Name: Shandii

Age: 29

Height: 6'

Measurements: 34I-24-38

Bust size: I

Nationality: Egyptian/Russian

Race: cobra/death adder hybrid anthro

Orientation: bi

Career: former lingerie model, bar owner

Personality: Shandii's personality is generally very mother-like and caring. But she can be rather mercurial in her mood swings from time to time. She can go from caring to flirty to pissed off easily. Much like the way a normal cobra can go from calm to striking mood in a heartbeat.

Notable traits: Speaks with a mix of Egyptian and Russian accents. Voice is soft and hissing. Cold causes her extreme pain. Has a knack for the piano and guitar. Loves to sing.

About: Shandii is a caring individual, with a love of family and children. She herself has 80+ offspring, several of which are adopted. Shandii had not had an easy life until she became a model, and recent events have strained her considerably. But she is always one to put on a smile for those around her, ignoring any pain she might be feeling at the moment.

However, this does not mean she is invulnerable to heartache. There were many nights that she cried herself silently to sleep, praying for a mate to hold her in their arms. And yet, when she rose, her only concern was for the happiness of her guests and staff. But now she was a wonderful male in her life who has given her a love she felt she no longer deserved.

Her biggest flaw is caring too much and carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. She will always put the happiness of others over her own, even at the cost of her health. Despite her being an alpha type female, all the losses she's suffered throughout life have made her clingy and dependent at times. Even a friend moving away can make her melancholy for days. But normally she buries her pain deep inside her, ignoring it for the sake of others. Shandi doesn't feel as though she has any right to be sad, that she's messed up too much in her life to be worthy of forgiveness.

Shandii had an interesting childhood, not to say a series of events occurred that were unusual, just that it wasn't like that of most children. Her father was a Russian businessman and her mother was an Egyptian hotel worker. They met when her father was vacationing in Egypt. They'd gone out for drinks after her shift and one thing led to another. But, her father felt he couldn't afford to be seen with a maid on his arm, so he left her there when he returned home. Though upset by his decision, her mother did understand and bore him no ill will. They stayed in contact, but only as friends.

When her mother realized she was pregnant, she called him up to let him know. He promised to help support her and the babies, and he did. He sent her mother a monthly stipen, and a generous enough sum it was. When the twin girls they had got old enough, their mother would send Shandii and Shanda to stay with their father during the Russian summers.

While Shandii took to her father and understood his reasons for not living with them, Shanda was not so forgiving. It was their rivalry with each other. Whereas Shandi was a very well behaved child, Shanda was always in timeout or being sent to her room for her attitude. Despite this, both girls were loved deeply by their parents and the friends they made at school and truly never wanted for anything.

But fairytale lives like that are just that, fairytales. When Shandii was just 13, her father was murdered by the Russian Mafia for refusing to give them protection money for one of his stores. The news broke their mother's heart and a few months later she joined him in eternity. Shandii and Shanda were sent to separate foster homes but were able to keep in contact.

When she was 16, Shandii began dating a young jackal. He was very sweet and loving to her... in the beginning. But all too soon, he became violent and cruel. When she tried to break it off, he attacked her, stabbing her in the gut several times. She was lucky to get in a bite and poison him. But the attack cost her one of her ovaries. The doctors couldn't tell if she'd ever be able to bear children.

After spending the next three years in a depression, Shandii was recruited by a lingerie model agency on her 20th birthday. And once more things went good for her. During this time, she met the woman who would become her best friend, the adult film producer Zig Zag. It was to this friend that Shandii surrendered her virginity to as well. She worked as a model until she was 23, earning global fame in the process.

Finally having had enough of her manager overworking her, Shandii quit the modeling business and opened her own bar in protest of other bars that were not so welcoming to others over trivial matters. A few months after opening her bar, she took her beloved Shagul as her mate. Soon after, desiring to have a family, she made a pact with a demon to restore her ovary and be able to breed and was blessed with eight healthy newborns mere weeks later. And at the behest of her staff and patrons, she beseeched the gods for a boon and became a divine being herself.

But, things don't always work out as we hope. When a woman named Mandi appeared in her life, Shandii felt the need to protect the seemingly vulnerable young woman. However, she was eventually tricked into leaving her husband and alienating her from some of her closest friends. When she realized what was happening, she left Mandi and didn't look back.

Another failed relationship later, this one with her slave Soly, had Shandii feeling unloved and unlovable. But, a ray of hope shone into her life months later in the form of a blind Drow male named Lucien Xerxes. He came into her life and swept the goddess off her feet. They soon married and were currently expecting their first child.

A short time into their marriage, Soly was brought back in as a second mate to them both. And all seemed well. But it was not to be. One day, while Lucien and Soly were engaged with each other, Soly accidentally killed their husband, leaving the two women with just each other and their massive broods.

Most recently, Shandii was given a daemon heart as a birthday present and surrendered her divinity back to the gods. She has decided she has no desire to see her friends become nothing but memories to haunt her for eternity.

And not too long ago, she and her long time friend/admirer Marius Drimn tried to have a go at a serious relationship. Unfortunately, they just aren't quite ready for such a step and mutually ended that level of a relationship while still remaining good friends.

After the split with Drimn, Shandii ingested the blood of her Void Walker bodyguard Javin and restored her powers, though not her divine title. With so many of those around her being immortal beings and her mortal friends feeling it was often best for them to move on with their lives, this struck her as a logical recourse.

Unfortunately, not everyone Shandii knows was so lucky. She recently received word that her twin sister Shanda had been murdered in a domestic dispute gone foul. Though they were never closer, the loss of her twin hit Shandii hard and it had her seeking solace wherever she could. During a particularly deep bout of depression for her, Shandii met a vampiric being named Mikhail who got her to smile again.

Through his actions, Shandii fancied herself in love with this knight in shining armor who'd come to her rescue. But of late she's begun to question her feelings towards him with his long and constant absences.

Most recently she and Mikhail have separated. His increasingly long absences were simply too much for her to put up with. For the time being, Shandii has settled into the life of a dedicated bachelorette. There have simply been too many pains on her heart every time she seeks out a mate for her to even consider taking another right now. She just doesn't trust anyone enough to not hurt her in the end.

It seems tragedy may finally be leaving Shandii's life for good. She's taken a mate once more, and he's by far the most affectionate of any male she's claimed for herself in the past. A wolf who'd been with her club for years, Lucian finally decided to make his move towards the cobra he'd fallen in love with.

And if that weren't joyous enough, Shandii recently made a pact with Djinn to have her parents and twin sister brought back from the dead. It cost her her godhood once more, but for her it was a small price to pay to see faces she hasn't seen since she was 13.