Potential crushes/relationships:: Unlisted for now

Potential friendships ::
Unlisted for now

Potential enemies :: Unlisted for now

Trivia ::
• Hisokas' ideal team is ice/dark/poison types
• Hisoka is Bisexual and leans towards males
• He cuddles in his sleep, it a Pokemon, plush or person he seeks out something to latch onto
• The only ghost type Hisoka has ever been close to was his Froslass
• He is terrified of ghost and bug types and believes that despite being a dark type that Darkrai caused some sort of curse on him as a young boy that attracts ghost Pokemon to him
• He is romantic at heart but has a hard time expressing feelings of wanting to belong and affection
• Hisoka has a weak immune system brought on by moving to a warm climate from a cold one and not being able to adjust properly, as a result he suffers heat stroke and rarely hay fever. He cannot handle a lot of pollen and seems prone to colds and fevers
• Hisoka has dated both men and women in the past but because he cannot express himself and is notably distant from relationships he is still a virgin but is not against intimate physical interactions if they are simply a fling
• His room at his home in SnowPoint is simple with a large bed, a closet full of outfits and scarves and his floor seems to be scattered with old papers while his bed hosts a few large stuffed dolls