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I'm pretty sure most of those as fantasies are widespread throughout both men AND women. It's just more repressed in women because of obvious religious / societal reasons.
In my experience, neither I, nor the women in my life, fantasize about schoolboys, little brothers, forcing men to have painful unenjoyable sex, cousins, ect. Basically while female fantasies might be kinky they are far less often incestuous or ***** in my experience.
That is in your clearly limited experience, hon. Your experience =/= everyone's experience.

Right, because women clearly make up the majority or rapists, *****, perpetrators of assault, and consumers of pornography.

Just in 2012, they re-defined rape to include male victims. source Also, with society having such generalizations and stereotypes, such as: woman can't harm men, men can't be raped since he can just push her off, men always enjoy sex, etc... cases are often overlooked with assault and rape. Also, looking at porn is not harming anyone. neutral

Still only counts if the male is penetrated according to the FBI, meaning women can only rape men if they use foreign objects. The CDC classifies women forcing men to have sex as " made to penetrate " and states it is inherently different than rape.

Women can't naturally rape men, try again.

you have officially put yourself on my "to beat the s**t out of" list, b***h! evil how DARE YOU! you ******** HYPOCRITE! scream

rape is rape, regardless of what some tyrant politician defines it as. and for you to be here on your damn soapbox calling men rapists, ***** and sexual pigs only to turn around and say that a woman who has sexually assaulted a man is not at fault is BULLSHIT! go ******** die in a ditch, you man-hating bigot!