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Within these pages, my thoughts and Dreams are scribed. ~winks~
Who I dream of and what I dream of... ~LMSAO~
To you, dear pathetic one...

To you, dear Pathetic one.

Im wondering..
if I had reacted differently and laughed along side you about something that wasnt funny all.. Would we still be friends? tbh. You seem to follow in suit like a sheep. You follow them so... that one little thing turned you away from a true friend. Ive seen how they work. One little thing and they turn on one another. They think its funny when in truth, theyre insecure of who they are. You say I made you cry when I merely asked a question. XD A simple question. And you turned it into something huge when it was actually nothing. You say I overdramatize things, XD Im not the one who had a hissyfit over a question. But I knew I was wrong for being short with you so I appologized. Because Im a strong person and youre weak. My appologies are true and sincere, but you.. Once again. You turned it around and told people I blew up at you? XD How can asking a simple question be blowing up at you twice?

Now Im seeing how pathetic you trully are. You need people to make fun of others, so they wont see how LOUSY of a friend YOU TRULLY ARE! You send trolls after me and at first. It hurt that you did that, but again.. Im surprised people actually believed your lies. Now they are after me and are trying their best to ruin my reputation.. XD I guess I have one for being a wonderful friend. You and them can have fun trying to ruin who I am when in truth.. It makes you all look butthurt over something so small. A question. razz A small misunderstanding. One that I appologized for. OH well. Others will see what type of a person you are. Youre the type of person who just wants to be one of the cool kids. XD So lame on a site. In the end. Im merely gonna be myself. And continue being polite to everyone, even the haters. They dont have my attention.. ^^ They pretty much will get a polite "leave me alone" and then they go on ignore.. where you are now. Never thought you'd lower yourself that way but I guess thats where you belong. You and the trolls are beneath me.

Dear pathetic person that you are.. I hope you have a good life following others. Thats not the best way to get ahead in the world my dear. Goodbye.

And to those who have stood by me threw the whole pathetic ordeal. Im sorry you had to see that person change so quickly. But I guess she was gonna do it to someone eventually right. razz Too bad it was me. Oh well. I continue to love all my friends for their support and friendship. I hold you all in high regards and surprisingly.. there were a few that stood by me.. whom I didnt really know. They have my utmost respect.

As always I am me.


ll trouble ll
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