User: Mazele Asilit

Name: Nailkaiserrin Scaalthach

Nickname: Nova

Gender: Female

Age: 448

Height: 198.12 cm (6'6" wink

Weight: 105.69 kg (233 lb)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Appearance: User Image

Nailkaiserrin bears her trademark scar, one that runs the length of her body from the left side of her face down her torso and clear to her knee. It is unique in that it is closest to being identified as an extensive hypertrophic scar, or one left by a burn of some kind. According to the arrancar herself, it was caused by a shinigami long ago and she has kept it as proof of being strong enough to have survived the encounter, albeit withdrawing.

Nailkaiserrin is an ebon skinned, toned and curvaceous female that, aside from the multiple scars she possesses, would appear to resemble an goddess of ebony. She has also occasionally been compared to an Amazonian.

Orientation: Heterosexual

Status: "Taken"

Theme Song: [X]

Personality: Nailkaiserrin is a blunt, tactless female arrancar with zero sense of fashion and an inversely proportional amount of apathy. Normally patient enough to listen to someone speak, the moment the topic moves off of anything relating to her, she has a strong tendency to abandon the conversation and move to do something more preferable. She appears slothful, even her gaze appears sleepy most of the time. Her mouth is usually the only feature on her face with any animation or emotion, and it's usually set in a light snarl.

Below this dormant exterior lies an ocean of angry magma, just waiting for enough pressure to build to explode. With her extensive known dislikes, most people avoid setting her off. Around those she has shown an interest in or considers friends, she will move away abruptly, and sit somewhere on a rock or other elevated position. It's also worth noting that she favors other female arrancar over males...so long as she does not feel threatened by those females. Any female arrancar to fall into the latter category is instead classified as a rival, and the object of her primary focus.


Rank: Espada

Number: Segunda (or whichever am deemed fit to hold)

Tattoo Location: Right Latissimus Dorsi

Remains of Hollow Mask: Nailkaiserrin's mask remnant rests across her face as the remnants of an upper jaw. Her trademark scar runs beneath the remnant, indicating it was very early on in her life as a hollow or menos, and that her mask had the chance to reform.

Reiatsu Color: Sea Urchin

Arrancar Abilities:
Cero- Nailkaiserrin makes use of a general cero version, and that of a unique variant. The former is formed and used by her hands in general, while the latter utilizes two pointed fingers.

Garganta- Tears open the dimensional fabric separating the world to create a pathway.

Hierro- Hardened skin strong enough to block even released Zanpakutō bare-handed, but is not impenetrable. Nailkaiserrin is shown to favor this ability over the use of sonido, to the point where it is shown almost to be on par with that of the average fraccion's sonido. This in comparison seems to draw direct power from sonido and divert it here, leading to a far above average level of hierro even for an espada.

Sonido- equivalent to shinigami's shunpo. Her own level of sonido is seen as inferior to any espada's, though has plenty of opportunities to catch opponents off guard. It is seen as having about the same speed potential as that of a well-trained and "elite" fraccion.

Natural Ability:

  • Immense Spiritual Power: Her reiatsu based off of her seemingly endless reserves grants her the general concept of a tank designed to engage and destroy anything capable of being hit rather than being specialized against any particular kind of opponent. This generalization however, also leaves her with a lack of any real definitive advantages against any type of opponent. Based off of her lifestyle, it is fairly clear that her intent is to possess more and become the strongest in that way, as all she is seen doing is eating and sleeping...or lazing about.

  • Immense Strength: Despite her physical appearance, Nailkaiserrin remains very much in shape, and applies her power to achieve physical feats considered impossible by most. This strength is seemingly unmatched by any other arrancar in their sealed forms, and this overwhelming power is boosted upon her own releases, allowing her to go toe-to-toe with even the strongest of enemies.

  • Master Swordsmanship: In terms of weapons, Nailkaiserrin normally utilizes her sword, but where not applicable, can proficiently wield anything that could potentially be a weapon.

  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: This is perhaps where she specializes the most and kills with the most efficiency. Nailkaiserrin reserves this masterful work as a non-specialty though, deceiving opponents into believing they have a better chance at combat close up. Alternatively, she may close the gap and deliver crippling blows to even much larger or faster beings, slowing the latter down to a more manageable level.

  • Perceptive Combatant: Aware of her own abilities and limitations thereof, Nailkaiserrin is able to determine what kind of powers an opponent has without seeing any kind of display or receiving information about them beforehand, and is usually correct. She makes plans based off of this educated "guesstimating" about how to destroy them, leading her to being more than just a simple brute. She will also attempt to find or create openings in even the most well-versed combatant's style.

  • Colmena Mente (Hive Mind): The uncorrupted half of Nailkaiserrin's original powers. It grants her an incredible resistance to any toxins or debilitating agents upon first contact. Whether through initial injection and breaking capillaries that way, or through any other means, Nailkaiserrin's cells will self-destruct in small quantities, releasing a miniature explosion of blood and plasma. This residue then begins pursuing and engaging the agents in combat, much like white blood cells would do, but far more aggressively. This holds the infectious "debuffs" to the point of injection until they are killed. As any substance that makes contact with her own blood is either destroyed or converted into that of its own, the agents are converted into antibodies, which then spread and infect the remainder of her body, granting her an immunity to that strain of debilitating agent (s).


Family: The only family Nailkaiserrin can speak of is that of her "daughter", a heavily altered clone made to believe she is human and whom lives a mostly normal life on earth.

Biography: The fifth of eight children, and the elder of two girls in the "litter". Nailkaiserrin was born in Rostock, Germany, or the then area equivalent, to Aksel and Lorelei Meyer. Her parents named her Rosemarie, though she detested the name, and would not respond unless the pet/nickname form was used. Fitting name, perhaps. Rosemarie is the German compound name of Rose and Marie, meaning Rose and Obstinacy and Rebelliousness. So it indeed was. Rosemarie, or Romy as the pet/nickname form of it went that she had decided to be called, grew up to be quite a beautiful, if a bit homely young woman. Rebekka, her sister, was kept indoors and did indoor work. Romy went out with her brothers and worked until she was considered "of age" to be married off. None of her brothers were married, though their matches had been made. They were "in courting", as their father put it. Her mother fanned herself constantly, particularly so when "Romy did something" came up. By "did something", Romy was usually guilty of punching a boy, doing "boy things", or enough so that the constable showed up at the door holding her by the straps of her overalls. Pretty as she was, Romy had a rather nasty, sour disposition, and preferred to settle disputes by hitting the other person harder than they could hit her. It was all very boy like. Rebekka kept clear of her elder sister at her mother's bequest, and ultimately was something that drove Romy over the edge. Having six brothers in close quarters was bad, the fact that her sister got her own room, albeit a very small one, made things worse. But now isolated and being subjugated to inquisitive touches by her changing body essentially left a very short fuse on a dangerous individual. That fuse was lit when her second eldest brother made a move on her, supported by Gunther, Diedrich, and Conrad. Try as she could, the only comforting solace came when they called for their brother Jan to join in and relieve his stress as well, and he ran instead. In pain beyond what could have been believed, her parents returned with Jan to find her passed out, naked and laying about in the hay. Next to her hand was a bottle of alcohol, and her brothers claimed that they had come looking for her to do her part in the work for the day, only to find her drinking and laying with a complete stranger, a man that looked like a bum to them. Their claim was that they drove the bum off, but left their sister in disgust that she had abandoned her morals. The clincher was that Jan, despite having seen the truth, did not speak up. Only Garrit believed her, and that had been because he had forced himself upon another woman as well. His reasoning was that he understood their urge, but he was repentant. He had admitted it to both his and her parents, and resolved to make amends. He had married that woman, and remained faithful. This story though, did nothing for Romy...but ultimately spared his life.

Three years later, and her parents worried about Romy. Her fiancee had disappeared a little over a year after the rape, and no body could be found. He was presumed dead, yet there was no sign of any remorse that they could tell. Her manner of grieving, as they saw, was fearful, suicidal. Found with a knife and cutting at her arms and body, intentionally scarring herself, they thought she had been possessed. While a priest would later confirm that she was not possessed in any way, he confided that he believed something terrible had occurred to scar her mind so badly, and believed that she was mentally unstable, needing to be placed under supervised care and assisted living. Devastated as her parents were, it was clear that Romy held no love for her siblings, nor her parents. Shrieking and screaming angry curses on a daily basis, they finally consented and had her taken away.

Ten years. It would be ten years before anyone in the family visited or even saw her again. By this time the remnants of civility in her mind had long been erased. Her siblings had families of their own now, or had left to be on their own. Living in a rat-infested sewer hole equivalent of a cell, Romy ground her teeth, struggling against the almost threadbare straightjacket that held her yet. Having fought the same jacket for the last decade, at last she won and broke the straps. Her mind thought of escape, and the plan was simple. She called the guard over, and said that while she was adjusting to scratch her side, the straps had finally broken. She needed a replacement. The guard was quizzical, but she was behaving and stood in the corner as ordered. She had no weapon, but the end result was her escape. The morning came, and the shift change came in to find the door wide open and the guards' necks bitten into and ripped open like some wild beast had attacked them from out of nowhere.

Romy's mind was geared towards getting revenge. Her life for the next few months was spent covered in mud, tar, and anything else dark to hide her identity should she be seen. Like a feral beast, she ran the streets of villages, the shadows her cloak and her fellow humans her food. The now extended family began to worry, spreading panic and wariness. The truth finally came out when she confronted the brother that started it. Meeting Hagan again was short-lived, for upon finding his children, Romy stalked them and would cruelly butcher them with a cleaver blade found in the kitchen. His wife met a similar, gruesome fate. Hagan nearly saw her coming, but her teeth sunk into his throat and tore it out before he could finish crying out. Her cleaver came down, and removed the offending organ that had started the madness. His guards had heard the partial cry though, and came into the main foyer where they promptly fired upon Romy. They failed to take her life, though one arrow did strike a crippling blow, tearing into her left eye and across her nose. In blind agony and continued hatred, she leaped through a back window and disappeared into a dirty ravine. The current carried her halfway to her next victims. The brothers Gunther and Conrad had started a business together, and were raising their families there as well. In an act of brutality, Romy waited until a family member was seen. This was her most brutal act and what she was remembered for. Her other remaining brother, Jan, had come to visit them. A bachelor yet, he was in the business of roof repair. It was then, in this fashion, the families would find Jan the next morning. Nailed to the side of the adjacent building, across from the master bedroom's window, the hammer buried in his skull. The following morning, Gunther, Conrad, and their families were found pincushioned with anything that resembled a sharp object. The house they were sharing that doubled as a business front, was the only indication she'd been there and the only reason anyone noticed their deaths. The house had been set on fire, with a few of the members inside still alive and burned that way, or so far burned that they could not be saved.

Less than a week after that happened, the original Meyers and their youngest child were found hanging from the old tree outside above the road. Their eyes had been gouged out, tongues cut out, and on their bared chests, the words were carved "Gullible fools".

By this time, it grew cold with winter, and the remaining members of the family huddled together. Romy approached more slowly, the delay caused by her necessity to live to finish the job. It was late December when Romy struck again, this time against her sister and her many children. Rebekka had gone the way of the ever-widow, and also served as the town's midwife. That had been quite a feat, but none knew better than she about giving birth. So it came as no surprise that Romy had written an anonymous letter to Rebekka, slipping it into a delivery boy's bag from the shadows. The letter described herself as a nervous wreck of a woman about to give birth and wanted her help and guidance. She provided an address that was on the outskirts of town, and the normal residents there were indeed of age. The only difference was though, that the residents were no longer living by the time Rebekka arrived. The house was abandoned, and the bodies hidden. Confused, she returned home....to find all of her children, either hung from the rafters, or nailed and roped together to make a morbid holiday themed garland. She nearly lost her mind then and there, and was about to scream when a filthy, mud and tar covered hand slapped itself over her mouth. Rebekka only figured out whom it was when Romy spoke, and that was already as her free hand was guiding a knife into her womb. She died silently, and the police found only a carving of words onto her chest as well saying "I saved you". Her body was found pinned under water and ice, staring up at the sky emptily.

The relations of murders and only targeted victims effectively left Garrit as the only victim remaining, and the only murderer pinned as Romy. The police then staked out the area, waiting endlessly. Despite all of this, Romy still got past them and into her brother's home. It was here that Garrit would eventually find himself staring at a mangled version of his one remaining sibling. Nails in her face and ears, in any place that might have not been injured, scarred, claw marks and only one eye staring at him. While he slept, she crawled across the floor, knife in teeth. Her hand seized the handle of the knife and got to the balls of her feet, raising the blade above her head and hovered briefly. It was this pause that granted him his life, for as she began to bring the knife down, a ragged cough escaped her diseased filled lungs and cracked lips parted. The hoarse noise woke him just in time to try and dodge the attack. He was partially successful, the knife carrying through his ear and embedding itself in the headboard. His scream woke his wife in the bed and two children. He managed to kick out at his sister's torso, and sent her tumbling backwards down the stairs and landing hard on the floor below. Garrit's scream and the loud knocks also brought the police in, who promptly leapt on Romy and began beating her relentlessly with batons and kicking her. Roughly half an hour, the guards hauled her away. With a crazed look in her eye, she continued to stare at him, nodding her head before resuming a sleepy, almost contented look. The look was enough to terrify her brother that, despite knowing her fate that she would "be killed until dead and then some" according to one of the officers, he chose to move his family and leave everything behind the very next morning just at sunrise, moving across lands and oceans, to America, before his children and future generations would migrate even further, all the way to a remote island off the coast of Japan.

On her part, her trial was probably the shortest in the area's history. Romy was not only found guilty of 1 count of attempted murder, 38 counts of siblicide, 2 counts of first degree murder, breaking and entering, and escape from a mental facility....but she confessed, willingly confirming she had done it. There were cries to have her again tested for possession, but they were overruled by the louder cries for punishment, regardless of if it was a demon's handiwork. Fed nothing, beaten once more and tied to a stake, Romy was sentenced to be burned to death. So on the eve of December tenth, the pyre was set ablaze, igniting the tar caked onto her. The flames had difficulty spreading, and it took longer to burn her. No one attended, save for the executioner and guard. At last, they could bear it no longer, watching the flames flicker and die about her. Romy was still alive...blackened, burnt and suffering. The executioner shook his head and they concurred. It was cold enough outside, and it was more of a mercy killing at this point in time. Drawing back their bows, they proceeded to strike her time and again, expediting the process of her death. Within minutes, she was dead, though the blow seemed to come when the executioner, moved with both pity and disgust that the other men didn't seem to be ending it fast enough, drew his own bow and nocked an arrow. He let it fly, straight into her right eye socket. Her fate was to be left up there and eaten by birds and vermin, and so it was. Her death was recorded at nine twenty six in the evening of that same day. For seven hours, the world was temporarily free of the crazed one that had been Rosemarie Meyer.

Romy gasped, screaming as she relived the pain again and again of every wound. Seven hours after her death, at approximately a quarter after four in the morning, her soul formed and assumed consciousness. She found herself staring at....herself, or what had been her body. Picked clean, she stood there for a while, and then went back to Garrit's house. Not confined to the area, a large chain dragged along behind her, attached to whatever it was on the other end. That wasn't anything new, she'd known chains her entire life.

Of course no one would come though, that seemed to be her problem. A giant monster loomed overhead though almost constantly. This monster was the unseen source of several craters and destruction of buildings that had gone previously unexplained. It was simply walking....rather slowly. And for whatever reason, it took no notice of her, nor anything beneath it. "World Eater", she'd named it, for it truly looked like it could begin eating away at the earth. Its monstrous white form plodded along, and abruptly crushed the spot to which her chain held her to the earth, along with several hundred feet of it. Such was the force it exerted that it threw her to the ground. This monster....this was something powerful, to become. In time, Romy forgot her name, what she had done in her previous life. This was replaced by the growing pain in her mouth. Incredibly inconvenient, the links of her soul chain hung from her mouth and effectively prevented her from speaking in the least. It got better as the links tore apart and rotted away, but the pain intensified. When at last there was nothing left, she began her own transformation into that of which she sought to become like.

Born again now as a hollow, she sought purpose....an identity. Names of which to associate with. Naturally, her first thoughts were to that of her native language. Bits and pieces were still there, being able to read the signs that the beast above did not crush. From that, she derived the name "Schlange Dame Neu Nailkaiserrin". Again, her retention was questionable at best, and upon speaking to the beast to introduce herself, it snorted and called it "Dumb" and "too long". Those were, along with what he called her, were the only words the behemoth spoke. Instead of repeating the name, he translated it gruffly and very roughly instead to its Latin base, and the name of "Nailkaiserrin Scaalthach". That seemed to work, but soon the beast, later known to her as her very good friend Kirrlev Jaskafon, was plodding off at a rate she couldn't hope to match. So she clung on and eventually burrowed her way into him. This was her power at work. The beast naturally absorbed reiryoku as all souls did, but he seemed to do far more of it than he needed. In this instance, she fed off of it and grew stronger. From her embryonic state, she evolved and continued to do so until at last she felt "normal", and appropriately, ejected herself from his system. Her new form was indeed fairly humanoid, and she possessed the same power to simply absorb and kill things by taking all their energy. Her method though, was different in that once she absorbed the energy, its power.....she didn't give it back. She found herself starving soon though, and like the white beast she had leeched off of, clawed her way to Hueco Mundo. It was here that over the next hundred or so years that Nailkaiserrin would find food, eat, and grow stronger. This fed her ego to the point that nothing would convince her that anything out in the world was stronger than she. In line with this thinking came the desire to procreate. It seemed only fitting that the strongest survive and produce strong children. The problem however, was that no male stood out. She knew of one male that she simply wanted to mate with, but for his massive size, the desert hell of Hueco Mundo was just that much larger, and even swallowed him up from her ability to find him. Such as that were, her own power...her tier of power was occupied almost solely by herself. This tier, as she would come to learn, was called "Vasto Lorde"

In solitude, not even the most powerful of adjuchas menos could approach her to ask for guidance or ask to serve her. They simply died, and she would eat them. This would go on for another three hundred years, until she was finally approached by a similar sized menos. It introduced itself, though the name is not known. It sought a fight, to which Nailkaiserrin agreed. It was a terrible battle, the echoes are reflected to this day in the damaged area. Nailkaiserrin was victorious in this battle, and indeed consumed it as well. However, it was a very close battle, and she knew she was approaching her limit. The knowledge that she would absorb from this menos gave her insight on how to preserve her power...forever. No regression. It fascinated her, and apparently, all she needed to do was to focus her energy and draw in as much as possible of her power, and tear off her face. Well, that seemed...brutal. Of course, it referred to her mask, not her face. Although...to hollows, that was like their face. She pondered about that for a time, and then threw caution to the wind, and simply began the process. It popped off fairly easily, though the pain was indeed, what she imagined ripping the skin off of her face to be like. Her body now surged with power, and she thoroughly enjoyed it. No more was there to be any fear of losing it, and she felt as though a heavy burden was lifted off of her.

Nailkaiserrin, despite her "youthfulness", is recognized as being advanced in the vasto lorde tier and one of, if not the strongest all around beings to inhabit any of the known four realms. Of course, with such a reputation comes challengers and trouble....and there have been clashes, though since her last clash with one such "equal", all challengers have managed to limp away, and she does not make herself readily available to be found.

~Sealed Zanpakuto~

Name: Quimera

Description: Nailkaiserrin is left-handed, and often times is difficult to provoke to any real action. This "fighting style" usually wears opponents out simply by overexerting themselves. She will then either move to finish them off or leave them as is, depending on whether or not she feels the effort is justified. There is no real fighting style to it, though a "tank" might be accurate to summarize her "style" as, whereas most opponents are glass cannons or speedsters.

Appearance: [x]


Resurrection Command: "Awaken"

Description: Unlike most releases, Nailkaiserrin's resurreccion is fully visible. Her sword pulses once and with an outline of her reiatsu, her opponents can see the changes occur. In this form, the command to release her powers is appropriate, as she brings more of her powers to bear, or awakening them from their dormancy. In this form, she also gains the ability to generate and utilize the power of electricity.

Appearance: (Use a picture in link format.) [Coming some time later; See description below for the time being. ]

Nailkaiserrin's resurreccion form is bereft of armor, and the only changes that are apparent are the growth of two horns from her forehead, and a thin, barbed tail with a tennis ball sized head that can act as both a stinger and as a mace. Upon closer inspection, one could see two sets of fine lines on either side of her neck and torso. These are actually gills. She also possesses three pairs of leathery, scaled wings that hang over one another, and are usually hidden beneath her hair. She is weaponless as well in her release state, though her nails do serve as effective claws, and she manages very well with even her unenhanced supreme physical strength.

Resurreccion Abilities:

Name: Pelo Prensil
Translation: Prehensile Hair
Description: Fairly self-explanatory, Pelo Prensil grants Nailkaiserrin the ability to animate her hair and make use of it in means both offense and defense. As it is part of her body, this is an ability most definitely backed by her hierro, as Nailkaiserrin holds a great deal of pride in her hair to begin with.
Restrictions: It is only hair, albeit power and pressure backed hair. It will not punch holes in you, it has no real choking power, it cannot suffocate you, and only carries the main body's element because hair is indeed a conductor.

Name: Queratina Aumento
Translation: Keratin Augmentation
Description: Nailkaiserrin possesses the ability to manipulate her claw-like nails into veritable sword-like extensions that carry her strength into targets with incredible force that usually carries a knockback. They are capable of extending approximately forty feet and retract back to normal, regrowing quickly if they are cut off.
Restrictions: They are only made of keratin, and vulnerable to being damaged and/or cut. They cannot cut through armor, and have difficulty getting through bone.

Name: Cuerpa de la Tresnal
Translation: Body of Shock
Description: Nailkaiserrin is a walking power generator, and actively has powerful electrical currents running through her body. This can be deadly to some opponents simply by allowing her to get close. With appropriate knowledge, however, this ability can be countered.
Restrictions: The currents within her body are uniquely charged to repel other currents it comes into contact with. It is a delicate balance with the natural static electricity, so even a low level hado of similar element is enough to counter this, assuming one has the skill to simply hold the hado and charge their zanpakuto with that element. If one can successfully ground themselves, this ability is negated against any enemy.

~Segunda Etapa~

Segunda Etapa Command: "Segunda Etapa"

Description: (Describe what does it look like when you go into Segunda Etapa form and if it increases your natural abilities or if you gain an ability over something. For example- lighting.))

Appearance: (Use a picture in link format.) [Picture coming later. After I get inspiration as to any changes I could see fit in making, and after I get finished making the resurreccion one. ]

Segunda Etapa Abilities:

Name: Unas Serpientes
Translation: Snake nails
Description: Essentially a more versatile and powerful version of her resurrecion state's ability, Unas Serpientes allows the fingernails to not only extend, but curve as if they were sentient and chase enemies. They may also reach behind her in arcs that defy their growth patterns entirely and effectively cover her blind spot.
Restrictions: The same as her resurreccion form's ability's restrictions, is that they are only made of keratin and vulnerable to being cut and broken. They are appropriately stronger, and require more force to break or cut them, but still cannot cut metal. They seem to have no trouble getting through bone now.

Name: Tormenta
Translation: Thunderstorm
Description: What the tin says. Nailkaiserrin is able to modify the weather enough to draw in and form a large thunderstorm, and control it. This storm can easily be the size of a city in its coverage. It is noted for being perhaps the most dangerous, or trying. As long as she can sense an opponent, they are capable of being hit without her even moving. This carries the same effects as being struck with lightning directly, and travels at the same speed. Furthermore, this storm only increases in power the more particles are stirred up unnaturally. In translation, that implies that the more one uses shunpo, sonido, or any other racial equivalent, it adds to the storm's magnitude and lethality.
Restrictions: While Nailkaiserrin has control over where lightning strikes, physics still apply. This implies that the strikes will be generated below that person, but will be more prone to utilizing "easier" means of completing the "jump" (like light poles or other objects similar). Hiding oneself also is a convenient means of preventing being hit. The ability is based off of her ability to find opponents and limit their area of movement off of that. Eliminate the ability to be found, and the technique is almost unable to function correctly. While not necessarily a restriction, adding a source of water to an otherwise dry thunderstorm ability not only adds to the lethality of the ability, but allows her to find opponents easier, due to water's more pervasive nature.

Name: Gran Chispa Taladro
Translation: Grand Spark Drill
Description: What is effectively an intense and powerful lightning elemental cero, it is fired from the tip of her tongue. Nailkaiserrin will assume a battle stance and blast it forward. A huge amount of spiritual pressure is displaced, and the attack itself is capable of leveling Las Noches' entirety to a smoldering crater. The attack also electrifies the air and raises the temperature around the blast by over one hundred degrees Celsius. This has a similar effect to a Gran Rey Cero, in which it distorts the area and the area remains affected. It takes but half the time of a Gran Rey Cero to charge and fire, with significantly more recoil.
Restrictions: The recoil from using this technique is severe enough to displace Nailkaiserrin back anywhere from three to five meters each time she uses it. It is a powerful technique that, while it is able to be fired in a short time, requires a recharge. (One blast capable per seven posts) It is not possible to ground one's self and avoid all damage from this attack.

~Espada Only~

Gran Ray (Any Form)- A sort of darker violet in color, it has a conical shape in fire, and acts akin to the intentional spread of a shotgun's discharge. (buckshot, not the slug). Nailkaiserrin doesn't utilize any other form of cero beyond the generic version, her unique variant, the Gran Rey Cero, and if one counts it as a cero, her Gran Chispa Taladro. It takes two posts to cooldown before it may be utilized again.

Cero Taladro (Any Form)- Nailkaiserrin Scaalthach's unique variant of a cero that while it is only classified as a cero, has the destructive power capabilities of upwards of a cero oscuras. A conical shaped cero that appropriately bores through just about everything it can hit. Seemingly ignoring any armor or defense, it will usually push aside a weapon being used for defense, or simply break it if it is weak enough. An anti-hollow empowered technique, it seems to be more effective against a target when being defended against with hollow powers or similar based weaponry. The cero will take shape and begin spiraling or spinning, giving its namesake. It takes a fair amount of time to mature, a technique within itself of swapping speed for power. ((Takes 2-5 posts to fully mature, but can be fired after two posts. Full maturation effects are the ones listed above in the description. ))

Other Espada Abilities:
Caja Negación- Simulates Negación fields, which are used to punish their subordinates if necessary. The cube, when used on a subject, traps them in an alternate dimension from which there is no escape; however, this assumes it is being used as intended. More powerful Arrancar, namely the Espada themselves, can escape given enough time.