Potential crushes/relationships:: Wally and Eiri

Potential friendships ::
Just about everyone (She is friendly!)

Potential enemies :: Unlisted for now

Trivia ::
• Himes' idea team is grass and water types
• Hime is Heterosexual
• She is naive about relationships and appears blank or awkward when the topic is brought up despite having crushes (later on) and a desire to be with someone in a relaxed relationship
• She has a quirky sense of style dress wise and doesn't seem bothered by it, her main color schemes are pink/white/black and pink/teal/white
• Hime tends to bob her head repeatedly when exhausted, this is a subconscious habit she has no control over and as a result has often passed out right out at the table at home
• When asked if she feels romantically for anyone Hime will become flustered, mutter and refuse to make eye contact
• She has surprising collection of headbands and odd clothing, part of this is because she wants to be a Pokemon coordinator
• Her room at home is filled to the brim with large plush dolls, bean bag chairs, small figurines and a collection of evolving stones