place, things may happen that some of the people on the quest would never know about without going on the quest, because the races don't travel to these places

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